A resume is the future – in more ways than one!

Since the pool of job seekers continues to grow, lets take a closer look at the all-important resume. BlogBreak contributor and vice-president of e-resume.net Chandra Fox shares some tips:

After hundreds of thousands of resumes written, here is the best advice I can offer. A resume of course speaks of your past, but needs to be positioned to show the next HR professional what you can do for them. Apply this knowledge and you will have a much better time finding your next position.

Never quit your current job and start on your resume before you get a new job. Write the resume while employed. That is the first lesson in writing your resume. It relieves a lot of pressure on you in your resume writing endeavors and it optimizes your chances in the salary negotiation.

When writing the resume, think of how you can help the new employer in the future. This effort will force you to demonstrate your successes because who wants to look at a compilation of your previous employers’ job descriptions as a resume? The job description is the MINIMUM to hold the job. What did you do better than that?

Keep the resume focused on you, but NO picture on the resume. Don’t elaborate on your extracurricular activities, family, unrelated clubs – keep it career focused.

Go get ‘em. With this information it will put you ahead of so many.

What tips or lessons have you learned over the years when it comes to resumes?

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