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Did you take your dog to work today?

take your dog to work

William Berry/AJC Special

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, which started in 1999 to show how dogs make great companions and to encourage dog adoption. It has grown into a popular annual event worldwide, considering the growing trend of pet ownership and making pets part of the family.

Of course, not everyone has a job that would allow animals in the workplace. But there are many companies which offer a more relaxed environment that do offer this as an employee perk. With more and more people having the ability to work from home, some employers determined to keep their staff in the office are offering aspects of home life to be integrated into the workplace.

Does your office allow pets? If you are a dog owner, would you bring your pet to work if you were allowed to? Do you think pets should be allowed in the workplace?

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What’s the worst hot weather job?



With temperatures expected to hover around 100 degrees today in metro Atlanta, we thought we’d give kudos to those of you who have to work out in the elements, no matter how hot and humid the conditions are that day.

So let us know if you are a construction worker, a landscaper or any kind of worker who spends most of your day under the broiling sun. What do you think is the worst job to do when it’s hot outside? How do you cope with the heat? Do you have tips for others on how to cope with the heat while working outdoors?

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Have you ever had a crush on a co-worker?

workplace romance

Americans are spending more and more time at work, so naturally people, regardless of their marital status, will develop friendships with fellow co-workers, confiding in them and offering emotional support to one another. There’s nothing wrong with having a drink with someone you work with to celebrate closing a deal or inviting a group from the office to your summer cookout. But at what point does a friendship at the office cross the line into a more intimate desire?

Psychologist Dr. Ronald Frederick PhD, author of “Living Like You Mean It” says, “It’s normal to develop a crush while you’re in a committed relationship. It’s how you handle this crush that makes the difference. Emotional wandering is a sign that you need an adrenalin rush. You have to re-create the excitement in your long-term relationship.”

(Apparently married crushes are quite common, check out Momania and her list.)

So, fess up, have you ever had a crush on a co-worker? What did you do about …

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Georgia’s highest-paid executives: Are they worth it?

The Georgia executive pay database has been updated with 2008 data. Last year, Coca-Cola Chairman Neville Isdell was the highest paid executive in Georgia, raking in over $23 million in total compensation. Another high-profile Coca-Cola executive, President and CEO Muhtar Kent, came in second place with over $19 million in total compensation. Richard H. Anderson, CEO of Delta came in third place, earning a total of more than $17 million last year.

After crunching the numbers, the data shows that the median compensation package for a high-ranking executive at one of the state’s top 20 public companies in 2008 was more than 47 times what the average Georgia worker earned last year.

We know from the public outrage over AIG bonuses that executive pay remains a controversial subject, especially as the economy continues to struggle. What do you think about executive pay? Is it the price companies must pay to retain quality executive employees and remain competitive in the …

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Can “halo effect” keep you from getting laid off?

employee with binders

A recent article suggests that in the past year or so, there’s been a sharp boost in the productivity of the U.S. workforce. Some experts believe this is because workers who are desperate to keep their jobs are taking on more tasks outside of their required duties. And some employees are taking it to a greater extreme, by putting in many hours of unpaid overtime, skipping vacation time and paying compliments to the boss – essentially, sucking up to keep their jobs. These workers are hoping for a “halo effect” when it comes time for that next round of layoffs. They will be spared, while their slacker co-workers will be cut.

Are you taking on more responsibilities at work in order to avoid being expendable? Do you think brown-nosing is a smart move?

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Interview strategy in a recession

BlogBreak contributor and vice-president of Chandra Fox discussed her recommended strategy for having a successful job interview:

You’ve landed two interviews, what can you expect? If you review the information listed below you should be armed with all the information you need to make the interview more comfortable and land your dream job.

Be prepared
Obviously, you will need to bring your resume. Even if you already know the company has your resume because you e-mailed it directly to the person you’ll be interviewing with, bring copies anyway. Other people within the organization may sit in on the interview, so don’t assume that all interviewers will have your resume. Not having additional copies can be an awkward and negative start to any interview. With this in mind always take at least three to five formatted copies of your resume along with a list of references.

Know challenges you’ve overcome
Throughout your career in each role, know your greatest challenges …

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