Hawks Fans: What you were waiting to see

It’s official.

Head coach Larry Drew’s offense can work for the Hawks.

And guess what else? So can the Hawks’ defense, when properly applied. Ok, so we can’t overhype this victory because…wait for it….it’s just preseason. However, didn’t we all want to see if the Hawks were making any real progress in their quest to learn and play a different offense, one that is supposed to be harder to guard? Didn’t we want to see if they could actually defend a team, or play well against a highly regarded opponent? After succumbing to Orlando in the meekest fashion yet again, Atlanta came alive and stayed that way against that loudly heraled “other” NBA team from the state of Florida. Well? Does this victory mean anything, or no? Preseason wins/losses aside, should we put an asterisk next to this game, because Dwyane Wade wasn’t in it? 

How did that happen?

Defense. Let’s start with LBJ. Sure, he had 38 points and 11 rebounds, and he shot 50% from the field. Sound bad? Look closer – James needed 22 shots from the field and 19 trips to the charity stripe to get there. And here is the biggest stat you didn’t see (or maybe you did) : 2 assists. James is at his best when he can get teammates involved. Last night, he wasn’t able to. So, he did what he’s used to doing. While he couldn’t be stopped, he did spend much of the evening trying to get away from the pesky Marvin Williams, who seemed to be in his way all the time in the halfcourt game. In the second half, he desperately sought one and sometimes two man screens to get away from Joe Johnson, who was more than up to the challenge. In fact, it was those consistent screens that allowed LBJ to get open looks at the basket, or he would have shot somewhere closer to 40%. One other thing. Did you notice Lebron did a lot less crashing into the lane than we’re used to seeing? Oh sure, he’s all but guaranteed to do it transition. It’s how he gets to the line. And, he had some of his trademark And-1 moves on us. But he wasn’t running over us all game, and some of the calls were….well….”LeQueen” calls. It’s to be expected.

Secondly, the Heat shot less than 37% from the field. Just as telling was the 89 points they scored. That’s right. With two star players on the floor. Would this be harder with Wade on the floor? Of course. But never, ever, ever, discount a victory against a quality opponent. Despite some struggles here and there, the Hawks played much better team defense than we’ve seen in a while.

Key Stat: Lebron 11-22 (50%) from the field, the rest of the Heat 18-57 (31.5%)

Motion Is Wonderful. I kept hearing the TNT announcers talking about Larry Drew, and how he kept telling the players to trust the offense, and trust each other. Now, we know that there will be times where things don’t go smoothly. None was more obvious than when Al Horford and a couple of other guys kept getting open looks, and missing them. I was waiting for the Hawks to go into full ISO mode for a stretch of 5 or 10 minutes. Never happened. Instead of watching ISO Joe, we got to see Joe lead this team offensively, and there is clearly a difference between the two ideas. Joe may not have shot a mind-boggling percentage, but he was in constant attack mode, not in ball pounding mode. He never stopped the flow and movement of the offense, and really, neither did anyone else. A few times, they got stuck without a good shot, and the clock winding down, but instead of going back to ISO this guy and ISO that guy, the Hawks kept moving. The result? Joe still took the most shots (and he should), but it might have been the best ball movement we have ever seen these guys exhibit.

Key Stat: 7 Hawks players with two or more assists. Would have been 8 if Zaza hadn’t fumbled a Jamal Crawford pass, leaving Jamal with just one assist.

Deep lineups make a difference when bench players contribute adequately. Ten guys played double figure minutes, with nine of them playing at least 17 minutes. Sound like a blowout game, where scrubs get some cleanup PT? Not so. The Hawks were in a fight the whole way. Joe probably didn’t know how to react to playing “merely” 35 minutes. But I know this – he looked fresh as the first day of spring in the fourth quarter, and that’s a change from the normal state of things. In fact, the entire team did. It’s amazing what can be done when you use your bench. Of course, it only works when your bench can perform. The regular season lights aren’t on yet, but it looks like we have some options that we did not have before. If the Hawks bench can continue to be effective as a unit, or sprinkled in among the starters (Hawks recent history says this tends to work better), the team will be able to compete well in the second half of many games, something they had trouble doing may times last season.

Key Stat: Josh Smith with 21 minutes played, Josh Powell with 22 minutes played. Powell seems to be a gamer, and if he can hold it down while Smoove is in foul trouble (or getting his attitude adjusted), this will mean a lot.

The entire starting lineup shows up.  Marvin Williams still isn’t the attacker on offense that we may want him to be, hesitating with the ball when he could be driving, and looking to pass if he’s being guarded around the three point line. However, if he rebounds with the energy he did last night, takes his defensive effort seriously like he did against the unstoppable Lebron, and stays mostly turnover free, I’m not complaining if he doesn’t pile up the points on a nightly basis. He played within the flow of the offense, hitting 4 of 8 shot attempts, including 1 of 2 from beyond the arc. Mike Bibby looked like he was retiring on the court before our very eyes, up until this game. He’s clearly having some trouble getting enough separation from defenders to get his shot off. However, the aging point guard gave a better effort on defense than expected, helped facilitate ball movement very nicely, and hit some shots, including a very timely 3 pointer.

Hey, we knew Josh and Joe would show up and try to do their thing. We knew Al would be steady for the most part. But we seriously needed our other two starters to contribute in meaningful ways to be successful.

Key Stat: Marvin Williams with 11 rebounds, Mike Bibby 5-8 from the field with 5 assists.


Hey, maybe the Hawks decided to just get up for this game. Maybe they knew they were on television, probably only because Lebron and the South Beach Posse were in town. Maybe they just love home cooking. Whatever the case may be, and regardless of the caveat you attach to it – this is what we were waiting to see.

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October 22nd, 2010
1:59 am

Great post.

Just to add one thing on how Drew’s new offense was finally clicking tonight. I’m slow to put ANY weight on games that don’t count in the standings, but the team should have confidence in themselves and in the new system going into the season, and that makes a big difference. With any luck, this will cement the “buy-in” that Drew needs for his offensive system going into the season.

Big Ray

October 22nd, 2010
2:14 am


I know a lot is going to be said about Lebron’s performance, and the comparison between him and Marvin is inevitable. I’ve been hard on Marvin, and I think he’s deserved some of it, but he looked like he belonged in the starting lineup last night. As for Lebron, here’s my take on our defensive approach in regard to him:

Actually, LD used three different players against Lebron, because those three players represent three different methods.

Marvin – Lebron has trouble running him over unless he has a running start and Marvin isn’t able to gather himself. Marvin has just enough strength, length, and weight to keep it from happening on a consistent basis. Yes, Marvin got abused on some plays. It’s going to happen to somebody in every single game that Lebron plays, it’s just a matter of who it happens to. In transition, Lebron can’t be stopped, and he WILL get the foul call. In the halfcourt, he can be contained. The purpose of Marvin isn’t to stop Lebron. It’s to bother him. Let me say it again: NOBODY STOPS THIS GUY. I’m sure anybody can recall the number of times Lebron scored on Marvin (or anybody else) and/or posterized ‘em. But what you’ll likely forget (because it doesn’t make posters) is how many times he had to pass the ball off because he was faced up without any room to move, or he couldn’t get up enough of a head of steam to generate a foul call.

Joe – Joe is slightly shorter and weighs less, but he’s pretty strong. But that’s now what he brings against Lebron. Joe is a clever and irritating ball hawk in a bit of the Scottie Pippen mold. Lebron has great court vision and a good handle. But, he does not have a GREAT handle, and if you pressure his dribble before in the halfcourt before he can run you into a screen, or before he can see a teammate streaking towards the basket or standing alone near the arc, he struggles. Joe can guard PGs, so a guy like Lebron isn’t going to beat him off the dribble without some help.

On the other side of the ball, notice that Lebron can’t mess with Joe’s dribble. News flash: Joe is a better ball-handler, and a more natural one. Always has been, always will be.

Josh Smith – Lebron meets his match in leaping ability, he’s not going to rise over Smith unless Smith doesn’t jump. What’s more, Smith is clever about reaching for the ball, and can poke it away, which scares any opponent who knows how fast he can recover the loose ball and race to the other end of the court for a rim-rattling, runaway dunk. Nothing like having the league’s second best shot-blocker bodying you up and daring you to shoot it anywhere near him. Let’s not forget – Lebron doesn’t post up much, doesn’t have that up-and-under game that Paul Pierce does, and definitely hates to have another 6′8″ – 6′9″ type of guy in his face when he’s trying to shoot a jumper.

Using Lebron to judge whether or not a single player is a good defender is faulty theory, if you ask me. You don’t shut down a 24-25 year old 2 time League MVP, let alone by yourself. If Lebron makes Marvin a bad defender, then every SF in the league is a bad defender. But that isn’t what this game was about, as it is. The game was about containing him. Show me somebody who stops Lebron. Consistently. I won’t hold my breath, as I prefer not to pass out….

Big Ray

October 22nd, 2010
2:16 am

Agreed, this performance should definitely be a confidence booster. Trust the offense + trust the coach + trust each other + play defense together = win games.

Big Daddy

October 22nd, 2010
2:20 am

Big Ray, I enjoyed your analysis. I really liked the effort given by the team in this game. There was a lot of energy and both Joe and Marvin did a good job on LBJ. What I saw in this game gave me hope that the offense has a chance given the open looks so many players had for jump shots. However, I am a little concerned about a low post presence. Everybody was shooting jumpshots and there wasn’t as much of an attack on the basket as I think we need. Not only will that give us a higher percentage shot but also put us on the foul line. All in all I thought everyone played a decent game and JJ seemed to have gotten his touch back. JT, once he gets some of the rust off and gets comfortable being out there really looks promising. I am encouraged and now, looking forward to the beginning of the season.

Big Ray

October 22nd, 2010
2:28 am

Big Daddy ,


The team effort was pretty darn good, and they’ll have to keep this up to compete, but it’s what they’re built for. It works if Drew can legitimately go 9 or 10 deep with the roster, on a consistent basis. If not, then there will be struggles, heavy minutes, etc.

I share your concern about our ability to attack the post. If we don’t develop some sort of high-low post game or something to that effect:

1) We aren’t taking advantage of Josh Smith’s strengths. If he’s going to play around 30 mpg, we don’t want him spending most of it on the perimeter, even if his jumpshot form does look a bit better. Fact is, he probably will never be the shooter from 18 feet that Horford is, leading to my next thought…

2) We may as well move Horford to PF and trade Josh, or vice versa (trade Al Horford). Josh can’t stay outside and be effective. Horford is the better jumpshooter, and if he’s not going to play down low, then who is? Somebody has to play the low post…outside of Al and Josh, we have ZERO low post threat.

3) We will be living and dying by the jumper and the baseline cut to the basket. We’ve seen other teams try to win like this. It only goes so far.


October 22nd, 2010
2:56 am

Great post Ray.

I was also concerned about some lack of low post game but I think it is just a consequence of the learning curve of the offense.

I think that most ignite sets which include entry passes are not yet being used.


October 22nd, 2010
2:57 am

Offensive sets


October 22nd, 2010
2:58 am

Carrying on from the previous blog:


The heat started most of their sets at the end of the game with lebron and a shooter at the top and with Chalmers on the wing.

What is so difficult to understand?

To close the game we used a kind of zone/switching d with JJ at miami’s left elbow with josh switching to lebron on the right elbow when Miami set a pick af the top of the key.

Great ADJUSTMENT/NEW LOOK D which was something that we did not have with Woody on the bench.

Yesterday I saw the Hawks make great strides.

Let’s hope that they keep it up.


October 22nd, 2010
3:28 am

Preseason it may be, but I love when this team does what it is supposed to do. It had its ugly moments, as it took Bibby a solid minute to get going, same with Al; but a quality win, even in exhibition, is worth pumping your fist about.

Let’s see it again versus Charlotte; their an annoying monkey to deal with, but beating half the division is a solid start to what is going to be undoubtedly an “interesting” season.


October 22nd, 2010
5:38 am

Big Ray…enjoyed the commentary. Especially “10 men playing 10+ minutes” in a game that wasn’t a blowout. When did we see that last year? We all saw the wear on JJ last year, playing 44 MPG in early going and we worried that it would wear him out before year was out. I’ve stated numberous times the team quit more because they burned out and bench was not able to or prepared to give starters help.

LD playing Powell = minutes with JS was telling, for sure. Glad you picked up on that. He’s a gamer, if a wee bit short at center. Not afraid to mix it up.

Finally, on your last blog someone noted NBA sticking to its guns on cuts in player salary limits in new contract. Owners obviously had this in mind as they prepared for this year. Some, like ATL stayed under luxury tax and gave themselves flexibility to deal with what’s coming. Others, like Miami, shot their wads in hopes of winning THIS YEAR…to hell with the future. So, I ask, what happens to Miami next year if NBA cuts salary cap by even 10%, much less the 25% some are saying??? With LJ, Bosh, Wade eating so much guaranteed money, how do they field a bench? They won’t be the only casualty.
I’m getting gray and long in the tooth. I want to win NOW. Still, I plant trees knowing I won’t be alive to harvest the nuts. Anyone can plant vegetables and eat NOW….it takes vision to plant nut trees to harvest in the future.

Oh, and for all the hype of LJ, JJ looked pretty darned good going 27 in 37. Not superstar stuff, but better than anything we could have bought with the money we gave him. And if he stays well, and does not have to play 44 minutes a night, he can be a steady presence for a long time with his defence, handles and shot making ability.


October 22nd, 2010
7:44 am

I was extremely impressed with Jamal Crawford and Teague combo. The Hawks should do all that they can do to keep Jamal happy. He WILL be the key off the bench to push the Hawks over the top.

The Hawks have all ways play Lebron tough. Lebron had to score 48, on his birthday, to beat the Hawks by a point (i think) last year so I’m sure THAT had something to do with it.

I was impressed to see that the Hawks stayed within the perameters of what Drew wanted. The Hawks will be fine! I’m counting on them to be tough on the road and home will take care of itself.

I’m getting excited again!


October 22nd, 2010
8:51 am


The team did play well last night and hope they continue this good play thru out the season. Although I was critizing Marvin last night, by no means am I rooting against him. I definitely would like him to be successful and reach the potential that many saw in him when he was selected #2 in the draft.

Willie Coyote

October 22nd, 2010
9:00 am

I wouldn’t put an asterick on this effort because Wade didn’t play. No one gives us an asterick when we lose with #2, #5, or #15 hurt.

Good effort to rise to the occasion; if only this team would do this on a nightly basis. Seriously when this team gives a legit all-around effort, they have a chance to beat anyone. The only teams in the league that they just don’t match up well against are the Lakers and the Magic.

Of course it’s just pre-season but somehow I feel that if the Hawks were beaten soundly in this one, the “it’s just pre-season” excuse wouldn’t fly.

Decatur Native

October 22nd, 2010
9:05 am

On the comment by big ray I would hate to see Al or Smoove get traded but I can see Al adding a low post game before Smoove would, the only advantage is they can throw different look at teams.


October 22nd, 2010
9:09 am

Collins has really surprised me with his play. For a third string center, he looked good (imo).

In this offense, I can see Al getting more open shots if he wants them, but he has to knock them down consistently.

Teague is quick, but he looked rusty, which is expected. However, I dont think LD should play him and Jamal too many minutes together.

Jamal tends to dominate the ball sometimes, and Teague is not a shooter, so he loses some of his effectiveness.

I think Teague should get most of his minutes with JJ, while Bibby (the shooter) gets some minutes with Jamal.

Also, I watched the 11 pm Sportscenter, and every highlight was LeBron. And then at the end, they say “Hawks won by 10″. Not one single Hawks highlight?

I wish one of our guys would foul LeBron hard (not flagrant), and send him a message. No and-ones in our paint.


October 22nd, 2010
9:18 am

Great post Ray. Wasn’t sure what to expect from these cats on either end of the court, but they impressed me with the degree to which they’ve picked up LD’s offense to this point in the pre-season, the effort they displayed on defense, and the limited number of turnovers.

Difficult to miss the difference in Woody’s and LD’s sideline demeanors. Cat’s cool, calm, and collected (and mostly seated a la Phil Jackson), and that’s attractive.

Astro Joe

October 22nd, 2010
9:55 am

That’s the confidence builder I was looking for, they scored some points and defended well. I never was a big Bosh fan and I have a feeling that he will be exposed this season as the overrated player I believe him to be. Great post Ray, and I too enjoyed the mention of the minute distribution in a tight game. And it was VERY good to see Bibby show his value to the team. A calming influence when things get tense.

At the risk of being accused of the kind of things I get accused of… is Jamal trying to demand a trade by playing the worse defense ever by a physically capable player? Or did I just forget how indifferent he is toward defense? Shoulda traded him in July. Sund will regret designating him as a part of the sacred core.

Astro Joe

October 22nd, 2010
10:25 am

Keeping both Mo AND Jamal is just plain stupid… especially when it is so clear that we need a better ( and bigger) back-up SF. Surely Trenton Hassell, Bobby Simmons or Devean George (at worse) would not have priced themselves out of our range. It’s hard to believe that we couldn’t move Mo for a 2nd round pick and then grab a minimum wage SF with size and defensive abilities (Antoine Wright would have been a good, young & cheap option).


October 22nd, 2010
10:36 am

Yes, we definitively need help behind Marvin (for defensive purposes) when we face Lebron (now even more often) and Carmelo (soon, a 4 time per year opponent).

Mo was pretty bad and over matched at the SF slot.

Jamal did bring some mojo to the game and we need something like that. If only he tried to play D…


October 22nd, 2010
10:37 am

Let’s hope that Sy is the man we need.


October 22nd, 2010
12:27 pm

nice comments ray, in their entirety, once again.


October 22nd, 2010
1:46 pm

i feel all games are important whether preseason or not. i value this win just as i saw disturbing things in the other games. the players were disturbed too for the most part. the record doesnt matter as much as seeing some progression towards what LD has said he is all about. good for our guys. keep it up tonight against a team that challenges us in the best of times. to fall back is synonymous to being blown out by the magic.

Astro Joe

October 22nd, 2010
2:39 pm

doc, I agree that the progression is the important thing. I don’t care if you’re transitioning to a new offensive scheme or migrating from an 8-track tape player to an iPod, the user needs to feel good EARLY about the new thing to improve the adoption rate. Now let me get back to Stevie Wonder on my 8-track player… F the iPod!

Astro Joe

October 22nd, 2010
2:49 pm

ESPN’s NBA “insiders” predictions for this coming season.



October 22nd, 2010
3:28 pm

hmmm aj, can you say ceiling? so many comments echo what we say here that i suspect they are listening in. we will see if so many “experts” are wrong.


October 22nd, 2010
3:56 pm

Each and starting with 2005-2006, the ESPN “experts” have predicted that the Hawks would do worse than they actually did. I think that streak will continue.


October 22nd, 2010
4:40 pm


I also thought Jamal was determined to show off some flash on offense (cross-overs, ball between the legs etc). But yeah, at least Bibby tried to play defense. I didnt see much from Jamal defensively.

I have been on the trade Jamal bandwagon ever since we drafted Jordan.

From MC’s blog;

With all of the regulars available and the regular season approaching, L.D. said he’s starting to set his rotation . Tonight that meant 22 minutes for Powell and the first DNP-CD for JC2.

With Jamal and JJ at SG, and with Jamal, Bibby and Teague playing some point, it will be tough for Jordan to get PT. He has looked good this preseason (although his shot selection and defense needs work), but I wont be surprised to see his “inner dog” caged up on the bench, except for blowouts.


October 22nd, 2010
5:11 pm

nire where dp you think they will be wrong or are you implying that?


October 22nd, 2010
6:18 pm

The hawks looked really good last night, probably the best I have ever seen them play. Stay consisted hawks!!!


October 22nd, 2010
6:49 pm


I think the Hawks will finish #4 or maybe #5 in the East. I certainly don’t think they’ll finish #6, which is the average (5.9) seeding they project. I don’t think the Bulls have leapfrogged us in the East pecking order and I absolutely don’t think the Bucks have.

I think the Bucks are this year’s version of last year’s Wizards – everyone is excited because they had an “active” offseason, but in reality all they did was load up on “above average but not great” wings. If Bogut stays healthy for 75+ games, Jennings improves significantly over where he was at the end of last year, the team stays healthy, and everything meshes, I could see them pushing for the #5 seed. But I don’t think that will happen. I think they will remain #6.

As for the Bulls, we are about even with them on paper and have been together longer. That usually means a better record barring injury. I also think Thibodeaux will be a disappointment as a head coach…he is a defensive specialist on a team that isn’t exactly brimming with defensive talent. He’s never had to mold mediocre defenders into good ones before, much less do that and implement an offensive system that utilizes Rose’s talents without making their offense too easy to scheme against (always a challenge when your best player is your PG). I think they’ll run the Hawks close for the #4 seed, but I’d give the Hawks the edge.


October 22nd, 2010
6:50 pm

* best scorer is your PG


October 22nd, 2010
9:01 pm


Plus who knows what to expect from boozer. I predict 3rd in the division for the hawks, and 5th seed, but 4th best record.


October 22nd, 2010
9:03 pm

Ah, fair point about seeding, O’Brien. I’d forgotten about the “no lower than 4th” rule.

In other news, WTF Hawks? I guess they forgot they had a game today.


October 23rd, 2010
12:22 am

one step forward eight steps back. mentioned earlier cats may be a sleeper to the equation of where folks will finish. there are four teams on the east we will struggle againsr and one of them is charlotte.

Big Ray

October 23rd, 2010
2:45 am

Hawks mail it in on a laugher that isn’t funny. I kinda thought this might happen.

Here’s the thing: JJ sorta predicts it, then Drew and Horford aren’t shy about elaborating on this after the game.

Meanwhile Teague and Smith basically say, “it’s just preseason.” I wouldn’t take anything out of this, but nobody is going to want to hear this when the games count. Interesting, Al sounds like a real team captain when he says that it’s about being able to handle success, and the team is not able to do that since he’s been there to see it, and it shows immaturity. Hmmmmm, so right, now what to do about it?

Noticed Josh making noise early in the game against Miami about a call, then calms down pretty much on all the rest of them throughout the game. He takes a long jumper when he’s supposed to be in the post, and Drew gives it to him, and Josh snarls back. Huh. This may be what it is, and Drew says he was fine with it, so maybe it’s nothing much. Yet….dude, you’re a team captain now, and the fact is, if you did something you weren’t supposed to do, then take it like a man and get it right next time.

I hope this doesn’t continue to crop up. We shall see.


October 23rd, 2010
11:21 am


Josh would snarl back at woody too. He has made progress with not whining to the refs, But he still has a ways to go as far as his jump shots and not taking them.


For what its worth, the suns got blown out at home by the nuggets. But yeah, I don’t know what it is about this team. They have been Jekyll and Hyde for years.

Can LD get them over the hump, I wish I knew.


October 23rd, 2010
11:32 am

I still say we find a way to do this every time Josh takes a jumper from outside 15 feet:

Hawks Fan In New Orleans

October 23rd, 2010
11:51 am

That Charlotte fiasco and turnover bonanza kinda put the victory over The Heat in perspective. I hope Teague gets his mentality on point and stops making excuses. He choke in a game where should have showed up. He jump shot is horrendous. That being said, it is a long season and I ope he can develop into that beast we need him to be.
I predict we win 50 games, 4th seed and won’t survive the 2nd round – so I won’t get to up or down this season – just entertainment and hey, our players take games and plays off so why should I be so emotionally attached to players who underachieve?

Hawks Fan In New Orleans

October 23rd, 2010
11:57 am

Co-sign niremetal! LOL

drmaryb (*_*)

October 23rd, 2010
6:25 pm

Pump – Fake!

(High Definition)

Great Article and Insightful thoughts on The Game, the only pre-season game the Hawks came to play. I see our boy T.I. came to see probably his only allowable Hawks game of 2011 as well.

Marvin and Smoove should go to the Hawks library and pull some VHS tapes from the Lenny Wilkens and Grant Long era.

Whatever happened to the fundamental skill of Pump – Fakes.
Lenny preached it to his PF Grant Long and he mastered it on the base lines.
It was a thing of beauty to see Grant pump his defender and drive to the basket for a variety of looks and scores. Yeah, Smitty had his head-shake to the middle and drove it to the base line at will.

The thing about both these maneuvers is:

The defender knew it was coming, but could do nothing to stop it.
How is that? Something so fundamental and minuscule in reality, but it worked like a charm bracelet and was unstoppable. I don’t recall seeing the pet moves in this New Era, and is a lost art.

Hakeem Olajuwan is another post player known for his Dream-Shake.
I say it’s time to get back to some fundamental basics.
What do you think?

drmaryb (*_*)

October 23rd, 2010
6:37 pm

Marvin moreso than Smoove should add a pet move to his shot and drive to get
that second look. He could add 7 pts per game easily from the FT line where is great.

LeBron, DWade, Kobe score in the high 20’s purely from getting to the line.
They know they will be in the spot light at the line where they love to stop the game action and more importantly be SEEN.

Joe could also win a scoring title if he added the FT line to his game as well.
You have to force the refs to make the call by being the aggressor.
It’s just so basic – I don’t understand not doing this, especially in the 4th Quarter when defenses tighten up.

drmaryb (*_*)

October 23rd, 2010
9:59 pm

Eggs, Carrots and Coffee Beans!

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Don’t let LIFE change you – You change LIFE!
This story was paraphrased and was taken from a collection of books titled:
“The Red Hat Society”

drmaryb (*_*)

October 23rd, 2010
10:17 pm

- author – Sue Ellen Cooper

A nice, valuable and inexpensive gift for women and daughters during the Holidays.

drmaryb (*_*)

October 24th, 2010
8:56 am


Shaquille O’Neal-C-Celtics
Oct. 23 – 5:02 pm et

Coach Doc Rivers said that Shaquille O’Neal is in the first unit right now ahead of Jermaine O’Neal.

Jermaine is behind because of all practices nagging injuries have caused him to miss. It won’t be long before Shaq is dealing with nicks and aches of his own. Both these guys are going to give owners more headaches than they are worth while locked in a timeshare.

Source: ⁠Jessica Camerato on Twitter

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Big Ray

October 24th, 2010
9:57 am

Drmaryb ,

No doubt. They’ll take turns being on the injured reserve all season long…

Big Ray

October 24th, 2010
10:02 am

AJ ,

Not at all surprised by the ESPN Insider predictions. I realize that the Bucks and Bulls are the sexy picks to leapfrog us, due in large part to their offseason moves and our “summer of sameness.” Hard to argue against it with conviction, all I can say is that those teams have to PROVE they are better. On paper is on paper, but both teams addressed weaknesses via free agency. Did we? Or is our only true weakness on the sidelines? Hence the predictions….and our preseason performances give little evidence to the contrary, showing a team that still can beat anybody, but will be beaten by anybody the very next day. We shall see.

Reactions by the players in regard to that last preaseason game was not encouraging. Yet, I look forward to the beginning of the regular season with no dread whatsoever. Another season, another journey, we’ll see how far it goes.


October 24th, 2010
6:34 pm

That cheap SOB Paul Allen is at it again. This time he traded away a serviceable young PG for nothing:


October 24th, 2010
6:45 pm

Oh, and in case you missed it, the reason the Blazers are trading him? They are over the tax line right now and are trying to get under. Last year, of course, the Blazers had the NBA’s lowest payroll. This year, the extensions for Aldridge and Roy kicked in, which brought them over the line. Assuming they cut their remaining training camp invitees, the Bayless trade leaves the Blazers close enough to the tax line that a dump-off of Rudy Fernandez (who wants out anyway) would bring them under.

In case you are slow on the uptake, my labeling of Allen as “cheap” was snark. He is no more cheap than the Jazz and Wizards owners were last year when they dumped off promising young players (Brewer, Maynor, McGuire) and established All-Stars (Jamison) for basically nothing in a desperate bid to get under the tax line. The NBA is a business, and their spending habits all make perfect sense in context.


October 24th, 2010
11:23 pm

Big Ray, I found this write about one of your favorite centers on hoopsworld site…

“Preseason Most Improved Player
Roy Hibbert (17ppg, 8.7rpg, 3.1apg, 2.3bpg) – This could finally be the year that Hibbert breaks out. It was, at least, the preseason when Hibbert breaks out, leading the Pacers in scoring and proving to be one of the better rebounders and shot-blockers in the league. He looks awkward out on the floor, but the numbers don’t lie. Hibbert is close to becoming an elite Eastern Conference center, at least if the preseason is any indication.
Runner Up: Aaron Afflalo (20.4ppg. 4.2rpg, 2.9apg) – Who saw this coming? Afflalo finished the preseason as one of only six players to average 20+ points per night, and the other five guys are regulars in the discussion for the NBA’s elite. Afflalo isn’t that by any means, but he definitely is a candidate for MIP with numbers like he’s put up so far.

Read more NBA news and insight: http://www.hoopsworld.com/Story.asp?story_id=17702#ixzz13Ky6oJVa

Big Ray

October 25th, 2010
1:53 am

Niremetal ,

Not to exacerbate things, but I read that article twice.

I’d say roughly 98% of the article talks about Bayless not fitting in, not becoming the pg the team needs, etc. They mentioned the luxury tax line, but it was hardly the reason they let Bayless go. It was just added incentive, and I’m sure that your point was that they’d like to get under the luxury tax line, but letting Bayless go was all about fitting the team together and making sure their money was well spent, as well as managing and prioritizing player development.

Yeah, you’re right. Almost missed that part about the luxury tax. Because it was hardly what the article was about. Portland traded him away for a conditional first round pick. Not too shabby of a take-back when the objective was trimming weight and salary. Why pay for a first round pick who will make nice cash, when keeping him doesn’t make sense?

If anything, this article spoke more to me about proper management of funds and personnel, not about “being cheap, or not being cheap.” That’s always been the point for me. Spend your money (and your draft picks) well, or you’ll have to spend more to make up for it. Then, if you have more than you need, and find yourself paying overages for stuff that isn’t working for you the way you want it to, sell it off.

The only thing I see getting sold off around here is draft picks.

You mentioned the Jazz, and I’d say that over the years they also have managed their funds pretty well. Maybe not the best, but they’ve done well on several fronts, even in a fairly small market.

The Wizards? Much like the Knicks, these guys are known far more for mismanaging funds around the luxury tax level, and draft picks, too. Yeah, they OUGHT to be trying to shave payroll down. And they’re desperate. Because, they gave up way too much money trying to get better, paying Gilbert “Fool” Arenas (whom they would love to trade, but can’t), and trying to make something, anything work….

I’ll give them this: At least when they stood there with the highest draft pick they’ve had in some time….they went for the player and position they actually needed (PG), instead of blindly getting sucked into the hype of yet another “oh my gosh, he has huge potential” wing player…. yep, my version of snark….

Melvin ,

Ok, ok. I give up. Hibbert is going to have a breakout year. Too bad I’m not a Pacer fan, huh? ;)