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Hawks fans: Summer speculation

Is summer really here yet? The thermostat in my house says “yes!” My truck parked outside of the garage (I don’t park in there, The Queen does, and if you’re married, you KNOW who The Queen is) with the windows up agrees, especially if I happen to be getting into it in the middle of the day. The NBA Playoffs? They say “no”, summer doesn’t begin until they end. So we can’t call this the summer doldrums. Shall we call it the late spring, my-team-lost-sooner-than-I’d-hoped-but-still-somewhat-expected doldrums? Of course, I see that some of us are in full mid-summer form, raising their canniblogging (copyrighted term, circa MannyT) capabilities to new levels. You know who you are!


Search Still On

No word from master poker player Rick Sund on a new coach. I guess when it was reported that he would be taking his time, that’s precisely what was meant. Or am I being impatient? Does it really matter how quickly Sund picks a new guy to man the rudder? Or is taking longer and “doing …

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Hawks fans: Do we really want Avery?

What is Rick Sund up to, I wonder?

Is there really a chance that Avery Johnson becomes the next head coach of the Atlanta Hawks?

Why does this not make me feel better?

It seemed early on that the announcing of Avery Johnson’s interview for the job with the Hawks was little more than “due dilligence” on the part of the Hawks front office. Some have even suggested that it was less than that, more likely a ploy to appease us fans. I can see doing that with a player, somebody that we fans actually pay to go see. But doing that with a coach? Do we really care that much about the coach?

As it is, one of the bigger and busier brand names comes up in conversation again, and now we have to wonder just how real the possibility is. But maybe that’s not the more important question. Perhaps what we need to be asking is do we as fans really want him here? In the beginning, I thought he could be a good, solid choice. Now I’m not so sure. Reportedly, the New Orleans Hornets have turned away …

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Hawking the point at draft time

The draft lottery is likely to be one of the last things on the minds of the average Atlanta Hawks fan these days. Then again, there is not a whole lot else going on besides speculating about various coaching candidates. The Hawks will have an even lower pick (#24 overall, I think) than they did last year, wherein they selected former Wake Forest guard Jeff Teague at #19. Yet, might the draft lottery affect the hawks in some other way?

Coming to the Point

What do we as Hawks fans want to see addressed first in regard to the roster? Some call for the rugged big man who can spell Al Horford at center for at least twenty minutes per game. Others look for an upgrade in scoring from the small forward position. Many are calling for some stability at the point guard position, and I’m inclined to lean more in that direction than any other, at this point. Why? Well, we don’t know what will happen with Joe Johnson, but whether he stays or goes, we need a guy to run the team who can let …

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Summer of Sund begins

I’d be amazed if you haven’t heard the news yet. Whichever direction the Atlanta Hawks go in now, Mike Woodson will not be a part of it. According to’s Sekou Smith (first to report it, that I know of), Woodson was told by management that he will not be offered a new contract.

You can join the conversation with Jeff Schultz, sports blogger  and AJC columnist, who’s  weighed in with more detailed reporting and opinion on the move.

So Long, So Short

No one can deny that the Hawks improved from year to year under Mike Woodson, and that is often the first thing out of the mouth of anybody who is not looking to cast him in a negative light. It can be and has been argued that his part in such improvement (going from 13 wins in his first year to 53 in this, his last) was not all, or even mostly why the team improved. One would also have to account for the moves made by former GM Billy Knight, and those of current GM Rick Sund. But that argument may be somewhat stale in …

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Forget fishing, Hawks have business to conduct

The somewhat ominous lack of sound you aren’t hearing is not the silence before the storm. We’ve already seen the storm. That silence is the collective held breath of the Atlanta Hawks fan base as we all wait to see what general manager Rick Sund says and does.

Head Coach Carousel

You knew this topic was coming, and it’s already hit the general sports columns. I began mentioning Larry Drew as a possible replacement a couple of years ago, before moderating the fan blog. I kept him in mind and mentioned him a day or two ago. Why? Former Hawks beat writer and blogging legend Sekou Smith made mention of him on occasion, and still does (on an radio podcast). I personally don’t know what Drew’s coaching style is like, but I find it very interesting that someone who was close to the team felt that differently (and that positively) about him. That alone makes him worth a look, to me. In the meantime, we know the Hawks have trouble grabbing big names of any kind, to do …

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No joy in Hawksville

You know, the Orlando Magic and the Atlanta Individuals have something in common. Both don’t get the respect they are seeking.

Oh sure, the reasons are different for each team. The Individuals don’t get the respect they want because they simply have not finished earning it. The Magic don’t get respect because they have yet to be challenged in this year’s postseason. Same problem, different reasons, but both teams should come out of this hungrier than ever. Oddly enough, that’s another thing these two teams have in common. Nobody knows yet if either team is hungry enough to accomplish their mission. Can Orlando show that last year’s Finals appearance was no fluke, and that they are the best team in the East? Can Atlanta show that they are more than just a team that can limp through the first round of the playoffs? Orlando’s quest is an ever-brightening adventure, like a summer blockbuster movie. Atlanta’s quest? Should be featured on the hit TV series “Lost.”


The Dreaded …

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Letting it all hang out

If there was something the Atlanta Hawks could do wrong in any way, they did it in game 1.

That leaves little to discuss amongst us fans. Everybody is complaining, even many of us who are normally more patient. And why not? Is there anything acceptable or understandable about a 43-point loss to a team that is not necessarily vastly superior to the Hawks? I would say “no”, but then again, that does depend on whether or not you think the Magic are that much better than the Hawks. Better? Yes. Better by 43 points? Absolutely not. Longtime Hawks blogger and devoted fan Astro Joe suggested that the Hawks were tired, and we all know the effect fatigue can have on players. But these guys are pros, aren’t they? They have yet to play back-to-backs in this series, something that doesn’t happen in the playoffs anyway (correct me if I’m wrong). But what about mental fatigue. Oddly enough, TNT analyst Charles Barkley disagreed with the fatigue factor, suggesting that players are more

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Hawks weather storm, enter tempest


There is nothing like a blowout win to seal the deal. With “win or go home” staring them in the face, the Atlanta Hawks ended a rough first round series with a tough-minded Milwaukee Bucks team in fairly fine fashion at Philips Arena, setting a date with the Orlando Magic in the process.

Rather than spend time telling you what you already know, I’ll highlight what stood out to me most. Mike Bibby did what this team needed him to do most by hitting shots and putting forth effort on defense, and on the glass. Al Horford led the way with his play on both ends, dominating the way he should against a team lacking great interior size. Jamal Crawford justified his Sixth Man of the Year award, played like a veteran, and gained some playoff confidence. Marvin and Zaza played their roles instead of getting lost in the mix. There was more that happened, and much of it will be needed in the next series. For in the amount of time the Hawks took to learn the …

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