Unemployment, foreclosures and increasing costs: How can people survive?

Chandra Fox, BlogBreak contributor and vice president of e-resume.net wants to know how those of you who own businesses are weathering the current economic storm:

Remember when everyone had huge houses, new cars, little debt and all kinds of money to pay for all of it? Now what do you think would be the perspective of today from someone that had a life span ending in the 1990’s?

Not to say we are all in a more difficult spot, but every friend I have that owns a business says business is off by about 30%. Many restaurants are shutting down or have owners complaining about the super-high food costs. Not to mention paying sky-high rent on what was once a hot location that’s now not even close to what they should be paying for rent, considering the real estate market crash. What about the people that had Personal Guarantees on their businesses? What is happening to these people after sales slow down drastically and they can’t make their note? Others that have hit hard times are moving back in with their folks to save money, but what are the people doing that are losing their houses with families?

You hear all of these foreclosure numbers and unemployment numbers, but where are the stories of these people’s struggles? What are they doing it to make it?

Let us know what you are doing to survive financially, especially if you are a small business owner.

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July 22nd, 2009
9:02 pm

most of the people you talk about probably don’t have the internet to make a comment, duh


July 22nd, 2009
10:33 pm

They probably live with family that still has employment or unfortunately resort to stealing stuff to survive. I bet they are more concerned with getting their next meal than reading about the job market. Unemployment benefits are just starting to run out, so wait a few months and we’ll see what people resort to doing to eat and survive without jobless benefits from the government. I’m guessing that it will get horrible by September. The real unemployment is really 2 times what the official government statement is, so it is at least 20% nationwide. That sounds like great depression era economics. People aren’t so nice today, so I think more will have to resort to survival mode rather than relying on help from neighbors and friends. At least seven million people died from starvation in the U.S. in the great depression. I think it will unfortunately be much higher in the greater depression, inflation, and high taxes that we are entering. I hope people are nice to each other and help their neighbors survive. We will likely all be unemployed soooooon!


August 4th, 2009
5:41 pm

Yeah Things are not getting any better. Sure some companies out there are reporting some profits.. but most are laying off. Before things were this bad me and my friends all had two jobs.. now I can almost say that one tenth still have a job everyone else got let go. Its hard surviving these days.. all iam doing is trying to pick up side jobs because no one is hiring.. I am trying to help my relatives with basic needs but in reality how much can I help and for how long…? Iam the only one that has not filed for bankcruptcy. I had a small business for ten years and now its super hard to get any new clients. People are afraid of what may happen in the near future..

I have cut down on every thing I buy. If i have to buy something the cheaper I buy it the better. I am on my last unemployment check and I have nothing else to sell.. I dont want to lose my car I dont owe anything on it but they broken in my car 4 times in the past 8 months. I dont know what else i can tell you.. yeah Iam losing my home.. any day now.. I will get the letter saying to move out. Hmm.. what should I do next?