Has being unemployed changed your perspective?

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With unemployment rates skyrocketing and economic growth in various sectors hitting record lows, sometimes it takes something unexpected and even catastrophic, such as the rare snowfall earlier this month in Atlanta, or the current flooding dangers to put things in perspective. BlogBreak contributor Chandra Fox of e-resume.net gives her take on how larger life events can put the daily grind of unemployment into a different perspective:

When natural disasters or other emergencies occur, it means many of us will have to temporarily live without heat, without power, without the core things necessary for survival. An unexpected situation such as the a snow day in Atlanta should make us remember not just the bad things we often read over and over again, but instead make us grateful for the things we do have.

In an emergency situation we remember the most important things – our family, shelter, safety and human kindness for our fellow man. Maybe the focus on the stock market, unemployment, layoffs, and decreases in retail sales should not be our focus. Remember the economy is cyclical. There will be good years and bad years, but it is not permanent. Nobody likes losing his/her job, but with times things change. It is always darkest right before dawn. Keep these things in mind. The current situation is TEMPORARY. It will pass. Do not get drawn into the negatives the media is constantly talking about. We all know they need to sell papers so FRANTIC TIMES sell. They are trying to survive just like us.

So try to be positive. Don’t look at your retirement account on a daily basis and remember this will be a thing of the past in no time.

Has a natural disaster or other unexpected event made you change your focus during these tough economic times?

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September 4th, 2009
9:12 am

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