Let’s talk about Josh (and Game 7, too)

OK, I think folks (myself included) have blogged the first six games of this series into the ground.  And the same match-up assessments logically hold true.

So to cover some basic facts, and then move on, home-court advantage, for the Hawks, should give them an overwhelming opportunity to move on to round two.  But the issue of Al Horford’s ability to play, and to play at his usual level, is as prominent as any one could address.

Rather than go the straight-forward route, I’d like to veer off slightly, and “talk about Josh”.

This kid has been a lightning rod of blog disagreement for years (to maintain my long-standing position, I’ve never been too big on taking a side on Smith, preferring, over the years, to believe that, ultimately, both he and Marvin essentially see themselves as 3’s, or small forwards, in this league, and that for the Hawks to realistically challenge for an NBA Championship, one of them will need to move on, for a complementary center; the skills of that complement depending wholly on which one of them would be traded), but never more so than in the last few days.

Smith has taken heat (no pun intended) from both Miami’s coaching staff, as well as members of the national media, for attempting a highlight-reel dunk during a blowout of the Heat.  He also continues to receive criticism for his outside shooting, which has been a point of contention for years.

So, in defense of Josh Smith (without fixating on the pure numbers, which actually bring up a more compelling consideration; just how underwhelming the Hawks’ star player, Joe Johnson, has been during this series), let’s chomp on a little food for thought (especially as it relates to the Hawks’ chances in Game 7):

1) Nothing is quite as valuable as a rabid home crowd, during the playoffs, which is specifically the point of winning the home-court advantage.

And nobody on the Hawks even come close to blowing up the crowd like Josh Smith, with one of his gravity-defying dunks or blocked shots.  NOT EVEN CLOSE!

I was in attendance at games 1 and 5, and his explosiveness is THE thing folks come for, that they respond to.  In a city like Atlanta, where there’s a long-standing reputation for semi-indifferent fan support, he represents, on any given night, the difference between people jumping out of their seats, high-fiving strangers, and screaming at the top of their lungs, and folks looking for the beer man and leaving after 3 quarters.

2) Josh Smith’s outside shot: Is a work in progress, and may never be confused with Reggie Miller, Dell Curry or Steve Nash.  But the half-court offense that Woody continues to run puts Josh in a position to take frequent, open shots, anywhere from 17-23 feet away from the basket.

Truth is that if these are the looks the Hawks’ coaching staff are going to continue to put him in a place to receive, then he has to either take them or attack the basket when he receives the look.

Duh, you say, as this issue has been analyzed into the freakin’ ground.

What’s your point, Ando?

My point is that during Game 5, while the game was clearly not in doubt from the first quarter on, the same home crowd that screamed in maniacal support of every athletically mind-boggling Josh Smith move, groaned a full second before every single outside shot he attempted.

Groaned their collective displeasure so loudly that there was no way Josh, or anyone else, could possibly miss it right before he released every single attempt.

I don’t care what sport you play, or follow, whether it’s hoops, baseball, golf or tennis (though those are four good examples), if someone screams at you (or 19,000 people) right before you take a shot, swing at a pitch, drive or putt a golf ball, or serve a tennis ball, it’s well-established that it might distract you.

So, why on earth would Atlanta fans, who can’t get enough of celebrating a Josh Smith dunk, turn on him, and the team, and groan, BEFORE he even attempts an outside shot?  Don’t you want him to make it?  It doesn’t really matter that his outside shot is a work in progress, the Hawks need him to MAKE his shots.

So regardless of whether you think he should be taking these shots (and isn’t that more of an indictment on the coaching staff, if you don’t think he should, given that they continue to put him in a position to take them?), come Game 7, you might want to put the opportunity to win in front of your subjective opinion on whether he should be shooting from outside.


leads to the reality of Game 7….

I hear Al Horford is going to play.  But as a guy who was plagued by ankle problems throughout his so-called hoops’ career, I have to wonder just how much “Al” we can expect.  From my experience, if he couldn’t go a couple of days ago, he can’t be much better tomorrow.  Ligaments just don’t bounce back very quickly.

Now, if he does play, and the Heat fail to challenge his lateral ability, defensively, then it could very well minimize his limitations.

OK, before I get away completely from this Josh Smith issue, especially as it relates to the ridiculous false indignance of the Heat and their coaching staff, let me say one more thing:

If either Kobe or Lebron (or, to be brutally honest, Wade) tries that “this game is already over” dunk, like Josh did, nobody says a word.  Not the Heat coaches.  Not the media.  Nobody.

Because ESPN pays for those kind of highlights.

And if a rookie coach like Spoelstra (sp, whatever) called out Kobe or Lebron, for such a crowd-pleasing attempt, both of those guys would take it out on his, and his teams’, ass!!

OK, to summarize:

Hawks, without a healthy Horford, are susceptible for Game 7.

To win, they need (yes, I avoided this issue) Joe Johnson to play like an all-star,


they need Josh Smith to bring both the highlights (which he does not need the fans’ help with), as well as a consistent, CONFIDENT, outside stroke (which, you, Hawks’ fans, can encourage, by not ‘bailing’ on him everytime he squares up).

The Hawks need the very best of Josh Smith tomorrow (remember how they faired in Game 7, against the Celtics, when he struggled).

It’s really unreasonable to try and have it both ways with Josh Smith.  You can’t gush over his dunks and blocks, then whine (WHILE HE’S ABOUT TO SHOOT) when he attempts an outside look! Yeah, I know, and I’ve already noted, that his shooting is a work in progress (but do you really want to break his confidence right now, in GAME FREAKIN’ SEVEN?).

Have the kid’s back tomorrow, and he very well may thank you by leading the Hawks to the second round of the playoffs. His quotes have made it clear, over the years, that he pays attention to what people say and think.  So give him your faith and compel him, and the Hawks, to another level!

Go HAWKS!!!!!!

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May 3rd, 2009
2:48 am

Confidence is the key word. Regardless of your stroke if you do it confidently you are much more likely to make the shot. But you are right about the crowd…it’s definitely not a pat on the back.

Big Ray

May 3rd, 2009
5:53 am

Nice blog, Ando. I’m sure that some will say that Josh or any other player, must play with confidence, regardless of what the crowd is saying or doing. But last I heard, we were supposed to support the home team. That means ALL of the home team.

And it’s funny how some will call for support of some players, or the coach…but not others…regardless of the perspective on performance. Maybe we can drop all of that and just get behind the team as a whole for game 7.


May 3rd, 2009
9:02 am

Yea, well do you want ZAZA taking 3 pointers…no…he has the sense to pass the ball to one of the many outside shooters the Hawks possess..Joe…Marvin…Flip…Mo…or Mike. Al is a better shooter from 20 feet. Josh needs to play to his strengths like everyone in Phillips knows. They are simply telling him for his own sake and for the sake of the team. Pass the friggin ball!


May 3rd, 2009
9:03 am

agrre on all points ando man. shameful of hawks fans to always think that it is not by design to give him the bll in inopportune places on the court. it isnt like he has a clear path to the basket with every touch.

got another sore point with the polarizing event of the miss and how it “embarrassed” the other team. this is what i wrote to your partner in hacks with some editorial revising to clean it up:

josh does so much for those guys and gets thrown under the bus. he is their only true enforcer. woody should have been talking some trash back but i think he feels josh brought it on himself and refuses to be the protector. wants the kid to learn by hard knocks. josh is so sensitive and emotional he should be defusing it to get to the next round rather than make it a learning experience. leaving josh out there alone could affect him in the short term like we saw when he became a head case with every foul shot. we may have already seen that effect in miami in game 6. woody, doesnt get it is my thought. woody somehow hugs on sheed every frigging time they come into town, the greatest free spirit selfish coach killing player in the game who hasnt attacked his coach, missed practice or quit on an organization. i would expect he would give his one and only high flying warrior the second guess or some room and tell wade and spoelestra to grow up and play basketball rather than ask for apologies. silence and the BWAF is all that is heard is my guess. where was jj? man it is war now and nothing is personal and as the leader of this team he should have said so to the media, so back off write something real and get his back. it could have been by saying only that “i put down a slam right afterward which is out of character for me to emphasize things and if he could have had the skill to put it through his legs on top of it he would have, too.” geez.

yeah, i said it, where were the coach and the so-called leader of this team to get josh’s back and say it isnt that big a deal to the world, just shut up, grow up and play the game. that is what i would call protecting their big man that stirs the drink. they can counsel him quietly behind the scenes but publicly get his collective back. personally, i will have josh’s back because there is no one person who has taken this team to where they are than josh. he is that valuable to this fragile team. if he is not here and they play without him they go down quicker than the absence of any other player. we have seen bibby, jj, al and marvin have off nights and not miss a beat. funny when josh has an off game it is very obvious because we frigging lose …… and we yell mightily about it. that is why he is the lightening rod he is. he sticks out like a sore thumb for all the right reasons because when he is on the team will be on the win side 7-8 of 10 times. when he is off it works the other way being lucky to be 50% successful.

so josh i got your back today bud. when you airing it out from close or long range i will be yelling for it to go in bud. we all better come with the attitude to be his wing man.

The Hawksta

May 3rd, 2009
10:57 am

Way to tell Ando I’m cosigning all that you said. Today is the day we support everything Hawks! I believe our own media has a lot to do with bringing our guy down. We need a player who isn’t scared to go against the grain man. If Josh get’s another chance he should do a 360 wind mill. Why he apologized in a playoff game I don’t know. Hell, he could have waited to after the season. They won’t write about that sh*t anyways. They don’t want him to be good. He’s not one of theirs. Josh is our guy and we should support him.

Old Blue

May 3rd, 2009
10:57 am

Maybe it won’t be Josh or Al to seal this thing. Flip stunk to the high heavens in game six and one of the other games and looked like superman in one of the blowouts. Hopefully he can be a positive factor today.


May 3rd, 2009
11:52 am

Great Blog. I support Josh. What he does for the Hawks is great and undervalued. He is a hot head and gets trigger happy but hey, so does Joe Johnson and Mike Bibby who miss a lot too. However, Josh is more effective driving! We don’t need him second-guessing himself though.

rich brave

May 3rd, 2009
11:58 am

Well my admonition before game six held up. Be ready for more of the same in game seven. All too familiar scenerio as a WIZARDS sufferer. With GILBERT ARENAS out, a no-name drawing card winning and advancing is anathma to MR. STERN and the ratings clowns who sell advertising. Watch out.

I want to see WADE on his a** with hard foul after hard foul when he pulls that dribble drive shyt. Expect those types of moves early. ROTATE and use the BENCH bigs to give the fouls. Soften WADE up. Keep ZaZA out of foul trouble and in the game for its entirety.

Even without my man BIG AL, the HAWKS should win this one. However, its the seventh game of a playoff series and all bets are off. Good Luck. GO HAWKS. Still on the road. I’ll get back to you.


May 3rd, 2009
12:00 pm

we had a straw here before by the name of justice and he was sent packing winning attitude and all, then what happened? no more world series. when are we gonna learn as atlanta fans? go get em josh lead the way. i got your back babeee!


again great concept ando, pull together in every way today. all is one bro! heading down soon.

trying to believe

May 3rd, 2009
1:02 pm

Time to man up, Hawks.


May 3rd, 2009
1:03 pm

GAME TIME! ! ! !





May 3rd, 2009
1:12 pm




May 3rd, 2009
1:24 pm


May 3rd, 2009
1:30 pm

Man 31.8 seconds left in the first and i dont think i seen Joe hit a shot yet come on Joe but Josh is playing well right now along with Bibby lets go Hawks and Joe Johnson….

woo lord

May 3rd, 2009
1:34 pm

Hawks win the first quarter…sign of things to come??

Big Ray

May 3rd, 2009
2:09 pm

Hawks flying high! Need to keep the pedal on the gas. Despite the missed lob attempt, we need to see more of those.


May 3rd, 2009
2:25 pm

JJ is giving 100% effort on D tonight and Wade is having to force a lot of shots. Good to see that from him. PLEASE keep it up in the second half…


May 3rd, 2009
2:52 pm

Enter your comments here


May 3rd, 2009
2:55 pm

What was all that about JJ not being a big-game player? Yeah, that’s what I thought.


May 3rd, 2009
3:01 pm




May 3rd, 2009
3:45 pm



This was honestly one of the best games I’ve seen the Hawks play. Not many turnovers, GREAT BALL MOVEMENT, and solid on the defensive end.

Great game – let’s see if they can carry this performance over to the next round.

Rise Up...In The Pants

May 3rd, 2009
3:58 pm

Let’s talk about Josh Smith!!

LET’S TALK ABOUT JOSH SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


May 3rd, 2009
4:10 pm

Exellent Post Ando!


May 3rd, 2009
5:01 pm

hey gray, here is back atcha from your article:

“I was shocked by it,” Heat forward Udonis Haslem said. “I can’t envision any one of our guys getting a breakaway at the end of the game and trying to go between their legs.”

funny thought josh was the only one who could get caught up in the moment and do something immature.

also seems to be liitle love between these teams as the heat didnt spend much time with their counterparts after the game. good season just got grand babee!


May 3rd, 2009
5:48 pm

of course gray, i was referring to that classless foul and jersey removal regarding immature behavior and udonis. still, they are cry babies from south beach, soooo soft.

Big Ray

May 3rd, 2009
6:21 pm

“Grow up people, and stop defending the indefensible.”

Which “indefensible?” The one who hit you for 27 points (JJ) or the one who hit you for 21 points and 9 rebounds (Josh)?

So long, suckers. Maybe next time! ;)

Big Ray

May 3rd, 2009
6:22 pm

Love the way the Hawks simply got it done, and with a large margin. Love the way the crowd was behind the team. Love it, love it, love it!

Second round, babyyyyyyy!

Big Ray

May 3rd, 2009
7:39 pm

You could say “great to see JJ show up”, but that would be snide and unappreciative.

While he hasn’t played well in most of this series, he certainly was on the ball (no pun intended) in game 7. And the best part isn’t that he “showed up.” It’s that he “showed Wade up,” by shooting more efficiently, more effectively, and by playing a better game overall.

Good job, Joe.

I also think Sekou said it best: “When the Hawks play like this (together), they are hard to beat.”

And that REALLY is what it comes down to on the court, for any team, but certainly for this one. A masterful (or simply solid) coaching job only goes so far. Playing with energy only goes so far. The coach can’t play the game or execute anything for the players on the floor. And the players can’t just play with a mindless, reckless, chaotic energy.

We know that different guys bring different energy levels. We know that different guys have different skills, abilities, and specialties. But playing together. Well, that’s a blend of everybody’s talents and contributions.

And that’s how we won. That’s how we ever win. These have to be paying attention, understanding how to play together, so they can win together.

Nobody wins by themselves. Ask Dwyane Wade. Heh, heh, heh…I know…so wrong…but I’m a Hawks fan.

And Wade is not in my Fave Five.

LaBronze Janeblaze@bushy.com

May 3rd, 2009
8:14 pm

No one beats me at the Q!!!

NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!1


Hawks in 7.

Diane Wade

May 3rd, 2009
8:54 pm

You’re not in my Fave Five either, chump!!

Big Ray

May 3rd, 2009
9:29 pm

LOL @ “Diane” Wade….

Big Ray

May 3rd, 2009
9:31 pm

“Hawks in 7.”

Heard it from you first!

rich brave

May 3rd, 2009
10:24 pm

Well in seven instead of six gets the job done, but doesn’t allow for much rest. Watch out for LaBRON. He’s on a crusade. If the HAWKS want to win the series, they’re gonna’ have to consider 2009 as last year and look at the CAVS as the CELTICS. Almost no one other than my self gives them a chance. I say the HAWKS can climb the mountain. All they need to do is realize they can. GO HAWKS.


May 3rd, 2009
10:30 pm

rich who is labron?


May 4th, 2009
11:22 am

no respect for the Hawks, even after they beat the heat, ESPN (stuart scott, that barry dude, who LIVES in ATL, Wilbon and the other chump) were boo-hooing. Thet wanted a queen jamie and DWY-ann Wade match up. HAHA….I love the Hawks, but I do not think they can steal one in cleveland, and even if they do, I believe the cavs get in back. Maybe the curse of the Dominuque will be lifted this year and the Hawks can win it in 7.

Darrin "The Vent King"

May 4th, 2009
2:21 pm

HELLO-OOOO, WE’RE GROANING CAUSE HE MISSES THOSE SHOTS A LOT! He was missing them before the groans so much, that people started moaning when he even looks like he’s going to shoot them. I don’t understand what is so confusing about that. And besides, these guys are professionals, what do you think happens when a 90% free throw shooter like Ray Allen is at the free throw line in Phillips- nothing but net burning. It’s called concentration and focus people- when it comes to shooting 3s Josh did not have it before and doesn’t have it after the moaning and groaning began so WHY DO IT? The people wouldn’t groan if it was obvious he was a good three-point shooter, Hello! 1+1 still equals 2. The coach rolls his eyes, the announcers kill him, and the fans fight vomiting in their seats when he does shoot them so there HAS to be a reason! OH yeah, he below 25% shooting them okay. Look, I luv J Smoove, but he needs to stop doing that and Milk Dud Dome needs to stop putting him in that position in the first place like Bibby told his azz, but don’t let me get started on Woody.

Now on a more positive note (and I’m just hell bent on getting this point across), Josh did NOTHING wrong with that dunk attempt and should not have apologized to Spolestra AT ALL. Tell the hypocritical Heat’s coach and his cry baby superstar to take a look in the mirror when they want to talk “showboating” cause Wade’s jumping up on a scorer’s table yelling “THIS IS MY HOUSE!!” at the expense of an opponent when he hit a game winner against the Chicago Bulls in the regular season was a wayyy-yyy worse version of showboating than anything J-Smoove did and I wish Kenny Smith, Fat Boy Wolverine, ESPN, and all the other media outlets that lambasted Josh would take note of that. I wonder if the Bulls were “so-oooo insulted” by that chump move? Keep doing your thang Smoove (just stop it with the 3s man). Get Mark Price to help you with that delivery this off-season and you’ll be okay. You need more wrist-flicking instead of that “toss-shot” thing you do. For now, defensive super-swats and dunks baby all day and you’ll be alright!!

GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rich brave

May 4th, 2009
4:12 pm

LaBRON is the feminine whiney egotistical basketball player who shows up at CAVALIERS games. LeBRON is the male version who keeps his mouth shut and lets his actions on the court do his talking. The WIZARDS have seen plenty of each over the past four years.

rich brave

May 4th, 2009
4:15 pm


BTW thanks for asking. I was beginning to believe that no one else knew the difference.

Astro Joe

May 4th, 2009
5:02 pm

Ando, did you see this? I figured that you could use this is your “how to re-make the Hawks” manifesto that I’m sure has been re-drafted a few dozen times since you became a “Hack”.

From DraftExpress:

In the awkwardly unnecessary 3rd/4th place game previous to the final, Barcelona managed to easily knock off a very jaded Olympiacos squad, in large part due to another terrific outing by Australian big man David Andersen, with 20 points in 26 minutes, on 8-12 shooting (3/5 3P). Although this wasn’t the most competitive setting you’ll find, Andersen still did a nice job showcasing his excellent skill-level, primarily in the form of his jump-shot, knocking down an array of spot-up, pull-up, turnaround and pick and pop jumpers, in the post, from 18-20 feet, and all the way out beyond the 3-point line.

After the game, we managed to catch up with Andersen in the VIP area, which gave us an opportunity to pick his brain on where he stands in terms of the NBA.

Andersen didn’t hesitate to indicate his interest in playing for the Atlanta Hawks, or any other team that might be interested in his services. He did seem a bit frustrated by the predicament he’s in, thought, with his NBA rights essentially being held hostage by the Atlanta Hawks.

“I just wish they would give me a straight answer either way. Every year it’s the same thing. If they want me, great, but if not, I would like to go play somewhere else. I can’t force the tender and go play on a non-guaranteed minimum contract, but I don’t think I’m asking for crazy money either.”

Andersen has another year on his deal with Barcelona, but has a clear NBA escape clause in his contract that that he can exercise until July 15th. That is a difficult situation for Barcelona, as they will be in serious limbo until that point—essentially the very tail end of the signing period for elite European clubs, where there will likely be few if any big men of Andersen’s caliber on the market. Barcelona has an option to buy out Andersen’s contract, and may be forced to do so if they feel like they cannot wait on the NBA to act.

What’s most unfortunate for Andersen is that he had already received assurances from former Hawks GM Billy Knight that they would bring him over to the NBA last summer, but that plan went to naught once he was fired and replaced by Rick Sund, who said he needed another year to evaluate him. The Hawks have apparently had multiple teams try to acquire Andersen in a trade, but have been reluctant to deal him for fear that he may make them look foolish in another team’s uniform. Based on the way Andersen has looked here in Berlin, that’s a legitimate possibility.

This situation really goes a long ways in emphasizing the challenges that players in Europe often face when being drafted by NBA teams in the second round, as they are essentially able to hold their rights perpetually without any recourse on the part of the players. This may be something that the NBA Players Association may want to look at in the upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement, as it would probably be much more fair to put a three year limit in which teams can either sign their draft pick or be forced to relinquish their rights. Unfortunately the players that make up the union will likely have very little sympathy for the cause of European draftees who are essentially competing for their jobs.


May 4th, 2009
5:23 pm



No wonder he left the Hawks. Once he was ready to do something that Ando should have seen as a good move, the apocalypse would have come and there would not have been a 2008-09 season.


Astro Joe

May 4th, 2009
7:42 pm

Good point, MannyT. But you know our guy Ando, if he sucked he’d say “why did he waste the money on brining him over, he should have traded for Calderon 10 years ago when I personally scouted him as a 5th grade”. And if Andersen was great for us, then it would have been “he should have brought him over here before. If he had, then we would have drafted Chris Paul and the franchise would not have been set back 5,000 generations”.

Seriously, the “what ifs” are amazing when you consider that we likely would have kept Chill and not had Mo nor Flip. So it feels like trading RandMO, Gardner, Flip & Mo for Chill and Andersen.

Big Ray

May 4th, 2009
11:19 pm

Ahh, I see the “euphoria” of winning our first playoff series in a decade or more has quickly given way to the usual stuff.

Interesting news on David Andersen, as we had heard none for quite some time. So, that makes two players in Europe whose NBA rights we retain. That also makes two players that we had several trade offers made on, yet we did not make a move either way. As you recall, Sekou Smith reported that roughly 8 different teams made trade offers concerning Childress. Still, no move.

Yet, that is understandable to a point, as Sund had just arrived, and you cannot move too quickly with a team you have yet to fully evaluate. Unless your name is Bryan Colangelo, or perhaps Chris Wallace. Or Donnie Walsh. All of those guys are known for quick moves, although Walsh is head and shoulders above the other two in wisdom.

Still, it sure will be interesting to see what Sund does this summer, and going forward. I hope we make use of those rights to Childress and Andersen in a timely fashion. Notice I didn’t say “this summer”, as that may actually not be the perfect time to do so…

Perhaps before we get too giddy on an opportunity to slice into Ando’s historic diatribes, might we also recall that this same Billy Knight, who heroically assured Andersen that he was going to bring him over….also is the same guy who unsuccessfully tried several times to get rid of the much-maligned Woodson. Oh yes. THAT Billy Knight. Looks like he failed on both fronts, and you can make of that what you will.

Indeed. It IS very interesting the kind, and number of “what ifs” that come up. Especially considering two things: 1) I haven’t heard any from Ando in quite some time, and 2) Who keeps bringing the “what ifs” up….


P.S. – While I’m sure this will be interpreted as me taking a defensive position up on behalf of Ando, it’s not. But I must say that it is more than amusing to note how much, and how often, such efforts are sustained to tear down an Ando theory. The man must have really struck a chord somewhere in the past 4 freakin’ years to have people still bringing up his thoughts and words on a blog that has nothing to do with such past arguments.

Ah, yes. Entertainment at it’s finest. Come now, where is Doc to join in the fray?


May 4th, 2009
11:41 pm

I say we dump Speedy and Mo Evans in the offseason (saving around 8.5 mil). Resign Bibby for 7/8 mil per year (saving around 8 mil). Now we have 16 mil in savings + another 12 mil in expiring contracts of Marvin, Flip, ZaZa and Solo (28 mil total). Now we could sign the Big Aussie, Flip, ZaZa, Marvin and JChill (which I would highly recommend). If we could dump Randmo I say we resign Solo and West as the 14/15th man….

Let me recap. We get rid of Speedy, Mo, Randmo, Gardner and Hunter. We resign Bibby (at half his current deal 15 mil) 6-8mil, Flip (double his current deal) to 3 mil, ZaZa ( maybe a slight increase at best) 4-5 mil, Marvin 7-8 mil, David Andersen 3-5 mil and JChill 6 mil (I know resigning him is a far reach). Total 29-35 mil spent. Best/Worst case scenario is that the ASG increase payroll by 6-7 mil on a team that I think can be better than this year squad…

HB Ando

May 4th, 2009
11:41 pm

LOL, Astro Joe…

From the guy who always postured about folks being redundant, here comes the old re-hash.

Too funny, old fella…………

Big Ray

May 5th, 2009
12:06 am

Alright, before we get too fired up…new blog on the way…

Big Ray

May 5th, 2009
12:08 am


Those are definitely some interesting thoughts. And while I encourage that you spit them out freely, you’ll have to wait a bit on either of us raggedy Hacks commenting on them. But the offseason beckons…and there will be plenty of fodder for you and anybody else to shoot down (that’s right AJ, more targets, heh heh)….


May 5th, 2009
4:33 pm

In all of the blogs written I noticed that no one has congratulated Billy Knight for assembling the Hawks, a team who after eliminated the Heat is currently one the eight best teams in the NBA. The Hawks transformed under Knight from going 13-69 in Woodson’s first year to 47-35 this year (a 33 game improvement) and a legitimate title contender. Yet, not one person other than myself has given Knight any credit at all. Knight seemed very unfriendly, moody, distant and aloof while he was the Hawks GM, in fact in that celebrated draft that the Hawks got high draft picks, Knight wouldnt even shake the other owners hands. However, Knights reputation is still in tact after his tenure with Atlanta. Knight has ALWAYS had the reputation that when he leaves a franchise, the franchise which he left is in significantly better shape than it was when he arrived. Case in point: Hawks. last year with knight; Hawks record 37-45. After Knight: Hawks record 47-35, a 10 game improvement and a first round win over the Miami heat with the playoffs continuing. Even when Knight was GM of the Knicks it was the same story: In Knights last year; Knicks missed the playoffs. Next year after Knight departed from Knicks: Knicks make it to the NBA Finals with Patrick Ewing as their center. Billy Knight has that reputation that when he leaves a franchise, the franchise is in much better shape than it was before his arrival. BILLY KNIGHTS REPUTATION IS THOROUGHLY IN TACT!!