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Hawks fans: When is patience no longer a virtue?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? If it’s “here we go again,” then we’re thinking the same thing.

Another fourth quarter collapse. Another quick point guard doing the Hawks in. Another set of typical quotes from two of the team’s captains. Another vein of frustration popping out of the coach’s forehead. Perspectives from AL, Larry, and Joe are becoming the norm these days. But that is not the problem at all. The problem is that those perspectives haven’t changed one bit, because the situation has not changed.

Patience, patience

That’s why management preaches. That’s not what you’re hearing from Head Coach Larry Drew, though. No, what we’re hearing from him is long-suffering. There is a fundamental difference between the two. Patience is realizing that a non-lottery draft pick might need a bit more work than a lottery draft pick. Patience is understanding that a new offensive philosophy or a new rotation player added to the mix takes some time to develop. Patience is doing …

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Atlanta Hawks: Jumpstarting with jumpshots

The Hawks have to be asking themselves just what happened last night. The answer: a beating in their own arena that probably has the Utah Jazz feeling a bit better about the one they received at the hands of Hawks a short while ago.

There are other teams that have similar roller coaster-type seasons, but does that make Hawks fans feel any better about it? Doubtful.


Getting the offense going

The motion offense couldn’t possibly be just for getting open jumpshots. I’m sure that Drew and his staff also intend for the Hawks to get the ball inside. Getting the ball inside isn’t just about posting somebody up. It’s also about getting a player to slash to the basket, and receiving the ball on the way there. The Hawks haven’t done enough of that lately, and they certainly didn’t do nearly enough against the Hornets.

Instead, the Hawks shot jumpers. On most nights, somebody is hitting those jumpers. Last night? Pretty much nobody. I’m sure the neighborhood “jumper” watch could dig …

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Hawks fans: The view on Coach Drew

Well, after 41 games played, the Hawks sit with a record of 26 wins and 15 losses at the literal halfway point in the season. Is this where we should expect them to be? Are they further along than last season, or behind it? On pace to win 52 games if they can match the results of the first half, the Hawks would seem to have not lost much ground. However, two major factors could stand in Atlanta’s way of once again winning a top 3 or top 4 seed to the playoffs: a tougher second half schedule, and the Chicago Bulls.

In the meantime, how is Head Coach Larry Drew looking? At the suggestion of Hawks fan and blogger Astro Joe, we’ll review some major topics involving the “new” sideline prowler. I would post Astro Joe’s thoughts on the situation at the time of his excellent suggestion (which was weeks ago), but he may have taken a different view on some subjects by now. At any rate, here is some of what he (and I’m sure many of us) thought we should review on Larry Drew:

1) The …

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Atlanta Hawks: Frontcourt frustration, Backcourt explosion

For all the talent and ability of the Hawks’ relatively young frontcourt, and the assertion that they would be the reason for the ascension of the team….it’s been the backcourt that has the Hawks playing some of their most successful basketball since a 6-0 start to the season.

Winners in 8 of their last 10, the Hawks are right on the heels of the Magic and the Bulls (both sitting at 25-13), and have improved their road record (13-9) to third best in the East. Not only that, but they’re on a 5 game winning streak. And why? Mostly due to the simultaneous surge of guards Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford.

Good to go, down low? Yes and no

Prior to his injuries, forward Marvin Williams was playing some pretty good basketball for the Hawks, even in spite of some change in role (coming off the bench). Some may argue that his absence makes little or no difference. Say what you will, if you’re missing a guy who plays 30+ minutes for you a game, you’re missing an asset. It may not be …

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Impressive road win for Hawks

I don’t think anybody saw this beating coming. I know the Utah Jazz certainly didn’t, as evidenced by the look on Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan’s face.

It’s a common refrain: “when the Hawks play like this, they’re tough to beat.” Heard it enough times already? I’ll bet you have. No one can deny the validity of such a statement, though. Atlanta hit shots from everywhere, including a blazing 14 of 25 from 3 point territory, and even went 16 of 18 from the free throw line. What could go wrong with Joe and Jamal coming fairly close to 30 points apiece for the second night in a row, and Al Horford joining in the fun? Four guys hit 50% or better from beyond the arc, and four guys also had at least 4 assists. The ball swung a lot more often than it got pounded in place, and everything went right for the Hawks, or so it seemed.

Small note: The officiating was horrible all night long, for both teams. Where did they get those guys? Obviously none of them stayed at a Holiday Inn….

Total …

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Hawks fans: A slippery slope

Happy New Year to all Hawks fans.

While may have been the first basketball web site to start the countdown to the trade deadline, you can bet that things will heat up as usual on all of the others. Can’t wait to see which wild ESPN-driven rumor is next? You won’t have to wait very long. Of course, things won’t really get going until February actually gets here. Until then, we’ll try to blithely ignore all the noise. Oh, who am I kidding? Not only will we watch and see what every other team is “reportedly” doing, but we’ll make bold statements as to which rumor is likely to be true versus which is not, all the while wailing and gnashing our teeth about the fact that the Hawks won’t be involved in almost any of them. Rumors, that is.

The more things change…

….the more they look the same, making Hawks fans wonder if there has been any change at all. Like it or not, Larry Drew is going to be judged in comparison to his predecessor for the simple reason that he has worked …

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