How does your state look in terms of unemployment?

BlogBreak panelist and vice president Chandra Fox provides an update on the nationwide unemployment statistics:

We all read or hear on the news that overall unemployment is 9.5% and
rising. We know that number does not include illegal aliens, which accounts
for 15 to 20 million by most estimates and contract workers or business
owners that did not make it into the actual calculation. So the exact
number is tough to calculate. Unemployment is up an average of 3.9 % from
last year at this time. Here is the state-by-state listing that do not
include contract workers, illegal aliens, business owners or underemployed /
part-time workers. If you want to see the list yourself, you can check the
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

State-by-state breakdown of unemployment, June 2009:

North Dakota 4.2
Nebraska 5
Utah 5.7
Wyoming 5.9
Iowa 6.2
Oklahoma 6.3
Montana 6.4
Louisiana 6.8
New Hampshire 6.8
New Mexico 6.8
Kansas 7
Vermont 7.1
Arkansas 7.2
Virginia 7.2
Maryland 7.3
Hawaii 7.4
Texas 7.5
Colorado 7.6
Connecticut 8
Pennsylvania 8.3
Alaska 8.4
Delaware 8.4
Idaho 8.4
Minnesota 8.4
Maine 8.5
New York 8.7
Georgia 10.1 (jumped to 10.3 in July)
Florida 10.6
Indiana 10.7
Tennessee 10.8
District of Columbia 10.9
Kentucky 10.9
North Carolina 11
Ohio 11.1
California 11.6
Nevada 12
South Carolina 12.1
Oregon 12.2
Rhode Island 12.4
South Dakota 15.1
Michigan 15.2

What do you think about the wide range of unemployment rates throughout the country? Will your next move be based upon the unemployment rate of a certain state or region?

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