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Practice: Beyond closed doors

We all know that regular season games are where the story is told for teams and players. But what about the story behind the story? I’m talking about practice. Yeah, I know. Some are probably reacting to that much like Allen Iverson did (”Practice? Practice!”), but is there not something to be learned from this?

To be honest, I wasn’t thinking too much on the topic myself until talking to fellow Hawks enthusiast Sautee one day, and he put it in a different light. I was droning on about the benefits of having veteran big men Joe Smith and Jason Collins on the roster this year, and how many different frontcourt combinations we could use. And then Sautee said, “This also will probably give these guys some of the best practices they’ve ever had, particularly Horfy and Smoove.” Now you know that’s when I went Iverson. Practice? Practice! We’re talking about practice?! But then he explained, and it dawned on me that he was right in so many ways.

During the regular season, teams …

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Swooping back to the perch

Greetings Hawks fans!

HB Ando and myself (Big Ray) would like to welcome back all Hawks fans, new and old, to the fan forum, now known as the Hawks Fan Nest. Kick back and chat it up with us, a couple of diehard Hawks fans just like yourselves. Rep your favorite player. Give a shoutout to a favorite snack spot in Phillips Arena. Complain about the seats (and those pesky opposing team fans that take up a whole section). You can do it all here at The Nest, where Hawks fans go to hang out.

It’s been a busy summer for the Atlanta Hawks, with more movement and intrigue than has been seen in these parts for some time now. After a “year off” from the draft, we were right back in the mix, taking Wake Forest guard Jeff Teague with the 19th pick. Expectations among fans have ranged from mild to wild, but there does seem to be one constant. Everybody within the organization seems impressed with the young fella, from ownership to coaching staff, to players, to the front office. If you’re …

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