If you have to be the one with the axe, be professional

BlogBreak contributor and e-resume.net vice president Chandra Fox gives advice on those who are in the unfortunate but necessary position of terminating someone else’s employment:

1. Be empathetic but not emotional – Now is not the time to be scripted or tear up yourself because you know the person you are terminating is going through other hard times too.

2. Stick with the facts – Do not get off the subject of why the company is firing people and what a great time you had on your last destination sales meeting together. Stay focused.

3. Make sure you have a witness in the termination – It is always a good idea to have a witness in a high pressure situation that can go a million directions. Protect yourself.

4. Document the termination in writing – Immediately write down the events that occurred surrounding the termination. It will be fresh in your mind and you can give the best recall right away.

5. Be sure to leave on a positive note – No matter what unfolds during the termination, neutralize the situation and end on a positive note. That is why you are the boss.

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