Exhausted? Your benefits, that is ….

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Bob Andres, bandres@ajc.com

Have you been unemployed for an extended amount of time and have exhausted all of the unemployment benefit extensions?

We are working on a story about people who have exhausted their unemployment benefits and would like to talk to people in that position.

There have been a number of government extensions, but the depth of the recession has meant that many laid-off workers go an awfully long time without landing another job. A rising number of them have run out — or are about to.

If you are losing your benefits and are willing to speak about it on the record — we’d want your name and the town you live in — call economics writer Michael Kanell (404-526-7044) or drop him an email message. His address is mkanell@ajc.com.

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R.T. Tillema

October 19th, 2009
8:56 pm

This was my letter to the senate which no one sent a return addressing the subject, just a thank you for contacting my office.

Why does passing a bill that will feed fellow Americans and at best, maybe pay a bill seem wrong to you because a republican didn’t introduce it? This “us and them crap” has to be put aside for the welfare of the people! All the senate does is debate the health reform bill. Take a couple hours and do what is needed and right for the people that your in office for
I understand that “health insurance” is a very hot/important topic and I am one very interested in the outcome as my Cobra runs out next week and my HIPPA premium jumps an extra $500.00 a month to over a thousand dollars, and to top it off I was diagnosed with cancer last months and need surgery and radiation for six weeks.
However my unemployment extension ran out last month and now I can’t feed my family and keep a roof over our heads. I have to do without the cancer treatment until we fall far enough to qualify for public programs and go on welfare.
I’m a proud man and have been living without any frills for 2 years and have never had assistance in my life of 61 years! But when it threatens my family’s welfare I have no choice and unemployment is barely keeping us off those roles.
With the extension I will get closer to Social Security age and can survive without government assistance.- Please get H.R. 3548 through the senate and passed!
The Tillema Family


October 24th, 2009
5:16 am

I am also one of the many that have exhausted unemployment benefits and am hoping for a extension. Ive been without work for a year and a half now and am job searching seven days a week nearly twenty four hours a day and nothing is happening. Bill collectors could care less about whats going on with the economy or our own problems all they want is the money and thats that. We are counting on this extension to survive. How else are families depending on it going to survive? From my understanding congress has passed the extension but they are waiting of the presidents signature to make it official. I dont see what the big hold up is and why this isn’t a priority. The other things being prioritized are important but lets talk about right now. We need this right now. After all how can you get this health care insurance without a job? And if you are like me you cant afford other insurance plans because of you other expenses anyways.


October 29th, 2009
11:49 am

I am 31 yrs young, it saddens me too see the priorities of our government. Health Care is in fact important, but without a job where would the funds come to afford even a cheaper insurance? A bill was passed for 2.4 billion dollars for Greene Cars! What the hell??? We have people starving, struggling to feed their families, loosing there homes and cant find a job! This is America. I am unemployed and will be exhausting my extension in 3 weeks; I apply for 10 jobs a day and am facing an evicition! We the people of the United States of American are suffering while our goverment fart around with issue not as important as feed, clothing, housing and employing a nation! My theory is this: If millions have used up there unemployment and have no means to over come this, AMERICA will then see higher crime rates, higher suicide rates, higher foreclosure rates, homelessness and businesses will fail even more! Please pass this bill, im praying and trusting God but im putting a voice on the hearts of america as well! We will overcome but will our Government leave us by the wayside….God Bless America…Ms Way!

Bill Of New York

November 3rd, 2009
12:12 am

I am 51 years old I retired from the military with two honorable discharges and have worked all my life. In 2008 I lost my job like many other American’s and have not been able to find another job close or paying anything like the job I losted. I was on unemployment paying my bills. I went to 100’s of interviews that looked great but for some reason didn’t get the job. I still kept my head up and tried over and over again.now I am told I am out of unemployment and I must ask for help, Public Assistance, Welfare. I am a proud American that has always worked, so I once again heald my head up and applied only to be told that my wife makes a few dollars over on her worker’s compensation and we don’t meet the guidelines for assistance. I am broken. We don’t have enought for food or anything else after paying for rent. If I could get the extension from unemployment I could live. I fear of losing our apartment and everything else if nothing changes. What is America came to where they don’t take care of there own. New York Unemployed.