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Hawks Fans: Jamal Crawford – Pay him or trade him?

Paging Rick Sund. Paging Rick Sund. I hope you’ve enjoyed your vacation, because it might be getting cut just a bit short, what with Jamal Crawford making some noise.

Then again, Sund is not known for being a quick mover in this business. Here’s a question for you right out of the gate, though. Will Sund move with near the swiftness in either paying or dealing Jamal, as he did in acquiring him? Of course, such a question comes with some caveats. One is that we don’t know whether that trade (in which the Hawks sent guards Acie Law and Speedy Claxton to Golden State for Jamal Crawford) just fell into Sund’s lap, or if it was something both the Warriors and the Hawks were planning for some time, or what. Does it really matter? As it stands, Sund is not known for hurrying to make any move (see Josh Smith, Josh Childress, etc), outside of the quick and attractive offer made to Joe Johnson shortly after the free agency period began. Where does Jamal and his demands stand?

So Jamal …

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Growing From Within

Seriously Idle Speculation

If you’re a Hawks fan, do you even care anymore about the team signing another player? All the noise and fanfare is pretty much done for Atlanta’s offseason it seems, even though most sources who care to mention it insist that another big man will be signed to meet the roster minimum. Most us probably met today’s announced Kwame Brown Bobcats signing with a huge yawn, and went right back to what we were doing.

Except for the idle speculation that comes from it. As some of you have already noted, if the Bobcats signed Brown….might they be parting ways with veteran center Erik Dampier? And if so, might the Hawks make a run at him? Ok, let me rephrase that. Might the Hawks make a serious run at Dampier? Of course, one of the first questions that has to be asked is whether or not Dampier is willing to play for the veteran minimum, and if he’s okay with doing that in Atlanta. Well, Hawks fans, what of it?


Changing the Culture

I’ll bet you’re about …

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Hawks Fans: This week in the news…

Alright fellow Hawks fans, sorry for not checking in for a little while. Lots of around the house stuff (and work stuff) going on, as I’m sure many of you can relate to. Nice to see the diehard guys still chopping it up (and each other) around here. Late summer slumming stinks, and you can really tell when some of the latest topics include suspicious asthma diagnosis and steroid treatment thereof. Not to mention, it can be tough hanging on when our Atlanta Falcons are getting heated up. Speaking of which, if you really dig Falcons football, the AJC’s D. Orlando Ledbetter keeps you up to date on those “other birds.” Meanwhile the super slammin’, most happenin’ Falcons fan blog ever is hosted by the awesome Dawson Devitt (also known as D3). Trust me, this guy keeps it going 24/7.

Anyhow, back to basketball…


The two Crawfords

Two different guys with two different situations, but both could be key points of interest by the all-star break.

Jamal Crawford wants to stick around …

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The mind of Al Horford

Can anyone truly claim to know what Hawks center Al Horford is thinking? Maybe those closest to him, but then again, maybe even they do not know how he views himself on the basketball court. Of course, that isn’t going to stop us from assuming, presuming, speculating, and generally pontificating about it.


Does Al think he’s a PF or a Center?

The debate that’s been going on nearly since he came into the NBA has been whether or not Al Horford is a power forward or a center.  Many experts and pundits call him an undersized center, but that’s not the same as calling him a power forward. In fact, while many claim Horfod is not playing where he’s supposed to be, they also laud him for doing the job as well as he has. There are so many examples of this, perhaps none any more apparent (and interesting) than Dime Magazine, who  names him to their top ten  in a list that is comprised of who they think was a top 10 center in 2010. Here’s the kicker – the list is not a list of …

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Hawks Fans: Safety in numbers and changing landscapes

I have to say I’m pretty impressed with you, my fellow Hawks fans.

Despite the fact that things are in slow motion this time of year, y’all have really kept up the discussion (intelligently, I might add) at a pretty high rate, even when it may or may not seem like there is a lot to talk about. Or maybe it’s not that there isn’t a lack of subject matter, as much as there is so many things that have been re-hashed over and over. Yet things have not gone stale, and that is thanks to you. So, let’s keep it going…


Bench Mob

I think that the idea of watching this team under Larry Drew really has sparked a great deal of discussion, despite the various supposed or assumed circumstances surrounding his hire. One issue in particular that many are probably anticipating is how he will use his bench. After years of watching a Hawks rotation that was comprised primarily of seven and sometimes guys (I’d say Mo Evans’ status as a rotation player was in a constant state of flux), should we …

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