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Don’t touch that button!

You know. The “panic” one. The “I quit” one. It’s JUST a three game losing streak.

Or is it?

Losing to a team that’s not as good as you are, and doing so at home is definitely not the way to ring in the New Year. Coming off of back to back losses for only the second time this season, the Hawks could have used some forward momentum. Instead, they got a slap in the face to start the year, and what will no doubt prove to be a tough January. Every game this month is against teams that will find ways to beat you if you don’t respect them and play with intensity throughout the game. The lone exceptions might be New Jersey and Washington, but even those two perennial losers can sneak right up on you. In New Jersey, Brook Lopez is a foundation to build on and Devin Harris is a tough cover for most NBA backcourts. In Washington, well….good games by Agent Zero, Jamison, and/or Caron Butler can do anybody in.

However, those two are just the trap games. Not including the loss to the …

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