Odds evened, Hawks return home

Odds were, the Hawks would win this series with somewhat relative ease. Everybody had the odds against the Bucks, and now each odd has been evened, starting with the series itself, now tied at 2 games apiece. Before we go about searching for answers (or offering them, let’s examine what has suddenly gone wrong in the last two games, and where the Bucks have managed to turn a few tables.

- The switch defense can give opponents fits, and teams without good perimeter capability or constant penetration threats can suffer the most when the Hawks are executing the concept to near perfection. However, the Milwauke Bucks torched the defense for better than 50% shooting in two straight games. Nevermind the fact that they are either the worst or second-worst shooting team in the League from the regular season. What gives?

- The Hawks tend to know how to win the “grind it out” games. They can play well enough on both sides of the court to make it happen. However, grinding it out requires that you string together some defensive stretches, including some big plays. Instead of doing that, Atlanta watched as Milwaukee made big play after big play, alternating between wide open jumpers, or layups.

- Odds were that the Bucks couldn’t handle Al Horford and Josh Smith down low. That held true in the first two games, then fell flat in game 3. In game 4, Josh had enough second half/late game moxie to make his stats look better, but Al Horford had nothing. How can you explain that? Did somebod slip Kurt Thomas a six-pack of RedBull or something? Did somebody steal Big Al’s mojo while he was in cryo sleep?

- Nevermind everything I said about rookie point guards versus veteran point guards in the playoffs. Apparently I am full of it. Either that, or I simply forgot that a mix of good coaching, a capacity to learn, and outright talent can overcome inexperience. After Jennings put on a one-man show (that did not bring his team a win) in game 1, and then bombing out completely in game 2, Jennings has come back to doing what a point guard should do, even if he is no assist magician. He got his teammates involved, and initiated the ball movement without dominating the ball. His teammates kept passing the ball, and Jennings stuck with what works: using his quickness to score at the rim, taking care of the ball, and passing to teammates when his driving lanes were cut off. Jennings shot better than 50%, and had only one turnover in game 4. That isn’t where it started, though. No, Jennings turned the corner in game 3, when he managed 26 turnover free minutes, didn’t try to dominate the ball, and played within the flow of the game. I knew the kid was talented. But he changed his game. All I can figure is that he listened to what Skiles had to say (which was apparently very good instruction) and then went out and did it. What a concept….on both fronts.

So what did YOU see the Bucks doing to even the odds? What can the Hawks do to regain superior form?


Explanations, please?

Does anybody have one for this?

Perhaps we should wait for the Atlanta Hawks to return home for an answer. Maybe they are just that bad on the road, though a regular season record would indicate that they have improved there, to a degree. Of course, so many things seen in the regular season are moot in the playoffs. Can we, as fans, diagnose what the trouble is here?

Energy vs Execution 

You might need a calculator to count the number of times we’ve heard (or said) that the Hawks have to play with more energy. Mike Woodson has said it a number of times. It certainly applied in game 3, but what about game 4? The Hawks didn’t lack energy, though you could see some tired legs from Joe, who got 46 minutes this time around. Even the switching on defense wasn’t lacking in effort.

Execution was a whole different matter. Atlanta messed up on the defensive side of the ball so much, it was hard to tell whether they were simply blowing assignments, or the Bucks were taking advantage. Scratch that last part. Clearly the Bucks were taking advantage, hitting on open shot after another. Is it just execution, or has Scott Skiles figured out how to beat the “system?” Perhaps a mixture of both, and somebody needs to figure it out very quickly. If it’s Skiles’ ability to change up strategy (which he apparently has), then Woodson and his staff have to figure out a counter strategy. If it’s execution, then it’s on the players, and Woodson’s only recourse is to play whomever is getting the job done. We know this much, though: if the Bucks can bring what they had in Milwaukee to Atlanta, it’s going to be trouble.

The Mob 

As much noise as you’ve heard from the fans in places like Detroit and Boston, I don’t know if they could have possibly topped what we saw in Milwaukee. It made me want to turn my tv down, even though I knew they couldn’t really affect the volume of the feed. Milwaukee was rockin’, no doubts about it. We’re talking a crowd being that loud and supportive from the opening tip. A crowd that had seen their team go down 2 games to none, losing by double digits both times.

Can Atlanta Hawks fans match that level of intensity and support? Now I’ve never been much into comparing one set of fans to another, but our team is the favored team. They just lost two games on the road, but won the first two at home. For those of us who can make it to the game, are you going to let “Milwaukee’s Best” turn you out? Or are you going to make as much, if not more noise than they did? The Bucks obviously fed on the energy of their crowd. I don’t know how they possibly couldn’t. The Hawks could use some of that momentum. For those who can, make it happen. The Hawks need it!

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April 27th, 2010
12:26 am

man, damn .. this is reminding me of the ‘96 WS with the Bravoes dropping mega-ton bombs on the Yankees … only to see it go up in smoke….and in Gm. 3, someone reported a l’il nugget that a Yankee ballboy told the Bronx Bombers that the Braves were trash-talking the Yanks in the dugout during the 1st two blowouts. Next thing we know, we are getting waxed and become the Buffalo Bills of MLB.


April 27th, 2010
12:29 am

sorry for the language. It also feels like when the Falcons were laying wood to the ‘boys in the 1980-81 playoffs only to lose on a Cowboys comeback in the 4Q. Now that time, as a elementary kid, my hate for the boys and luv for the Falcons unfortunately illicited a similar verbal response as above, resulting in timeout/near leather-meets-heinie experience.

Woodie and Smoove … if ever was a time to show and prove to the hometown folks, now is it. JJ has been ballin’ and Jamal looked like he woke up.


April 27th, 2010
12:30 am

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! :(

Big Ray

April 27th, 2010
2:48 am

Marcus ,

I’m feelin’ your pain, bruh…


April 27th, 2010
6:08 am

Methinks it benefits the Hawks to lose these two games. Local media had printed “sweep” forecasts. Some analysts had suggested a chance of them in the finals. Had they swept Milwaukee, they’d be waiting for the Orlando series with even bigger heads. Now, they have to return to work.
Downside is the more games they play, the bigger chance of getting someone hurt. Still, losing in Milwaukee reduces some of the complacency they had developed.

Big picture, we find out if Woodson has the chops to lead these guys through the adversity. Lose this series and I suspect both he and JJ move on.

And that may be a good thing.


April 27th, 2010
6:14 am

no, hawks fan wont come close to matching that intensity


April 27th, 2010
6:48 am

no ray didnt you notice we got better on the road this time… we kept it to a single digit loss.

i woke up sadly wondering the same thing ray how did the bucks become a 50% shooting team? did we even try a zone defense to force them to shoot it, dare them to make it rather than get open looks or have free lanes to the bucket?

how many times did we hear it from nique about how jennings was making rookie mistakes? only for him to put on a display of what a quick guard can do to help his team get easy buckets of make space for himself to get open looks. was teague given a fair chance this year as he suffered the quick hook showing similar skills? didnt they finish about 7 games back of us with a rookie and significant injuries but get better during the year and still finish fifth?

btw, it wasnt a lack of energy ray but game plan, in game decisions both on the court and off and a lack of execution.

in the mean time this team is done while we play if we get out of this orlando sits and waits. i see an excuse waiting for us if we happen to get into the second round.

a lot of questions. answers coming one way or another.

The Real Hawk

April 27th, 2010
6:57 am

1-10 in road playoff games in last there years.
That’s from bad coaching.


April 27th, 2010
7:09 am

I didn’t get to watch these past two games.

Saturday I had my internet service down and yesterday it was still only at half speed, which, in my case, is still atrocious and makes it impossible to watch feeds.

However, I am happy that I saved my self from the aggravation.

All in all I think we lost yesterday’s game simply because we lost game 3.

We had the Bucks primed for a sweep and did not bring our A game to Milwaukee on game 3.

With the win, the Bucks now believe in themselves and have confidence, a well founded confidence.

That type of confidence is typically half way to being comfortable with your shot and your game. Hence, their good production from outside.

What happened to Horford? Who is the impostor wearing #15?


April 27th, 2010
7:10 am

Also, you have to hand it to the Bucks’ fans…

They even sent a kamikaze woman against our bus!! That’s what I call dedication!!


April 27th, 2010
7:34 am

Woody and the Hawks still need to do a better job on defense. Thats 2 straight games where the Bucks have taken advantage of the switching defense, and it does not look like we made any adjustments.

Why didn’t we try a zone defense? Why didn’t we try man to man? The switching has not worked for 2 games, but what do we do? Continue to switch. I’m starting to wonder if Woody and the players even know how to play any other defense besides the switching…

The Bucks were one of the worst shooting teams in the league, but yet they shot over 50% both games. And when we did get a stop, we couldn’t get a score.

Woody and the players continue to say “we have to figure it out” or “we have to play with more energy”. But its more than that. I also think the Hawks are soft. Too many easy buckets. The best foul of the night was when the Bucks had a 3 on 1 advantage, and JJ made sure they didnt get the layup.

Those are the kind of fouls we need our guys to commit. All year, we’ve been giving up points in the paint, so its no surprise to see it continue in the playoffs. More than anything, we have to tighten on D though.

To me, the players take most of the blame (again) for this loss. But it would be nice if our HC could come up with a plan to help the players get out of whatever funk they’re in.


April 27th, 2010
8:30 am

By the way, I think we can all bid JJ a nice farewell during the coming 2/7 games.


April 27th, 2010
9:04 am

The HAWKS played with more intensity last night, but not better execution. Woody, didn’t stick to his rotation plan that had been working all year. Woody left Evans in for a good stretch in the 4th, but that was the only positive move I saw from him. As a team, we need to learn from the Bucks. Coaches down to the players need to respect how the Bucks play with desperation. We missed shots in a key sequence in the 4th which could have tied the game. That was the one stretch where I saw us play with the right kind of attitude, but we didn’t play with the right kind of focus.

We need to show some more desperation or just be a lot strict with our execution. The ball needs to get in Josh’s hands at the middle post elbow every possession. The Bucks are either zoning or doubling Josh everytime he gets the ball. We keep running plays that don’t take advantage of that. The Bucks are looking to get a guard matched up with a center or forward on every possession. We keep seeing that matchup because the Bucks are desparate to do it on every possession. We have to be as deliberate and desparate on every one of our possessions.

If we can beat the Bucks, we’ll need to be ready to execute the same way against Orlando


Astro Joe

April 27th, 2010
9:30 am

Many moons ago, the Bucks had to decide between Gadzuric and Zaza.. which guy would they leave off their protected list to potentially be drafted by the expansion Bobcats. I’m guessing they are pleased with their decision.

I wish we had ONE guy who would foul hard. Just one.

Kurt Thomas is looking like f’ing Charles Oakley and our guys are looking like f’ing Charles Smith. (Yes, I sepnt too much time in the NYC area previously).

Yeah, zone would have been a nice twist. Playing with as much emotion in the game as you show to refs would be a nice twist. Resisting the urge to shoot 3s and driving to the rim would be a nice twist. Not commiting offensive fouls when setting screens would be a great twist. Not gambling for a spectacular steal and playing man-up would be a nice twist. Recognizing the adjustments from the other bench and making your own adjustments would be aj nice twist. Converting first half free throws may actually add to the end of game point total… that’s a nice twist. Not commiting more fouls than FGs would be a nice twist (or did Marvin do better than that, I haven’t looked at the box score).



April 27th, 2010
9:57 am


Don’t hide behind such complicated twists:

When teams reach the point where they get and figure out our switching D, we are sitting ducks.

Our only hope in those cases is that their outside shots don’t go in and that they lose momentum that way.

There are a few teams which figured out our switching D pretty well and have the personnel to take advantage of it.

Those teams consistently won games against us and it seems that the Bucks have now got into that group.

If the Bucks’ outside shots continue to fall in ATL we will lose these series. Pure and simple.


April 27th, 2010
10:15 am


I dont know whats wrong with our Hawks. When they play at home, they seem unbeatable at times (winners of 15 in a row). Is it the energy from the crowd that gets them going?

If so, thats disappointing, because if we can’t win on the road consistently (especially against inferior opponents), it will be hard to take the next step.

Woody and the Hawks need to figure out a backup plan for when the players are not executing the switching correctly. Because right now, our plan B is to play with more energy, and execute plan A better.


April 27th, 2010
10:35 am

Regardless, I see this upcoming draft, JJ coming back or not …
we need either
a quick guard who is strong defensively. If any of the Michigan State guards are coming out, that would be ideal … Izzo ain’t no joke and preaches defense.


a thick-bodied bruiser (in teh words of John Chaney, a “goon off the bench”) to lay some playoff fouls on kids….

BTW …. wasn’t Jason Collins brought here as a FA to layt those kinda fouls, evoking memories of the DET Bad Boys/ Birds Celtics (recalling Kurt Rambis close-hanging in Finals back in late 80s)?!?!?

If he has one bad wheel but 2 good arms and 6 fouls to give ……… WTH. Make him earn his money.


April 27th, 2010
10:36 am

Why don’t the Hawks play zone and man up on the outside forcing them to throw the ball inside (of which they have no inside game)? We can not guard them one on one, Bibby is to slow, Jamal is horrible, Marvin has no heart, and Josh, nor Al are good one on one defenders. Sad state we’re in.


April 27th, 2010
10:50 am

What really terrifies me is the prospect of what our defense will look like next year if JJ leaves. Keep in mind that JJ is STILL the one we turn to when we need to slow down a quick opposing PG in a close game.

So I agree with Marcus’s Plan A for the draft in principle: We need a quick guard who is strong defensively. The problem is that it’s very hard to tell how effective a guard will be defensively in the NBA. Sometimes a guard who is defensively solid in college turns out to be irretrievably foul-prone (remember Troy Bell?) or a step slow when matching up with NBA guards.

Hawk n the Ham

April 27th, 2010
10:51 am

I was preaching it last night. Throw some ZONE in there!

The Bucks were getting easy lay-ups. The Bucks were penetrating & dishing, and rotating from the dish.

Jennings was using the switching defense to match up with Horford and Zaza all night. Which led to him running right by them in the paint and creating an offense.

How do you keep people out of the paint you ask? Zone! Do not let them anywhere near that rim Wednesday!

Hawk n the Ham

April 27th, 2010
10:59 am

The sad part of it all is this. You should impose your will against your opponent. Forcing your opponent to make adjustments for what you are doing succesfully. Now, the Bucks are imposing their will on the Hawks, forcing the Hawks to scramble around.

This was suppose to be a series of Hawks dominating. Plain & simple. Skiles made the right adjustments and now the Hawks are exposed on all their weaknesses. Is Woody going to actually deploy a strategy to put the Hawks as the alpha-male in this series? Or is he going to just hope that ‘home court’ Wednesday will be the only adjustment need made? If that’s the case, I am going to finally jump on the “Fire Woody” bandwagon that so many of you are on.

This is getting sad. :(


April 27th, 2010
11:00 am

Woody: Zone D? What’s that?

NC Braves Fan

April 27th, 2010
11:01 am

Well if the Hawks don’t change it up defensively, it won’t matter much even if they do manage to close out MIL. ORL is looking at the tape and will have a solid game plan in place to beat the switch come round two.

Only with a hell of a lot more talent and depth.

Hawk n the Ham

April 27th, 2010
11:06 am

NC Braves Fan

Orlando wrote the book on “How to play the Hawks”.

Coach Skiles caught up on his reading from the flight out of Atlanta after game 2.

Astro Joe

April 27th, 2010
11:19 am

nire, but surely, you can draft a defensive-minded guard and take your chances. Like darren Collison or Tony Douglas. Both of those guys were outstanding defenders in college… it seems that should be a starting point. Their skills may not translate to the NBA but it seems like a better place to start than drafting someone who could or would not defend at the lower level.

Vava, I presented an “everyone is to blame” post and you seem to disagree… surprise, surprise. We’re all shocked that you place the blame for T-E-A-M failure at one person’s feet. Shocking.

Bangkapi Ajarn

April 27th, 2010
11:48 am

Just saw where Woody may get an offer to Coach in Philly, for more than the Hawks are willing to pay.

IF that happens, who would be a good successor?


April 27th, 2010
11:57 am


My point was more that I think it’s safer to sign a vet than draft a rook for that particular purpose. Offensive talent is a bit easier to scout than defensive talent.

Mz. Wants Some Payback Hawkdafied

April 27th, 2010
12:01 pm

I agree with you Big Ray, the team needs us to show up for them. I know they disappointed us on the road. If your time and budget permits show up in your white t shirt/jersey. We can’t let the Bucks fans put us to shame. Order needs to be restored, our team is the top dog or should I say animal (Hawks/Bucks, okay never mind). It’s time they and we act accordingly.

Game 5 is an opportunity to stop all that “Fear the Deer” bs. Let’s get rowdy on Wednesday.


April 27th, 2010
12:32 pm


You mean to sign a vet like Jarrett Jack who was available this past offseason? Either way, I really dont have much confidence in management that they will sign the right person, but I hope I’m wrong.

Saw this in the milwaukee paper (www.jsonline.com);

“The Milwaukee Bucks are so far ahead of the Hawks in terms of effort, smarts, heart, coaching and anything else you’d care to mention outside raw talent that who knows where this first-round playoff series would stand had Andrew Bogut been available”.

I couldn’t agree more…


April 27th, 2010
12:35 pm


I’d say the signings of Mo, Flip, and Crawford all turned out pretty well, no? The Hawks weren’t going to sign Jarret Jack after drafting Teague and re-signing Bibby. And they weren’t going to get rid of Bibby – however much you and others ostracize him, he was the only thing that gave our offense any semblance of flow last year.

Mike is Back

April 27th, 2010
12:38 pm

Big Ray, it is simple…we gotta take away Jennings and Salmons and make someone else beat us. This is part of my post from MC’s blog.

Jennings is the cast alas that open up everything for the Bucks. We gotta take away Jennings and Salmons…make somebody else beat us jez…Its times to make Skiles sweat some…take his main two scores away. There is no danger in playing Teague on Jenning…he is eating us alive ANYWAY. lol

The Hawks will have the same problem with JNelson…might as well get THE ROOK ready…you are still going to need him…if you are serious about advancing to the next round and playing Orlando.

No more excuses for Al…He is definitely struggling. Al will get it figured out…I expect him to bounce back.

[...] Odds evened, Hawks return home | Atlanta Hawks: Fan Nest Orignal source: nba.fanhouse.com [...]


April 27th, 2010
1:12 pm


I like the trade for Bibby, and the trade for Crawford. Those trades worked out great.

As for signings, Flip worked out well, but Mo signed with us because we offered him an extra year. And as much as I like Mo’s effort, he is not big enough to be a backup SF, and he is a natural SG. So we still need a legit backup SF.

The Marvin re-signing has not worked out well (so far), ZaZa has regressed (although it could be his PT decreasing), and Bibby has been very inconsistent this year, and Joe Smith has not been much of a factor.

Regardless, this will be a huge offseason for Sund and the Hawks. Because we need to resign JJ, we need a backup PF, we could use a backup SF (Chills?), we could use a defensive minded PG too, and of course there is Woody’s contract, along with 2 draft picks, and bench fillers (no more Collins, RandMo, and Mario).

It will be interesting to see how it plays out.


April 27th, 2010
1:32 pm


I’m honestly amazed by fans that expect their teams to bat better than .750 on free agency and trades. Trust me – no team is that good. It’s just that familiarity breeds contempt.


April 27th, 2010
1:45 pm

woohoo Bucks. what an awesome game.
i was at the game and the fans were great.
almost as good as the 2000/01 season with the big three (ray, big dog, cassell)
whats up with Josh Smith ?
he was whining and complaining the whole game
i guess when ur getting outplayed by Dan Gadzurich and Ersan Illyasova, that is embarrassing
obviously im a Bucks fan
whats up with the coach, woody? he sucks
he hasnt called any new plays
he dosent know when to call a timeout
he hasnt changed the defense

when the Bucks win game 5 in ATL
they will win the series in game 6 in Milaukee


Astro Joe

April 27th, 2010
1:55 pm

nire, I agree that a vet typically more certain. But given cap restrictions, we’re likely looking at someone who is far from a sure thing, either because they have been inconsistent throughout their career or they are at the end of their career. Funny thing is that I was one of the few who actually applauded the Speedy signing way back when because I value an enthusiastic defender at the PG position. But of course, that particular player didn’t quite work out too well. And to your point a few weeks ago, I think mostly we need someone to funnel opposing PGs to the interior defense. What Skiles has done so effectively is moved Smith and Horford away from the rim, allowing Jennings free access to the goal. In several sets, the Hawks haven’t had anyone to protect the rim. That’s why I also thought running a zone may be helpful… that and I would be willing to challenge their long distance shooters to beat us.

Not the most wonderful report coming out of Yahoo Sports on the financial state of the franchise.


April 27th, 2010
2:02 pm

Dang, has the Hawks really drop this far. We have Bucks fans posting on our blog… “Fear the freaking Deer”. WTF????

Be cautious, we had Heat fans on here last year talking trash only to see their team get crush by the Hawks in the end…


April 27th, 2010
2:35 pm

if the hawks cant keep joe johnson, that franchise will take a huge step back
the hawks will then be battling for the bottom 3 seeds in the east
and the $ is so tight (for most teams) that the hawks cant sign jj and another top free agent
just when u thought the Hawks were going to be top 4 in the east for years, its back down to battling for a playoff spot


April 27th, 2010
2:42 pm


wer just happy to be in the playoffs. wev had some bad years
but if we can take the series, without bogut, thats real sorry for the hawks
and then, management should break up the team
dont re-sign JJ, trade j-smith, and anything else valuable for youngs and draft picks
try and get the team ready in 4 years

this series was suppose to be a sweep, or won 4-1
and now, its a 6 game series, at least
if the Bucks can steal game 5, i think its over in milwaukee game 6


April 27th, 2010
2:49 pm


True, a .750 average is very unlikely (unless you’re the Spurs or Jazz maybe). However, do you think a .500 average is possible this offseason given the amount of decisions to be made?


I havent looked at the list of FA PGs that are available this offseason. One thing the Hawks have going for them is they can try to sell the fact that they are a top 4 team in the East, and with Bibby declining, and Teague still young, that PG could earn plenty of playing time.

The interesting to me, about the yahoo sports article, is that Larry Brown is involved. And when he is involved, there is usually some truth to it. Especially when it comes to changing jobs. It does sound legit that he would be interested in Woody though, because he mentored Woody, and the Hawks have improved every year under Woody.

I dont put too much stock in the part about the ASG selling their draft pick though.


April 27th, 2010
3:11 pm


The interesting to me, about the yahoo sports article, is that Larry Brown is involved. And when he is involved, there is usually some truth to it.



April 27th, 2010
3:14 pm

with larry brown involved there is absolutely no truth involved in what i have seen of him in the past. he is a master of deception.


April 27th, 2010
3:16 pm

As for Sund’s batting average…I don’t know how you count JJ in that equation. As long as we offer him a 6-year deal at $110M+ (depending on where the max salary falls), it’s all in JJ’s hands. I’d say Sund has batted better than .500 so far, which is more than can be said for most NBA GMs during the past couple years. Then again, Sund is facing much, much tougher decisions this summer, all of which depend on what happens with JJ.


April 27th, 2010
3:17 pm

The Hawks will win this series against the Bucks but you really can’t celebrate because in order for them to win the next series with the Orlando they will have to win ON THE ROAD and we know what that mean.


April 27th, 2010
3:27 pm

Don’t you wish you had the other Williams (Deron) for both Scoring and Point Guard D? Marvin just disappears too often and for long stretches.

Astro Joe

April 27th, 2010
3:30 pm

OB, Speedy is a FA this summer… just kidding. I’m not sure if we can attract guys like Earl Watson, Chris Duhon or Steve Blake with a 3rd string PG role. But those are the kind of vets who can help on both ends of the floor in less than 12 minutes/game. But again, I doubt that those guys are ready for such a diminished role.

If we had the salary cap room, we could get TJ Ford for a bucket of peaches and a handful of southern-style biscuits.


April 27th, 2010
3:31 pm

About March timeframe, ESPN.com or USA Today.com had at a list of upcoming NBA FAs and “resstricted” (or whatever the term is in the NBA) FAs…..but it was NOT the ESPN Trade Machine.
Cupboard isn’t bare, but not sure that there were too many 2010 FAs guys who could help us in our price range (aka the leftover dollars) if we sign JJ or if we sign another big-name FA.


April 27th, 2010
3:38 pm


heres the link for Free Agents, restricted and unrestricted
there are not many PGs available
especially for a 3rd string spot
they would rather go to a team and take a 2nd string spot

if JJ leaves, the hawks r better off starting over
trade josh smith for the best deal available
trade everyone else for youngs, rookies and draft picks
then in 4 years, u can be mediocre
and get a New coach

heres a link for the Hawks salary breakdown


April 27th, 2010
3:48 pm


April 27th, 2010
4:04 pm

FEAR THE DEER… especially when driving!