Hawks still in just the right spot

Making a prognosis based off of the first game of a playoff series is anything but an exact science. Teams that have been blown out in game 1 have come back to win the series. Teams that have been victorious in game 1 have lost the series. So, there’s little point in trying to make a prediction. However, there is something to take from Game 1. It’s like watching a boxing match or a sword fight – you get to see who lands the first blow (lucky or not), and how the recipient reacts to it. And so, the Atlanta Hawks find themselves in an unfamiliar position in the 2nd round of the playoffs – having thrown (and landed) the first punch.


Having disposed of their favored opponent and former nemesis in six games, it was a concern as to whether the Hawks would know how to handle winning. If Game 1 against the Chicago Bulls was any indication, the Hawks have grown and matured enough to move along to the next task. Or have they? Some would argue that Chicago did as Orlando did, and failed to take the inconsistent Hawks seriously. I say that’s hogwash. If nothing else, this is a completely different series against a completely different opponent. And, at some point you have to give the winning team some credit.

In the case of the Hawks, a good deal of  the credit goes to Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford, who have performed in ways that might make you forget how they did the previous postseason. If not for them, these close games are losses. And the losses might not be that close. Some say that if Joe or Jamal struggle, the Hawks will struggle. Yeah, well no kidding. What do you think will happen to the Bulls if Rose can’t play on a bum ankle? What happens in Dallas if Dirk can’t buy a shot? Would Oklahoma City survive a drought from Durant and Westbrook? Every team struggles if it’s top scorer or scorers struggles. The question is whether or not a perimeter-oriented team like the Hawks can continue to find ways to score the way they score best. Right now, they’re simply finding ways to win, whether it’s mostly defense, or mostly offense.

…Or Coincidental?

On the flip side of the coin, the regular season gave very little indication that Atlanta would be 5-2 through 7 playoff games so far. No wonder last night’s victory is so quickly and easily labeled a stunner. Most pundits gave the Hawks no chance against the Bulls in the playoffs, going so far as to say it would be total destruction for Atlanta. And what might this hype be based on?  Derrick Rose’s  MVP campaign? A 60-win season? None of these things matter in the postseason, especially if your team has yet to prove a thing in the postseason, to date. As Lebron what that was like in Cleveland. How about the Dallas Mavericks? They’ll tell you that their experience didn’t come from consecutive 55-win regular seasons. It came from the repeated knockouts they suffered in the playoffs year after year, erasing the euphoria of those regular season records.

So maybe the Bulls aren’t the giants that the national media wants to pen them as. Maybe now is the time when Rose, who IS a giant, gets to learn what Michael Jordan had to learn in his early years. Maybe Atlanta can take advantage of that, having faced tougher high seeds in recent years. And maybe we’d be a bit hasty. After all, a boxing match has several rounds to it, and nobody has been knocked out yet. This match could very well go 7 rounds.

Survival of Those Who are Fit

Most of us probably surmised that for Atlanta to have a chance against Chicago, their would have to be more production from the frontcourt. Well, so far that hasn’t happend much, but the devil is in the details, or so they say. And in the backcourt, there was a bit of a surprise. But should it have been a surprise?

Marvin Williams – After coming off the bench in Round 1, Marvin gets to start again against the smaller Chicago Bulls. So far, Williams has been an also-ran with a key play or shot here and there. If the Hawks need more from him, it will have to come out of pure desperation. As it stands now, some modest defense is the most they figure to get, but he was never the first, second, third, or even fourth offensive option for Atlanta. He’s also as likely as not to be on the bench at the end of a game.

Josh Smith – The statistics are rather generous in comparison to what the viewer sees during the game. Smith’s rebounding has been somewhat steady, and the defensive capability is still there, but everything else leaves something to be desired. The jumpers aren’t falling (but he still takes them), he’s vying for the team lead in fouls per game, and his assist averages have fallen behind his turnovers per game. To top it all off, his free throw percentage is back down in the midden heap. The scary part is that Josh doesn’t really seem to notice. If the Hawks need somebody in the frontcourt to step up, Team Captain #3 may not be able to fill the bill. Or can he? Right now the Hawks are surviving his play a bit more than they are benefitting from it.

Al Horford – With a more efficient game and a deadlier midrange jumper than his athletic cohort, “The Boss” would figure to be the frontcourt go-to guy for the Hawks. However, Horford has continued to struggle from the field, shooting just barely north of 40%. Then again, after getting the ball just 7 times against Chicago last night (and hitting 4 of those attempts), maybe not all of the blame goes to the all-star center. Still, he has to produce more and finger pointing won’t change that. On the bright side, Horford is leading the team in assists with a ratio to turnovers of nearly 3 to 1, and best of all…he’s become Mr. Double Double again, averaging over 10 boards a contest to go along with his 12 ppg. If Drew can figure out a way to get his center to a higher shooting percentage and more touches in the right spots (plus whatever motivation is needed), then the Hawks will be able to put additional pressure on the stunned Bulls.

Zaza Pachulia – How can you be mad with him? He doesn’t get the minutes, but he comes in and does what he’s supposed to – lays some hard fouls, gets physical, and never fails to work the glass. Perfect example – last night’s game includes an 8 minute stint in which Pachulia collected 6 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 fouls (and you can bet they weren’t love taps).

Jeff Teague – You know he’s going to get victimized at least a couple of times by Rose (and the officals…come on you know it’s coming), who is arguably the League’s best point guard. But you have to hand it to Teague. The kid barely sniffed hardwood in Round 1 of the playoffs. Yet when called upon, he hits nearly 50% of his shots, plays under control, committs just a single turnover, only 2 fouls, and hands out 5 assists. All of this in 44 minutes of play. Somewhere, somehow, Mike Woodson’s left eyebrow just fell off, all by itself. If Larry Drew sits this kid for any other reason than poor play, his right eyebrow is going to fall off. I’m just sayin’….


People can keep on saying it until they’re blue in the face. “The Hawks can’t continue to shoot like this.” “Rose will explode at some point.” Both statements are probably true. But neither guarantees that the series predictions will come to pass. Game 1 has told us that already. The Hawks may very well be in just the right place to win. Believe it or not, their much-maligned coach and his unpredictable lineup schizophrenia may even have something to do with it.

What do YOU think? Are the Hawks in the right place at the right time, or will this be their lone second round playoff win after going 0 for 8 in consecutive years? Can Al and Josh raise their level of play? Is Jeff Teague finally getting his chance to truly prove himself before our very eyes? Can Joe and Jamal carry the Hawks further?


Big Ray, Hawks Fan Nest Blog

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Hawks Fan

May 3rd, 2011
2:01 am

Well, I’m up this late mostly because I’m still in shock from the game. First?

Hawks Fan

May 3rd, 2011
2:09 am

Trying to be objective here, the Hawks looked awesome! Any game where Joe Johnson is that dominant, we will win. The Bulls don’t have anyone to guard him or Crawford. I don’t really think we need that much production from Josh. Rebound and block shots. They all played with heart and poise. Like I said, I’m in shock.

We know the Bulls will not roll over and die, but I’m now wondering if we won’t see the Orlando series all over again. Keep it up Hawks.

I know this is looking too far ahead and I will be totally focused on Game 2 Wednesday, but will Atlanta be given a shot against Boston or Miami assuming we get there?


May 3rd, 2011
2:30 am

We need Josh to focus on high percentage shots because if Joe and Jamal slump, a blowout will ensue. Josh must be in the paint constantly.

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May 3rd, 2011
3:29 am

Super work Ray…the Hawks are definitely going to make a series of it even if they don’t win. IMO with Teague playing they have a better shot as he creates penetraition and changes up Atlanta’s attack. JJ and Jamal will have some off games shooting but the Hawks seem to have more a of a savviness about themselves all of a sudden. And as you said this is new for these Bulls and the regular season goes out the window.

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May 3rd, 2011
3:34 am

Keep winning and respect will chase you down. Gotta give LD credit, letting these guys play, bringing in bodies to get rebounds, taking Josh out after an errant pass to get him back in focus, to remind these guys they belong. I really hated LD this season for not playing Teague. What it has done is give this kid a massive chip on his shoulder and he’s out there to make a name for himself. Oh, the glory if winning!

Randy deMand

May 3rd, 2011
5:22 am

Almost as remarkable as the Hawk’s well-deserved victory was the fact that they almost shut up Charles Barkley. Ultimately he said “I take my hat off to the Hawks.” As do I. You couldn’t help but notice the mass exodus before the end of the game, either. But a ten point deficit will do that. This team can surprise everybody. And I hope they do. Go Hawks!


May 3rd, 2011
5:56 am

Nice write up. Nice game by our Hawks. Smoove needs to move it inside, play from about 18 feet and in.


May 3rd, 2011
6:16 am

Josh and Al have to elevate their performances, esp. Smoove. I can’t understand why he doesn’t recognize the need to work inside-out. His J’s start falling after he does work in the paint, getting dirty and nasty. Get him off on the right start and all else falls into place. We all know the JJ (and perhaps JC) double-team is coming, much like in ORL series, so Coach Drew needs to dial up a counter-punch in anticipation. That means Marvin, Smoove, Al, and JT0 will have opportunities.


May 3rd, 2011
6:18 am

The Hawks are playing with high energy, effort, and the heart that is required to be a true Winner! I always felt like if they played with passion, then they could beat anyone. I know the Bulls won 62 games and D-Rose is the MVP, but they’re a young team and not as battle tested as the Hawks, yet experts didn’t give us a chance(REALLY) to win this series! It’s just 1 game but I honestly expect the Hawks to prevail in 5-6 games, and I’m a Tru Hawks Fan!

Willie Coyote

May 3rd, 2011
7:44 am

The Hawks match up well against the Bulls as long as there is effort. In fact, they match up against just about everyone very well as long as there is effort. The teams that are massively bigger than them (Lakers, Celtics) are a lot older so effort and smarts will allow the Hawks to compete with them also.

They are really showing what they can do and I can only hope they keep it up and continue to compete.

Even after the game, the only compliment the TNT guys gave the Hawks were given in a joking manner by Barkley and everyone was talking while he was giving the congratulations. I know this team deserves a lot of criticism but they NEVER get ANY credit from ANYONE. What is it with this team and the complete disrespect they get?

When they get a good win it’s because someone else didn’t play well. Look at the excuses everyone made for the Magic. The Hawks won or lost a close game because the Magic didn’t shoot well. Never mind the Magic didn’t shoot well in 9 of 10 games against the Hawks this season. The Bulls lost because Rose was passive…come on people. Be freakin’ professional and unbiased for once.

Oh, and by the way, Weber: 0 rings, Barkley: 0 rings, Smith: 2 rings that were more the result of having HOF teammates than anything he brought to the table. All that underwhelming success and they want to be critical???


May 3rd, 2011
7:52 am

Greetings Big Ray, very interesting perspectives on your part… Any idea on how Drew is going to address the team with sense of priorities of a Game 2 against a tweaked Bulls team? And before somebody tries to change what I meant; yes it is “tweaked!” They can’t maintain that style of play, especially Rose not getting to the foul line…

Oh yeah, Hawks: “Make It Happen!”


May 3rd, 2011
7:53 am


May 3rd, 2011
8:43 am

Damn Ray! It took me so long to type my post that you posted your own blog.

Hhere are my grades/analysis:

JJ: A++ brilliant on offense and almost shut down Deng in the second half (if you were not paying attention, look at Deng’s numbers in the first with Marvin on him and then in the second half)

Teague: B+ OK offense, good in the first half, a bit unlucky in the second. On D made Rose work without fouling him, which is crucial, not giving him the lane in most occasions and putting an hand on his face. a few mistakes here and there but his best job was actually on Korver.

Marvin: C – – invisible man showed up again but he did play an important role during the first few minutes with a corner jumper, a couple of rebounds, a block, active hands and a dive. Then Deng burned him to a crisp. Looked as clumsy as ever on offense.

Smoove: C++ (maybe a B – -) a few horrible shots, a few “good misses”, but hit an important jumper when it mattered the most, few rebounds, but altered many shots on D and had a few crucial blocks. He contributed with little things that off-set his usual bad things.

Al: B the victim of some horrible officiating in the first half with 2 quick fouls which are never called in the playoffs. Can’t discuss when a guy gets 13 rebounds on a fairly low rebounding game and against a good rebounding team, in particular since 9 came in the second half.

Jamal: B++ this guy is making me swallow my words game by game. Still questionable shot selection but he attacked the weak D of Korver driving to the lane, made some incredible shots, showed some horrible D (2 Korver 3’s in the first half prompted LD to put Jamal on Rose (!) and Teague on Korver) and some decent D (on Rose).

Zaza: A-. Active on both ends, rough on D, rebounding on offense, looks a different player. A bad pass earned him the (-)

Collins: B+ made 2 jump shots, got a charge, got 2 offensive rebounds. A bit soft on the defensive glass.

Wilkins: B+ great few minutes. A shame that he missed badly that baseline jumper with Deng on him, giving a slightly bad after taste to his performance.

I think the Hawks are playing with a different mind set, but nonetheless, they are being helped by incredible outside shooting by Jamal and JJ.

It’s a difficult thing to keep up but, on the other hand, I think Teague’s presence on the court with his dribble penetration creates more space since CHI’s D was forced to scramble.

I also think Al and Josh will not continue to have mostly ineffective offensive games.

Another interesting factor may be that Thibs never had any scouting done on Teague (how could he?) so they did not know how to play D against this line up.

I expect the master of defensive adjustments to come back with a completely different defensive set up.

If we manage to be competitive and do not have a disheartening loss in Game 2, we have a chance, but if we receive a beat down, it may be difficult to keep our mojo flowing.

We did manage to do it against ORL but those guys were lost and mostly dead in the water.

Again, NOT to over react to a single player is the best possible tactic and mind set. We trapped and switched in the precise measure necessary to close the lane and invite Rose to take jump shots.

Game 2 program: step on Boozer’s toe and on Rose’s feet as many times possible.


May 3rd, 2011
9:20 am

Really good stuff. I agree with Vava, Josh didnt have a good shooting game but he did other things to overcome his poor offense. He also played better in the 4th qtr. Made a key jumpshot, block Noah dunk and a big assist to Al for dunk…


How you like Teague now… He goes from DNPs to 44mins in a 2nd round playoffs win….LOL… Free Teague…


May 3rd, 2011
9:25 am

Larry Drew has now had more playoff success than Mike Woodson…even if he never wins another game. The conference semifinal losing streak is over!

LD has also shown the willingness to be flexible in his approach which works well as the Hawks go up against very different types of teams.

Yes, the Hawks are in the right place at the right time. How else do you explain a major NBA player rolling an ankle while playing defense 40 ft from the basket in the last few seconds of a game that is decided?

When you combine the newness of the Bulls success, the stress Indiana put on them in the 1st round, and the Bulls injuries (Rose, Boozer)–we definitely have a very good shot to win this thing in 5 or 6 games.

Remember, the Hawks played well on the road this year. I am more impressed with thier home playoff performance given their lapses at Philips Arena.

Let’s go Hawks!

Astro Joe

May 3rd, 2011
9:48 am

Melvin, he looked very well coached. Hey, we’re getting good PG play, hard to say that Hinrich needed less time based on his Magic series performance. Hard to say Jamal needed less time based on his Magic series performance. Teague is doing what he is paid to do, perform when provided the time. We wouldn’t expect anything differently from Hilton, Damien or Powell. Y’all are the ones who baby this kid like he deserves some kind of extra special treatment. He is paid to be a pro and he should perform like a pro. And some pros get more/less time than others. 12 men on a roster… logic says that some will and some won’t play. I think it is safe to assume that just like Jason and Hilton received more PT in the Magic series based on the match-ups, Teague was bound to get more PT against Rose. (Heck, I think there is a chance we may get a Pape Sy sighting in this series… just like we briefly saw Etan in the last series). Play smart and hard… I’m glad that he appears ready to do that consistently… good coaching.

Astro Joe

May 3rd, 2011
9:54 am

MannyT, when two loose balls landed in Zaza’s hands for easy lay-ups, I knew that the Hawks were the benefactors of some serious rabbit-foot rubbing. Zaza may have had one of the best 8 minutes of playoff action in Hawks history.

Melvin, do you think Zaza is playing better now than earlier this season?


May 3rd, 2011
9:58 am

great stuff ray got blogged down on your previuos one on i phone and didnt see this.

eye brow eh? funny stuff guy.

o’b, i think hollister misssed it reflecting on the pacers and thinking they had surpassed the hawks based on what they did in the playoffs to regular season. that was my point yesterday. what he should have noticed was the bulls werent popping on all cylinders for what ever reason and the hawks were maybe a better team than the pacers and the bulls might better watch out. well he had his chance to be a genius and flubbed it big time. we are the genius’ for sticking with this team. heh heh

thaaaat’s riiight.

anyway, this is the team that was playing in january and even smarter and the one i envisioned that folks need to get out and watch because it may be special then they laid the big eggs. where they went for their hibernation it seems to be over, for now.

Basketball Jones

May 3rd, 2011
9:59 am

WOW! Great Win by the Hawks. They appear to be morphing into the team that when they need a play, someone steps up and makes a play. Twin with a couple of buckets, Zaza, steady as always, Jeff Teague stepping up big. Good minutes from Damien, etc. Keep swinging that ball and Playing D and they might just beat these Bulls.

blogmeister flash

May 3rd, 2011
10:01 am

Keep Jeff Teague Free!!!!!!!!!!

Astro Joe

May 3rd, 2011
10:09 am

I find it interesting that this postseason success has been based on defense and the outstanding play of the iso guys… Joe and Jamal. Eventually, Al needs to go for a 20/10 type game… he’s been amazingly average in the first 7 playoff games.


May 3rd, 2011
10:12 am


From the last blog – Deng scored 11 of his 21 while Marvin was off the floor:

The NBA.com play-by-play shows it more clearly. Is there a website that shows info like that more conveniently??


May 3rd, 2011
10:42 am

nire, i like jj matching up against sf’s like deng. he is as quick and makes them work very hard to cover him on the other end. it also puts jamal in a safer place if you can put a defender at point with him. i expect to see jj there more and more as his contract ages along with him.

what may not have been noticed or discussed enough last night was the PLAYER MOVEMENT on offense. it was not just about moving the ball but players moving to receive it. what a novel concept and it was fun to watch. if it keeps up then we have a chance as that has been the key for the celts and it will be the key for us as we cant grind down low.

Rod from College Park

May 3rd, 2011
10:45 am


Yeah those “losers” Jamal Crawford and Jason Terry sure are hurting their teams in the playoffs. I don’t know why those stupid coaches play them so many minutes. LOL


Still defending Marvin huh? LOOOOOOOOOL

Astro Joe

May 3rd, 2011
11:26 am

Four road teams: Mavericks, Grizzlies, Hawks and Celtics. Now, if you were putting those teams in rank order of which was most likely to win Game 1 on the road, most would have started with the Celtics and likely ended with the Grizzlies or Hawks. And in this topsy-turvy NBA that we all love, 3 of the 4 walked away with road wins and the one who failed is the one that most would have likely chosen to steal the first game. Strange. Meanwhile, Twin has a ton more playoff minutes than Shaq. Heck, Etan has more playoff minutes than Shaq. We often wax about non-moves by the Hawks/ASG… well, that non-move seems to have worked out pretty darn well.


May 3rd, 2011
11:48 am

yeah astro, now why didnt we trade jamal? heh heh


May 3rd, 2011
11:49 am

i want to see more of the batman jj.


May 3rd, 2011
11:52 am

Big Ray, nice write-up, anytime your up in a series your in a good position. Last night was the best I’ve seen the HAWKS play, including the mental errors. They made shots some tough shots, but not impossible shots. They were down and came back. They played solid defensive and rebounded the ball. They played the way we would like them to play every night.

I think the Bulls will adjust their defensive by being more aggressive on Teague and more physical with JJ and Jamal. Orlando made an adjustment of posting-up Jamal, which I suspect Chicago will do also. I really wonder what Rose is going to do if we keep going under screens and giving him the jumpshot. The more he shoots the less aggressive he is and the less his team gets involved. Either way the Bulls are about physical, aggressive defense and they will definitely bring that tomorrow night.

Astro Joe

May 3rd, 2011
12:07 pm

doc, give me a break. Heck yes we shoukld have traded Jamal. Should have done it last summer.


May 3rd, 2011
12:07 pm

Teague’s play last night makes me even more curious why he and rest of bench didn’t get more burn last 6 games of regular season when the score just didn’t matter. SMH

Still, as I said the other day, “Boys to Men”…..JT stepped up. Now, he must STAY up. Just DO IT.


May 3rd, 2011
12:09 pm

If Josh can get it in his mind to constantly attack the basket, I think we have a real chance in this series. Its interesting that we all praised Teague’s game and down Josh, when Jeff only made 2 more shots than Josh. (they both took 11 shots) Clearly it’s because Jeff took a lot of shots going to the basket and not a lot of the jumpshots. Josh can definitely take Boozer to the basket everytime he gets the ball and a least get to the foul line. It will also open up rebound lanes for Marvin. Chicago will be more physical and aggressive with JJ, Jamal and Jeff, which will leave more space for Josh and Horford to operate. Those guys will need to take advantage up it.



May 3rd, 2011
12:39 pm

non-move aj, non-move. heh heh

batman and robin is what we got right now bro. what we had in january has come back to haunt the league baby! ;-)

definitely should have gotten kirk this summer though.


May 3rd, 2011
1:36 pm

this group has been to the playoffs four years in a row and gotten to the second round 3 years in a row. that experience plus signs that they seem to really be growing up and maturing as a team has to count for something. Between 2008 and 2010 playoffs this group had only 2 road wins in the post season. They’ve already gotten 2 roads wins this post season.


May 3rd, 2011
1:41 pm


I think the key to the series going forward is…to not focus on any one thing as the “key.” The Hawks have won so far by doing everything “well” but nothing “incredibly well.” We’re playing good defense (though there are some defensive lapses), doing well on the boards (though not as well as we could/should), have shown better shot selection than we did through the last 5 months of the season (though it still could improve more), and have gotten better-than-expected performances from nearly every player on the team (though there are still a couple guys, namely Josh/Al/Marvin, who have been disappointing). The team needs to maintain its broad-based focus and effort in order to keep this up. That seems like a tall order for this bunch, but so far in the playoffs they’ve pulled it off.

And now, something to get you pumped.

Some perspective: For only the first time since moving to Atlanta, the Hawks won Game 1 in the second round. We’ve never been able to play out a second round series as frontrunners before.

Even more importantly, for just the second time since moving to Atlanta, the Hawks have a lead in the second round. The only other time was after game 5 against the Celtics in 1988. In every other second round series for the past 43 (+ the last 4 seasons in St. Louis), the Hawks have played from behind throughout.

Digest that for a minute, then get pumped. This might be the best position the Hawks have had in the playoffs in two generations. As long as they don’t backslide (big “if,” I know) the Hawks have a real shot at shocking the world.

Astro Joe

May 3rd, 2011
2:16 pm

nire, to be fair, the Hawks could lose this series without “backsliding”. But I agree with your assessment that they are winning these games without being perfect… which is very encouraging. 1988, wasn’t that the seies when Cliff Levingston decided to take a game-ending shot? UGH, there’s that pain in my stomach again. Why didn’t he pass the ball?


May 3rd, 2011
2:40 pm


Good coaching! Man please. LD is only playing Teague b/c Hinrich is hurt. Comparing Teague to Damien, Powell or Hilton is laughable considering Teague played 44mins (including the entire 2nd half) when those guys only play spot mins at best. You are only seeing what many here anticipated had LD giving Teague more/consistent playing time. Maybe if LD was committed to developing Teague during the 1st half of the season instead of over playing/using a declining Bibby, they wouldn’t have traded for Kirk and still have a promising rookie and a 1st round draft pick or maybe trading for a player in another area of need (like SF)…

Astro Joe

May 3rd, 2011
2:50 pm

Maybe if Teague had been dedicated to working hard… Come on, Melvin, stop acting like every player can achieve success simply with 20 minutes a game.

The example of those other guys is that if Damien need to play 40 minutes in the next game due to an iinjury, that he would also likely provide something comparable to 10 & 5. Heck, I’d have that same hope for virtually any NBA player over 40 minutes of action, even Acie Law.


May 3rd, 2011
3:14 pm

Big Ray . . JJ finally went SUPERNOVA. We need more of that from him.

@ doc . . . while some people like to refer to JJ as “Robin”, I’ve always called him “Green Lantern”. He’s a superhero that doesn’t necessarily come to mind when talking about superheroes. But Green Lantern is a guy who you would always want on your side, if fighting against an evil force.

Astro Joe

May 3rd, 2011
3:52 pm

I’m just glad that LD started to hide their meds in their daily glass of milk. Because they certainly are beginning to play like people with a new sense of focus and purpose… like someone with previous mental/emotional issues who are recovering with the proper dosages of medication.


May 3rd, 2011
4:25 pm


So you’re saying the Bulls need to switch to yellow jerseys to stop JJ?


May 3rd, 2011
4:28 pm

like it northcyde. that is the guy we paid for and the guy we saw a brief glimpse of in january. it was nice seeing him move as well as others without the ball last night. they become much more effective. this hopefully is a team gelling into the character ld had in mind when he went to talk about being their head coach. i figured it would take a while but they seemed to go so far backwards it is amazing they have pushed the envelope th way they have in the last few weeks. now if we can get josh off my girl friends list of “number 2 and 5 cant shoot” then we are golden. :-) or not shoot.


May 3rd, 2011
4:43 pm

If Hinrich was healthy, Teague would have been riding the bench regardless of the results on the floor (just like he did for most of the regular season, even when Bibby was struggling). But he is a professional, and should take advantage of the opportunity provided regardless of the reason it wasnt provided before.


I give Jamal alot of credit for his peformance in the playoffs, but that is not the norm for him. However, when he is on (like he is now), LD needs to ride him as far as he can go.

Astro Joe

May 3rd, 2011
6:06 pm

I know some say that basketball is so different from the average job that very few comparisons hold water… but I’m wondering about any type of job where the subordinate gets to protest being oppressed by the boss by refusing to perform when the boss provides an opportunity for the employee to perform. Because it seems like some have suggested (at least on the other blog), that Teague should somehow proactively suck in protest to his handling by LD. And I wonder how that would work for anyone in any profession. Even if you stick to another team sport… would a baseball pitcher who hasn’t had a chance to pitch in too long throw batting practice pitches to Albert Pujols/Josh Hamilton to protest his handling? Would a disgruntled back-up linebacker intentionally whiff on a game-saving tackle to show-up his defensive coordinator? The premise is utterly ridiculous. I also wonder about anyone who would even suggest such a thing (intentionally failing on a personal level to prove a point). Do they come to the blog and act like an idiot to show up MC/Big Ray… and if so, who looks like the idiot, the blogger or the administrator? I never understood the premise… failing as protest.

Astro Joe

May 3rd, 2011
6:16 pm

If we were getting quality PG play for Hinrich, then why would we need another PG playing? I don’t recall too many issues about Teague’s time during the Magic series.

I also have NEVER understood the notion that someone would even consider intentionally failing as a means of protest. That is utterly ridiculous. Would a back-up linebacker whiff on a game-saving tackle because he wants more playing time? What would the consequences be of that action? How about a relief pitcher who grooves a fast ball to a slugger because he wants to pitch more often? When is personal failure ever a good answer to a problem? How do you prove yourself worthy by going out and failing? It is an idiotic premise. The answer to adversity is NEVER intentional failure. The means of protesting perceived injustice isn’t to lack achievement.

Astro Joe

May 3rd, 2011
6:21 pm

If we’re getting quality PG play, then why would we need another PG playing? I don’t recall any issues with seeing very little of Teague in the Magic series.

I have NEVER understood the premise that a player should protest non-use by intentionally failing when given a chance to play. That is idiotic. Would a back-up linebacker intentionally whiff on a key tackle because he wants more playing time? Would a seldomly used relief pitcher groove a pitch to a slugger because he wants more turns on the mound? It makes no sense. You don’t respond to perceived injustice by intentionally failing. You don’t respond to a perception of being an under-achiever by under-achieving. Failure is never an acceptable means of protest.

Rod from College Park

May 3rd, 2011
6:27 pm


“I give Jamal alot of credit for his peformance in the playoffs, but that is not the norm for him. However, when he is on (like he is now), LD needs to ride him as far as he can go.”

At some point you will have to stop talking about what the norm for him is. He has only been in the playoffs one other year. Regular season and playoffs is totally different. So if he comes out tommorow and scores 5 points should LD limit his minutes? The answer is no. He is one of the main reasons we are doing so well in the playoffs, because he is taking all of the pressure off of Joe, and he makes the other team have to repect somebody besides Joe offensively. Teams don’t respect Josh, Al or Marvin on the offensive end of the floor, and they are all easy to defend. With Josh you leave him open on the perimeter, and play his left hand, Marvin you just leave him open, and Al you play his right hand, and don’t leave him open from 15 feet. Joe and Jamal, are our Wade and Lebron offensively, and as they go, so goes the team.


May 3rd, 2011
7:29 pm

grade two sprain on rose. interesting take along with the definition of that type of sprain.


rose hasnt gotten to the line much since he sprained it the first time and his mobility is not going to come close to the guy who carved us up like chopped liver and will be down from what we saw yesterday. willis reid like effort will be required of him to make it look like it doesnt hurt or isnt affecting his game.

i imagine it would be really good to take the ball right at him as on offense he can control what he does, on defense he is at the mercy of whoever he has to guard. that is another reason to have jt0 in the game strategically or force crawford to buckle him a couple of times.

drmaryb (*_-)

May 3rd, 2011
9:06 pm

Four Score and Seven Years Ago!

What is lost on “Team Jump Shoot” is simple:

Joe and Jamal are not just jump shooters who take and make tough shots “by pure luck” as many “friends and foes” have suggested. Joe and Jamal are elite scorers who can put the ball in the basket in a variety of ways. That is who they are. Here are just some of the Four ways they Score:


1. Half-Court set shots – Made!
2. Typical contested 3pers – Made!
3. Pick and Pops – Made!
4. Iso-Plays – Made!


1. Dribble Penetrated Floaters – Made!
2. Fast Break Lay Ups – Made!
3. Back Door Cuts off Double Screens – Made!
4. Base Line Bank Shots – Made!

You can’t stop that type of relentless talent when it is focused and coming to a town near you? If their shot isn’t there? They can pass the ball to the open man. Joe can also rebound whenever he wants to and if needed. Did I mention they can also get to the charity stripe and score FT’s too?

And that’s just two of the guards. We haven’t even discussed what Jeff Teague and our bigs can do when plays are ran for them.

Bottom line is this, the Magic too were non-believers after game one and Jameer before the series even started.

By the time they noticed they were in deep doo-doo? It was too late, the tsunami came and swept them all away.

And soon, the Bulls will realize it too. I’ve read their blogs, they are like an alcoholic in a court ordered rehab clinic – they are in DENIAL!

And that bodes well for the Hawks!