PULSE: 0ctober 2009 edition

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R.T. Tillema

October 19th, 2009
8:59 pm

Why does passing a bill that will feed fellow Americans and at best, maybe pay a bill seem wrong to you because a republican didn’t introduce it? This “us and them crap” has to be put aside for the welfare of the people! All the senate does is debate the health reform bill. Take a couple hours and do what is needed and right for the people that your in office for
I understand that “health insurance” is a very hot/important topic and I am one very interested in the outcome as my Cobra runs out next week and my HIPPA premium jumps an extra $500.00 a month to over a thousand dollars, and to top it off I was diagnosed with cancer last months and need surgery and radiation for six weeks.
However my unemployment extension ran out last week and now I can’t feed my family and keep a roof over our heads. I have to do without the cancer treatment until we fall far enough to qualify for public programs and go on welfare.
I’m a proud man and have been living without any frills for 2 years and have never had assistance in my life of 61 years! But when it threatens my family’s welfare I have no choice and unemployment is barely keeping us off those roles.
With the extension I will get closer to Social Security age and can survive without government assistance.- Please get H.R. 3548 through the senate and passed!
The Tillema Family