Does it pay to be tall in the workplace?

measuring man

Recently, we had a good discussion about the impact being overweight had on promotions. Men with a few extra pounds fared better than their female counterparts.

A recent Australian study suggests that being tall, especially if you are male, can boost your earnings, with each additional four inches of height adding three percent to hourly wages. Researchers have not been able to determine why height would impact one’s salary, except to suggest that taller people can do more physical tasks. What’s most interesting is that in the Australian study, overweight men earned 5% more than their thinner colleagues. An expert weighed in, suggesting that being overweight was so common that it no longer was a detriment in the workplace.

Certainly, America is no different when it comes to the growth of our overweight population. But are we as accepting to body size differences? Do you think a person’s physical appearance can impact their earning power in the workplace?

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May 19th, 2009
2:49 pm

I believe that extremely tall women may face a bit of discrimination in the workplace. As a 6′1 female, I am constantly having to assuage the feelings of my shorter male counterparts. If I had a nickel for every time that I have heard from a male boss or coworker, “You must be 6′3 because I am 6 feet.” No, you are 5′9-5′10 and you really need to come to terms with that. Fortunately for me I am attractive, slim, and I know my stuff! God has blessed me with height and I have finally learned to take it all in stride…