Is casual dress at work going out of style?

scruffy worker

We had a good, spirited discussion on BlogBreak recently about the Jonesboro police chief who was fired for wearing jeans instead of a traditional uniform to work. A recent article suggests that casual days at the workplace are becoming a thing of the past.

It seems that employees are stepping up their wardrobe as they try to find any edge they can to make themselves valuable in the workplace and avoid layoffs. As the article states, companies are stepping up their dress codes to show clients that “we are serious and that we are paying attention to details.” At many Atlanta companies, even the tradition of “casual Fridays” has become a casualty of the recession.

But not all are jumping on the dressy work wardrobe bandwagon. In fact, UPS, which had a notorious conservative dress policy for its office workers, has recently made permanent a more relaxed dress code. The staff has responded in a positive manner, and so far, UPS office workers are not abusing the more relaxed dress code, which still bans T-shirts and other too-casual items.

If you think you can’t afford to upgrade your wardrobe on a tight budget, image consultants say think again. Read the article for useful tips, like sticking to basic colors that will allow you to mix-and-match from a few business dress staples.

Are more people dressing in conservative business clothes where you work? Do you think dressing professionally will help you keep your job?

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Brett Shepherd

May 31st, 2009
10:21 am

Hell where I work casual dress would be an upgrade. We have grown men coming to work in saggy jeans, tennis shoes and t-shirts. We have women coming in as if they just left CLUB ESSO! It’s a damn shame that nobody takes pride in coming to work dressed up anymore. But I guess when your supervisor is sloppy, then why shouldn’t the workerbees?
I take pride in coming to work dressed professionally, although I have been guilty of wearing jeans, a polo shirt and loafer type shoes on Fridays. But my dress down is still 1000% better than everyone elses best day.
The company I work for takes no pride in being professional and in this day and’s a shame!

Brett Shepherd
Norcross, GA


June 4th, 2009
1:53 pm

Being a Worker is for SLAVES. I am not a worker and never want to be someone’s “employee”.

I would be embarrassed to dress professional like I’m some “worker bee employee”.

People no longer take pride in “work”. No one wants to be “at work” anymore.

Today, everyone wants to be retired and living the good life.

To be a “worker” or “employee” just shows you never made it big during the boom.

Many people got rich during the 1980’s – 2005. If you didn’t get rich then, you’ll NEVER get rich now.