Hawks continue their roller coaster ways

There’s a place you can go, where the ride is bumpy, the hills are steep, the valleys are deep, and the track is unpredictable. It’s not a safari. It’s not a theme park. It’s the Atlanta Hawks NBA schedule. Why bother going to a theme park when you can just watch these guys play?

As much as we love our Hawks, they just can’t be tracked. Atlanta has had trouble reeling off more than two wins in a row, having done so less than five times this season, with decent sized game spans in between. We knew this second half schedule would be tough, but what’s with the whole “win big tonight, lose big tomorrow night?” It seems that not much has changed. The Hawks have enough talent and cohesion to easily top a lesser team one night, then don’t have enough of anything to even make it close against a team of fairly equal standing the next night.

Home is Where the Heart is?

In all likelihood, the Hawks just don’t know where their heart is. What made them explode against Milwaukee wasn’t present against a depleted Denver squad. With both contests occurring at Phillips Arena, it’s hard to find a common denominator. Where is the competitive fire? Where is the cohesion? Why does it disappear after a night or two? Maybe it wasn’t really there to begin with. One thing is for sure – with a record of 20 and 13 at home, the Hawks have established that they have won more at Phillips Arena than they’ve lost. The problem is that games like the last two are proof that there is not guarantee, even from a statistical standpoint.

How will this play out in the postseason? If the Hawks maintain their current position, they’ll be matched up against Orlando in the first round, as discussed on previous blogs. This matchup seems more and more likely every day now.

More Writing on The Wall

As if the pattern of play wasn’t disturbing enough, there is also the growing and  painfully obvious tinge of bitterness coming from Al Horford, our most vocal team captain, who was interviewed after the loss to Denver:

They really spread you out,” he said. “They have six or seven weapons. They’re a great team. We play like that at times. Other times, we don’t. We’d be a better team if we played like them….We’ve got to share the ball more,” he said. “It shows we’re still an immature team. There’s no question something needs to be done… It’s happened to us all year. This is nothing new.”

Compare that to what was heard from Kenyon Martin, who is playing on a team that just recently lost it’s superstar player:

It’s fun to play basketball the right way,” Kenyon Martin said. “It always has been, always will be. When everybody’s out there sharing the ball, everybody’s involved, it just makes everyone want to play that much harder on the defensive end.”

Adding insult to injury? Try this:

We got Zaza Pachulia being their leading scorer,” Martin said. “You know what I’m saying? We’ll take that.”

Something has to be done? I sure hope Rick Sund is taking notes. Unfortunately for Horford, that “something” won’t happen until this offseason. Until then, he and his teammates will have to find a way to ride this out. Or not. As another team captain notes, they’ve got to figure it out NOW.

Larry Drew Quandary

By now we really have no idea what to expect from Head Coach Larry Drew anymore than we do from the team. The question isn’t whether that is part of Atlanta’s problem, but rather how MUCH of a part of the problem it is. Drew doesn’t seem to know what to do when things aren’t working, a problem his predecessor also had. Does that mean there isn’t a true working solution at this time, or does it mean that Drew is simply in over his head? If that’s the case, then winning and losing is all but up to the players. Well, we’ve seen how that goes. I mean, just review what Horford has to say.

Should Drew stick with the lineup of Horford, Smith, Johnson, Hinrich, and Teague on most nights, or should he respond to a loss such as this (against Denver) with more lineup changes? Perhaps the Hawks could use some continuity in the way of a lineup, rotation, and minutes played. Maybe this will help to truly isolate the problems that this team is having on the court.

Drew says he’s not worried about guys missing shots. Maybe he should prove that by sticking with a particular lineup all the time, the lone exception being where certain particular matchups dictate otherwise. But, he has to do something. Time is short.

What should LD do?

It’s much worse than that, if you ask me. The problem with Larry Drew isn’t just that he doesn’t seem to know what to do with his lineups. He also has a desperate grip on the gameplan…and yet he can’t seem to control what happens in the game. How is this possible? Worst of all, it’s entirely possible that Drew has lost the confidence of two of his team captains. Let me break it down even further, and get down and dirtier:

1) One team captain is oblivious to the problems, or doesn’t see them for what they are. There’s an obvious reason for that. Your guess as to which one that is.

2) Another team captain has all but ceased to care. I take that back. He doesn’t care anymore. And why should he? (rhetorical question) You’ll have no problems guessing this one. The question is what conclusion you come to as far as WHY you guessed it right.

3) Another team captain is disgusted. He is the one who will speak the words which ultimately doom Drew. Need a guess as to who that is? I doubt it.

And those are just the team captains. What about the rest of the guys? What about the on-again-off-again rotation players (Zaza Pachulia), the new guys (Kirk Hinrich), or the potential future starters (Teague)? What do they expect from Drew, and are they being disappointed? Do they know their roles, do they see solutions in sight?

This is what is happening right before our eyes. Larry Drew is doing in 3/4 of a season what it took Mike Woodson 5-6 years to do. And somehow, I don’t think that’s an accomplishment he’ll be proud of.

What do YOU think?



Big Ray, Hawks Fan Nest Blog

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March 17th, 2011
12:21 am

I think it’s almost painful watching the game right now. You’ve laid out the problems nicely as always, Ray. It’s really tough for me to understand how the team and its coach don’t see the same thing – or see it but don’t know how to address it.


March 17th, 2011
12:25 am

fuggly again tonight.

nice to watch a well coached team execute and the coach make moves that work during a game. they have no all stars and cleaned our clocks just the same.

Najeh Davenpoop

March 17th, 2011
12:33 am

I like Jeff Teague, but damn… one pick away from Ty Lawson.

Big Ray

March 17th, 2011
12:39 am

Niremetal ,

Thanks for the props, but I gotta say I agree: this is not at all any fun to watch or even talk about. The problems do indeed seem incredibly obvious. The solutions seem just out of reach, just beyond an impenetrable barrier.

Is is wrong to be looking towards the offseason?

Najeh ,

Word back in the day was that the Hawks were intent on grabbing Ty Lawson. Right before those dang T-Wolves cornered the market on PGs in the draft.

Big Ray

March 17th, 2011
12:40 am

Doc ,

Fugly to the point of where when the team does well, I’m not celebrating much anymore. I’m always waiting to see how bad the next game will be. Sad, eh?


March 17th, 2011
12:46 am

I haven’t been able to find LD’s post game comments anywhere. I want to hear the famous line “our guys didn’t have any energy tonight”.


March 17th, 2011
12:51 am

Who will be the next Hawks coach? LD is done after we get swept by Orlando.


March 17th, 2011
12:52 am

Not much has in terms of my thoughts. I still don’t favor the regular small lineup of Marvin. I also don’t favor the 2.0 small lineup . I still think Zaza is the best option for the hawks 2011 future. Im not saying that hes the answer but i just feel like that’s a rotation the hawks haven’t even experimented on enough despite the facts that:-
a) Al doesn’t even see himself as a center the rest of his career
b) josh smith will probably still play like a shooting guard even if you made him line up at center.
c) The hawks are ranked in the 20s in rebounding. They want this so called “physicality” but do nothing rotation wise to that suggests it.
d) either Jeff Teague or Kirk Hinrich will make a bigger impact on the bench with Marvin and Jamal
e) They need more ball possessions not to play faster. Playing fast will always be an option
f) someones definitely going to get traded for a C sooner or later and its not Al or Joe Johnson


March 17th, 2011
12:56 am

Ugly game played by a totally disorganized group. Sometime a team is greater than the sum of it parts, but these parts don’t fit.

Team captains:

Horford is disgusted with the up & down losing. He has no help physically or mentally on the court. He is getting nothing from the coach on the bench to change the tide of losing. He got only 5-6 shot all night.

JJ has checked out. Last night against the Bucks he was all world trying to get that 7 3 pointers in the game. Got 36 by end of 3rd quarter. The competition got better tonight and he gets 12 points. Midway thru the 4th no starter was in double figures. We don’t know what we will get from JJ…the grease on the wheel of the roller coaster.

My man Josh. Has no conscience. Not sure what planet he was on tonight. Open the game by missing 8 to 9 jump shots, while the rest of the team took 5 shots in the first quarter. How many do you have to miss to realize, maybe you should drive to the basket. No hustle on either end of the floor, just trotting up & down the floor until Drew finally pulled his Azz off the floor. This guy does not have a clue.

Teague….one good game and back to that uninspired game. That shot need works and the he needs to cancel the floater…not a good look.

Denver showed what is required to compete every night. They are 9 & 2 since Melo was traded. They hustle all the time and get early offense. Horford is right we need to try to play like them. What they have is two guards in Felton & Lawson, that push the gas at all time. They were finishing at the rim, uncontested all night long.

The Hawks have no energy, at home or on the road. They are a jump shooting team, thus their energy grinds to a halt after the cross half court and stops at the perimeter. ZaZa doing all the work inside is not going to get it done, especially when Horford only take 5 shots in the entire game.

Drew has lost this team, but he never really had it, management pretty assured that when they kept the CORE together and gave the job to their THERAPIST. Who do you think they turned too when Woody got in their face.

Spirit has really created a mess…ROLLER COASTER… indeed!

Josh is the downward slope in the roller coaster, JJ is the grease on the wheels and Horford is wondering why the brake don’t work, while Drew is just looking on and Spirit is still trying to sell tickets for this dangerous ride without any concern for the customer welfare.

Big Ray

March 17th, 2011
12:56 am

bird ,

I figured LD would just say “we missed shots.” I mean, that’s the simple version. You can draw that simplistic conclusion just by reading the box score. As always, it wouldn’t tell the whole story…

E43 ,

LOL at (b) and I agree with (f).

As for (c), I’ll say this – Teague does better with the starting lineup than he does with the bench. Bad as it is, I still think one of the biggest reasons why is Jamal Crawford.


March 17th, 2011
1:04 am

Like i have been saying all this year,Joe Johnson Sucks !!! We really need to get rid of him !!!


March 17th, 2011
1:17 am

Thanks. Reading some fans on MC’s blog, I thought the world had gone crazy, that maybe George Orwell was right. My eyes were decieving me.

Then I read your blog, and it’s dead on what I’m seeing. 100%

My biggest concern now is our players find a way to beat Orlando, if thats who we play, and LD comes back next season, unless he improves drastically as a coach in a short period of time.

But the Knicks have a cream puff schedule left compared to us. I’m still not sure they don’t catch us.

6-11 in the last 17. Not good


March 17th, 2011
1:25 am

Big ray- that C may have actually been D but I agree with you. That’s just another one of those dilemmas LD has managed to pick up. These dilemmas are starting to get depressing just to think about.

Big Ray

March 17th, 2011
1:31 am

E43 ,

You’re right, it was (d), my bad.

Steve W ,

Thanks to you as well. Being right isn’t supposed to suck this bad, is it? On the Knicks, I agree. We may win enough to hang onto the 5th seed, or they may vault past us as we tail spin and the pride factor never kicks in. I really don’t know. I think we’re looking at a very realistic first round punchout either way. If we remain 5th, we face Orlando and a VERY determined Dwight Howard. If we fall to 6th, we’ll likely get Miami. Oh joy.

Big Ray

March 17th, 2011
1:31 am

Sand ,

You really think that’s our biggest problem? The contract alone make syour proposal all but impossible, though.

Big Ray

March 17th, 2011
1:32 am

” makes your ” ….it’s getting late…and I still have 5 hours to go… :(


March 17th, 2011
1:48 am

I was really interested in seeing how they handled a home back-to-back. Man was that ugly. Just how much of Tuesday night was the Bucks checking out?

Still, Joe and Josh can not have ugly starts like that coming off that turn around… Am I missing something?


March 17th, 2011
2:44 am

Don’t hold back Ray…hehe. Man you”ve gone after it and nailed it again. If LD gets to coach again next season, barring a miraculous playoff run, this team is doomed. He talks about one thing, then turns around and does completely the opposite (or nothing at all) in the game. Teague suffers the most from his actions, but overall he’s lost this team if indeed he ever had it to begin with. Josh’s three point shot attempts this year compared to last year says it all. It also sounds as if Hinrich sees a big problem as he mentioned he had never played on a team with this kind of offense at any level. He wasn’t meaning that in a positive way it seems to me, but I have nothing to back that up. Regardless, you don’t hire an assistant from an overall disappointing coaching regime as the Hawks did with LD. You look for an outside voice to come in an create a different environment and estalish it as his team.


March 17th, 2011
4:08 am

I can’t support a team that doesn’t hustle or care. I’m wondering if there are personal issues off the court that going on. Sure seems like they’re just getting through the game to be somewhere else. Can’t believe these guys make so much. They are professionals at what? Mediocrity. At the end of the day it’s the coaches fault. They need to hire a someone that deserves respect. These guys don’t care.

Big Daddy

March 17th, 2011
4:10 am

Big Ray, I think your acccessment is spot on. In the end, all of this will be laid at the feet of LD. Did he really set up an offense where four of your five players cross half court and set up on the perimeter? In the ‘how’s that working for you” category it would have to be looked at as not well. In that setup Al is not getting the touches he should and we have too many situations where we dribble around on the prerimeter and jack up a long jump shot. That makes for a long rebound and the other team is off to the races.

It is hard for us to get a running game going when the other team is doing a layup drill on us. They kept running the same play and we could not stop it and even after time outs, we would have one play where we would go inside and then everyone would go back to the outside.

It was unbelieveable that Josh would be at the top of the key or even worse and the top of the 3 pt line and think the best option was to continuously try a jump shot and never, and I mean never attack the rim.

Whether it is a top tier team or a non-contending team our highest paid player should be someone to be feared and the post game highlights should always have shots of him making outstanding plays. Last night this person seemed, too often to dribble around until late in the shot clock and then pass the ball where a rushed shot had to be taken. I don’t know what has happened to him this year. It just is not there.

You also hit the spot when you responded to E43 about how different Teague plays when Jamal Crawford is in the game. Jeff can pretty much guarantee that if he passes the ball to JC that he will not see it back.

In the end, it still comes down to the coaches controlling the team, making the necessary adjustments in the game and instilling disciplined and inspired play from the men. He will be judged on how well he does this. Right now, he should be worried.


March 17th, 2011
5:21 am

The inmates are running the asylum. The Highlight Factory is made up of a “team of jump shooters” running iso plays for themselves while jacking up these FG% – JJ 44%, JC 42%, MW 45% Smoove 48%, Horford 56.5%. This team is 5/6 in its last 11 due to offensive meltdowns and guess which starter complains about not getting enough touches? I attend 12 – 15 games a year and guess which fan is beginning to feel he is getting his money’s worth? I am on the verge of tuning out on this team as presently constructed. There is no lack of talent on the Hawks. Something needs to be done.

Big Ray

March 17th, 2011
5:38 am

Big Daddy ,

There are definitely a lot of perplexing events going on with this team. For instance, it seems that Al Horford doesn’t get the ball enough. You look at the box score and dude got 5 shot attempts in 31+ minutes of play. You look again, and he has 6 assists. Ok, so how do we explain “not enough touches”? Very strange. Especially considering the fact that Al is the 2nd leading scorer on the team. Honestly, how this stuff happens is beyond me….

kaminari ,

I think that off the court is the only place these guys don’t have issues, to be honest. They probably enjoy each other’s personal company just fine. But on the court? Dysfunctional as all get out. Just read the post game quotes.


March 17th, 2011
5:46 am

BR: I think of all the major sports teams in Atlanta, the coverage here by you and by MC (and SS before him) is far away the best and most honest. Thank you guys for that.

How quickly has hope faded from that epic Celtics series just a few short years ago?

Personally, I cut LD just a little slack. The team got its azz laid out so epically by ORL last year, that was bound to carry over into this year since no important or meaningful changes were made on the player side. I think we all know why that is by now, but it’s clear now that was a huge miscalculation by management.

To put a rookie coach and team insider into the middle of that situation was a disaster waiting to happen.

At this point, I’m just hoping that a sale can go through quickly enough so that the same cats who put this cocktail together can be asked for their aprons and keys to the bar. But knowing our luck, someone on the ASG will sue for a higher price after the sale papers are signed.


March 17th, 2011
6:02 am

Well the blog apparently ate my earlier comment – but I just want to make two quick points:

1: Let’s hope a sale goes through quickly enough so that meaningful changes can take place later this year.

2: Thanks, BR and MC for providing some really great, and painfully honest, coverage of what’s going on with this team. I’m sure a lot has been left off the table by necessity, but your takes have been one of the few places fans can go to read and vent. Thanks, guys.


March 17th, 2011
6:55 am

rick sund isn’t taking any notes because he’s lost as a gm.until he is let go, the hawks will lose.they might as well mail in the season.they are through.


March 17th, 2011
7:11 am

Sund said the Hawks will be judged by their play last 3rd of season. The clock is running, but so far, the interum results reflect a grade of C+. Hardly the making of an elite squad. Sund hires guys that LD doesn’t play, or rarely plays. LD sets up offence that players refuse to abscribe. Teammates refuse to share ball…..jackup jumpshots from hell….
Hawks are a hot mess. Praying for new ownership to bring in new GM, new coach, and new attitude by trading 1 or 2 of the “core”. That core is misaligned and will never be elite. IMHO


March 17th, 2011
7:38 am

I know this much we need a tough coach to get in here that won’t take any nonsense that will sit both Joe and Josh or any star on the team down if they aren’t doing the right things.

We also need to dump off Marvin and JC1 they both suck plain and simple I don’t care that JC1 is a slasher SG doesn’t matter without the defense you essentially give up the same amount of points.

I’ve been tuning out this team for a long time now because just like the announcer’s said last year.

THEY HAVE NO HEART, and THEY HAVE NO PRIDE at all. The only one that does is Al it would seem that’s why he’s my favorite player on the team.

I will say this part doesn’t apply to Teague, Hinrich, or Armstrong


March 17th, 2011
8:28 am

What does 120 Million Dollars get you in Atlanta…VERY D*MN LITTLE ON THE BASKETBALL COURT

This “team” is sad. At least the season will end early and we can concentrate on the Braves season. This squad needs to be blown up…build around Horford and Teague and let Horford have an hour in a room with Josh Smith, alone, with Horford holding a bat. After that meeting, maybe Smith will grow up. I’m not ready to give up on him as much as I am JJ. I’m not commenting any longer about the 120M mess that is Joe Johnson.

It’s not “all” Larry Drew’s fault, but he has to go. He doesn’t have the respect of the players, and he doesn’t have the experience either. This one completely on Rick Sund (my bad, I’m certain the ASG told him he had to hire “cheap”). We need an imposing figure as a coach, no doubt about it.

I’ll always be a Hawks fan through and through, but I’m done hoping for this season. It’s not over, but it is “over”. My hope is that during the off-season there will be a miracle makeover…even if we take a step back for a year or two. But I’m sure it will be like most seasons around here…JJ will still be here….Crawford will leave…Sund will sign a couple of guys that will never play…and we’ll be blogging the same garbage about the same team next year.


March 17th, 2011
8:53 am


On the conspiracy side, would Lawson have been the player he is today if he was drafted by the Hawks, playing for Woody and LD?

(For the record, I think he would. He showed his inner dog when he led UNC to the championship).

For the Nuggets, who is the captain on that team? I would say George Karl.

All the players have bought in to whatever he is selling, and there is less of an established hierarchy and culture. And they spread the wealth on offense.

I think the whole Hawks team is tired of each other.

The Hawks are a married couple who have all come to accept each other’s faults, and nobody seems willing or able to do anything to instill change.

And since they have been married for so long and set in their ways, they just go through the motions, because that’s the easiest and most peaceful thing to do.

I would not mind if the Hawks made a coaching change this off-season, as long as they also trade one of their core. Of course, being the Hawks, I dont expect much change from them…

Astro Joe

March 17th, 2011
9:01 am

Big Ray, well done.

OB, yes, Lawson would have played because he was a true PG with a championship pedigree.

And I’m patting myself on the back for the “we didn’t share the ball” quote prediction. Al came through for me. A broing and predictable team this season.


March 17th, 2011
9:32 am

Keep Teague, Hortford, JJ (only because we have no choice) and put together a team that fits together. PS Don’t get only forwards like the last time we started over.


March 17th, 2011
9:40 am

I’ll try to be brief since the Hawks are no longer worth the hassle of too much typing and too much time off from my responsibilities (I’ll probably fail to be brief anyhow):

First and foremost culprit is LD.

LD said that he can live with Josh’s antics.

That allowed Josh to regress from his all-star play of last year to the Jekyll & Hyde 2010-11 version (with Hyde capitalizing).

Last night it took LD 7 missed jump shots from Josh in 6 minutes to bench him… :-D what an idiot!!!

LD continues to use Jamal at the PG slot to close the 3rd quarter and start – and sometimes even finish – the 4th quarter – and lose game after game in the process.

Seeing the Nuggets run the exact same pick n’ roll play with Felton and Nene on the right block over and over with Jamal failing (not trying) to keep up and then the defense scrambling leaving shooters free, like JR Smith was PATHETIC.

LD is like a dope addict and Jamal is his dope: after the second half against POR in which Jamal played well and scored 20 and then against the MIL sleepwalkers dished 8 assists LD simply could not resist to dump the defensive backcourt experiment and go back to his dope…

Only and idiot coach would not realize what was happening last night against the Nuggets and try to stop it. A DARN IDIOT!!!

And that was not the only period of the game in which Jamal was on the floor during DEN runs:

check this:


Jamal started the second quarter on fire and help us get a 12 point lead – THAT WAS THE MOMENT TO TAKE HIM OUT AND DEFEND THE LEAD.

Later, midway the quarter, DEN made a run and Jamal was on the floor.

EVERYONE KNOWS THAT BB IS A GAME OF RUNS. WINNING BB is all about making your own runs (where Jamal is useful) and then FEND OFF the opposing runs (where Jamal is useless).

LD should have gone with Wilkins immediately after we got the 12 point lead. HOLD THE FORT since DEN was bound to make a push.

It can’t be a coincidence that most, if not all, opposing game changing runs happen with Jamal on the floor.


LD says that he can live with Josh’s jumpshots and with Jamal’s extra streaky shooting and nearly absent D but then he can’t live with Teague’s offensive struggles? Even after he has proven his worth as a decent defensive PG which greatly improves the team’s overall defensive play?


Teague was not particularly good last night but he had 2 steals and 1 block in 20 minutes, which is sometimes what Josh brings – statistically – on the defensive end (reversed is more the norm with 2 blocks and 1 steal).

Teague was darn unlike when he blocked Ty and the fumbling ball went back to him for a lay up to end the half, but YOU CANNOT IGNORE that Teague was doing his job on that play.

Surely those stats (2 steals 1 block) alone negate somehow 3 of his missed shots… this without entering into the discussion that even having trouble against Ty and Felton (who are currently giving problems to EVERYONE in the league) he was still able to keep up moderately well and contest shots.

During the first quarter, Ty and Teague matched up had the following numbers (7min 31sec):

Ty – 0/2FG 2/2FT 2 reb 1 ass
Teague – 1/3FG 1stl

Then Ty had a very good second quarter with the last 8 minutes, but Teague was on him only 5 minutes and still produced 1 stl 1 blk and 2FT.

Teague did miss his FGA, but heck, who isn’t missing them these days? JJ was 0/4 from the field during that DEN run.

At least Teague’s shots are usually in the paint and have produced a few put backs.

Teague played approx 12.30 of the possible 24 in the first half. We were down by 4, even withstanding Josh’s first quarter, JJ’s horrible shooting in the second and an unlucky layup by Ty to close the half.

Teague played 7 minutes (3 in garbage) of the possible 24 in the second half. We lost by 15 (-11 in the half).

Second line of culprits:

Players themselves:

Josh and Jamal: they are what they are and LD is responsible for managing their characteristics (miss managing is the correct status quo) and for giving them too much slack.

Nonetheless, their basketball IQ is close to ZERO.

Al: he should stop whining about touches and use his body and drive. Last night he was again intimidated by Nene on both ends of the floor. I am starting to consider him a powder puff b*tch. Does he only play as a man against his buddy Noah? Clearly he took upon himself to play like a man on that game, why doesn’t he do it all the time?

Sure, Noah is lightweight but “heart” beats “sheer mass”. Noah brings it every night (Sorry, I apologize Big Ray, I am recanting my position on the Noah-Horford debate).

JJ: Another b+tch: I am 100% convinced now that JJ instead of manning up and imposing his will against Josh’s antics and Jamal’s lack of D and against LD’s utter lack of skill as an HC simply sulks and goes into “autistic mode”.

Last night JJ went autistic when he saw Josh trying to emulate his game against MIL jacking up stupid jumpshot after jumpshot.

I am 100% sure that what happened in Josh’s head was:

“JJ dominated last night with his jump shots, so I need to dominate tonight and show him and everyone that I am also the man and that I can shoot”

Basically, Josh instead of using his head, uses his dick to dictate what he does on the court.

He must have an inferiority complex due to his jumper just like guys who have small dicks overcompensate with big/fast cars or any other stupid scheme.

These guys are headed nowhere and will be humiliated again in the playoffs.

They are just like stupid little backstabbing b*tches who are envious of one another, always trying to steal each other’s boyfriends on their backs and to add up to this, have a spineless idiot as an HC.

Someone on the main blog wrote an interesting “essay” on LD using the benchmark to evaluate his character then way that he and his son treated the benching of LD Jr at North Carolina: like spineless wimps.

I don’t know the intricacies of that situation but it seems to fit the mold of what we have with the Hawks: LACK OF BACK BONE TO FACE ADVERSITY/RESISTANCE FROM OTHERS


March 17th, 2011
9:44 am

Teague was darn UNLUCKY when he blocked Ty…


March 17th, 2011
10:09 am

Vava, you called it:

I’ll try to be brief since the Hawks are no longer worth the hassle of too much typing and too much time off from my responsibilities (I’ll probably fail to be brief anyhow)



March 17th, 2011
10:13 am

I just submitted a law review article that was shorter than post.


March 17th, 2011
10:18 am

the hawks need a solid foundation it seem like the players dont know thier rolls everyone seems out of control its to many break downs on onfense and we dont have a solid rotatio…….LD need to get it together before the playoffs

Astro Joe

March 17th, 2011
10:20 am

Man, you know your post is long when nire says your post is long. Kind of like Josh calling someone else’s shot selection poor. :lol:


March 17th, 2011
10:32 am

:-D I sensed myself that I would not be able to refrain myself from launching a 30ft three pointer…


March 17th, 2011
10:55 am

vava, i consider that a rant dude, pure unadulterated rant. we are here for you dude. therapy, it is for all of us, vent baby vent. ;-)

are the bulls that much better than us or is their coach that much better? does LD have any feel for the tides of a game and how to begin to control them or does he just wait it out say every team has their runs and we will get ours.

folks it was a very bad game to watch as a fan at the game. i had a group of adolescent girls behind me the whole game doing high school cheers for the nuggets, the whole game. for every defense that went up on the big board they yelled nuggets. oh, it was miserable and then they counted down the last ten seconds. they sure had a fun time all, 20 or so of them cheering loudly for the nuggets. where the f*ck did they come from, my head still hurts.

yes, josh was an idiot, no stats needed to back up that statement i hope ;-) . i wish only i had had a seat closer to allow him my opinion. jj was non-existent getting his too few at the end to help his stats. YES, nene out played and intimidated our “all star” center for about the second game in a row i have watched in person of the last three it seems as he gets his shots blocked away from the basket and doesnt attack to take guys off the fake.

thanks for the rant, so i dont have to go much further.


March 17th, 2011
10:57 am

I hate to bring this up (I really do). But…LD is the head of his family, the leader of his household etc…right?

Well considering the issues his family has been dealing with, does that carry over/reflect on his leadership as a HC?

One of his sons was kicked off his high school team, and it was reported that LD’s wife had something to do with it.

Their other son quit on UNC in the middle of the season, and it’s reported that his wife had something to do with. Also, it was LD Sr who called UNC’s coach to tell him of his son’s decision, and the UNC coach and players were all caught off-guard by it.

And it’s reported the main reason for leaving is because LD’s son lost his starting job to a freshman.


So is it unfair to compare his leadership at home (and how adversity is handled) to his leadership at his job?


March 17th, 2011
11:23 am

I was a big supporter…I have lost faith.

last year no playing Teague and the team quitting in the playoffs got Woody fired.

This year playing Jamal too much, Josh’s jumpshots and the team quitting will get LD fired.

Why does jamal need 34min when we have Kirk? Why not try a taller more athletic Hilton on Nene, because Zaza couldn’t stop him?

When will someone call out Josh by name?

When will someone tell LD, you win tough games with defense?

My heart can’t take it, I don’t know what LD is trying to do.

Astro Joe

March 17th, 2011
11:50 am

Like doc said, these blogs are very therapeutic for frustrated hawks fans. Everyone should take the time to vent as needed.

I was disappointed that LD’s “seduced” quote didn’t make it into print this morning. During the televised post-game comments, he said that the Hawks were “seduced into taking quick and long shots in the first quarter”. It was the first time I’ve heard an NBA coach use the word “seduced” in a post-game presser.

Interesting nugget (pun intended) from the game write-up, They failed to score 100 or more points in 16 of their past 18 games — 11 times they’ve scored 90 or less — and are 7-11 in those games.

Either LD doesn’t know how to make adjustments to improve the offensive output or he feels like his design is adequate and the execution is flawed. Based on the “seduced” comment, he seemingly thinks the latter.


March 17th, 2011
11:54 am

Hopefully, I will get a chance to watch this game and the MIL game sometime in the future, so I will just comment on the games I finally got a chance to see. The last Laker game and come back game against Chicago. My first impression is LD is still trying to find a good rotation because of the injuries and trade. LD likes some rotation, (Hinich, Jamal, JJ) but clearly they aren’t productive all the time. He also likes what Wilkins brings, but isn’t certain how long to leave him on the court. The main thing about this team is the lack of defined roles during games. No takes the role of slasher, everyone takes the role of mid-range/3pt shooter. That worked with Orlando for a while because of Dwight owning the middle. Our best post-up player is Josh but he likes shooting jumpers. LD has to get the guys to stay within their roles consistently, especially when he starts rotating in new guys. We should only look for 3s during secondary breaks, otherwise we should post-up Josh or JJ and make simple quick passes if double-teamed. I see a lot of wasted possession because we don’t get the ball in the post quickly enough or we make bad transition decisions.


March 17th, 2011
11:59 am

hawks play with no effort and no heart that is their problem, if they played more inspired like every game was their last one they would be a elite team

Astro Joe

March 17th, 2011
12:04 pm

I have often railed against the perception that the Western Conference teams are better. For several of the past seasons, that conference has had more sub-.350 winning teams than the East. My theory was always that some of the Western playoff teams had inflated records because they regularly feasted on horrid teams like the T’Wolves, Warriors, Kings, Clippers and other perennial bottom-dwellers. Portland often was the benefactor and their first-round exits were further proof that they weren’t nearly as good as they seemed. Now that the East has more of those sub-.350 teams, I went to see which team had a fairly desperate performance against winning/losing teams. Guess which team appears to have the inflated record this season (based on wins against the junior varsity girls teams)?



March 17th, 2011
1:14 pm

kwooden, the nuggets went through a total change and are 9-2 since the trade. we got rid of payers either slowing us down or out of the rotation and we are still trying to find out how to incorporate one player? karl and any coach right now is better than the one we have right now. sad to say it but i have seen enough of this kind of change. really the woody for drew was change for the sake of change. now it is time to really make some changes.

could a coach make a difference with what we have? i say yes, plus one good young big. unfortunately, hiring coaches not because of their resume and based more on what they do to the bottom line will not get it and that is still my thoughts on why they felt they coud get away with making drew the head coach. if you are going to be spend thrift on payers you better pay for good coaching is what i will repeat again.


March 17th, 2011
1:16 pm


Thanks for the post. I did not realize the amount of losses by 10+ points the Hawks have had. And that does not even include yesterday’s game.

And of the 8 East playoff teams, the Hawks have the second worst record against teams above .500.

Chris E

March 17th, 2011
1:34 pm

Its hard to defend LD at this point or the inconsistency of the Hawks for that matter. The Hawks are a mess because the only thing that is consistent is inconsistency. No consistent starting lineup, no consistent play from JJ, no consistent rotation, no consistent pg. no consistent ball movement on offense. As I continue to state, LD has not defined the players roles!!!!!!!!! The Hawks can’t even be taken seriously until they get a starting center and starting pg. If Teague is it, then let him be it and bring Hinrich off the bench and for God’s sake put Al at the 4. He has even stated his preference.

How can they have a consistent offensive flow if the players don’t get used to who they will be playing with consistently? I guess you get waht you pay for.

Al & Josh need to speed more time on the block and then come outside. They both start outside in. Everyone keeps talkin about Al’s touches and how much of a warrior he is, but all I see him doing is shooting jumpshots too. He makes more than Josh but if all he is shooting is jumpers who is there to rebound? They have obviously abandoned the offense or have not worked more on it. They seem to be playing a pickup game at times and whether you share the ball or not if no plays are run they won”t be effective.

I am an optimist so I am hoping they figure it out but the presence of a Bigman down low is more important in my opinion than playin small. I have advocated all year that any Bigman in and Marvin comin off the bench with a good pg is the answer. Al is not a Center and right now LD is not a very good Head Coach!!!!!!!!!

Chris E

March 17th, 2011
1:37 pm

Love your comments KWooden!!!! Hopefully LD is listening.

Chris E

March 17th, 2011
1:41 pm

How can you play inspired when your roles are not defined and you don’t believe in or understand your offensive system. Also you need your pg to be the coach on the floor. That was one of Bibby’s strengthes. Atlanta needs a strong pg more than most. Do you think Josh, Jamal or JJ would still be shooting jumpshots like they do if Chaucey Billups was the pg? Absolutely not!!!!