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So the trade deadline passes, with the Hawks this time standing pat, as opposed to last year’s game-changing move.

While we don’t, and likely never will know what conversations ensued between Sund and the representatives of other teams, we kind of have to assume that some did take place. And likely, none of them were enticing enough for a trigger to be pulled. So, was that a good thing, or a bad thing? One view says that the Hawks needed to add another veteran big man. Another says that this roster is set, and needs no further re-tooling, as this team has shown itself capable of holding down the 4th best spot in the Eastern Conference standings through the first 54 games of the season. With a flurry of moves elsewhere, including East-West swaps, it’s not easy to tell if this was the best non-move to make or not. Then again, one would have to know what offers or ideas came up to better judge the lack of action. Either way, the season, like the trade deadline, passes on.  As it …

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All-Star Weekend Ramblings

Hmm, where to start?  Well, let’s stay true to the title and just ramble on.  In no order of perceived importance:

-Miami Heat- During the lengthy, pre-season disagreements about where the Hawks would finish this year, the Heat were one of the teams I defended, in crafting an apparently inaccurate prediction for the Hawks (along with the Sixers and a couple of other underwhelming Eastern conference foes).  There wasn’t much support for the idea that the Heat would rebound from last years’ worst NBA record, to a challenge for this years’ Hawks.  But one of the primary points I made was that Riley never stands pat.  So with the Heat a mere 3.5 games behind the Hawks, the Heat have acquired a big man that, if healthy, could make a tremendous impact the rest of the way (I know, big if).  But the point is that the Heat knew they could not compete for the Eastern crown without the “potential” that O’Neal represents.

Ray makes a very interesting point when he says, “We’re not …

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A Few Trade Thoughts

Emeka Okafor goes up for a shot….and gets rejected by the Hawks one-man SWAT team, Joooooooosh Smiiiiiiiith! Well, that’s not how it was said by the announcer, but that’s what I heard in my own head (I like to call it selective announcement…I use it sometimes when Dominique is talking).

Gotta love it. As I watched this play happen, another thought popped in my head: I haven’t seen too many of those from Amare Stoudamire. It’s not often that you see him sky over a teammate AND the opposing player for a block. The desire. The timing. The sheer effort and elite physicality of it. It boggles the minds of opponents, teammates, and fans alike. It makes a lot of opponents nervous around the rim, because once Josh does it…he’s liable to do it again. Soon. Does Stoudamire inspire such feelings in opponents? By the way, if you’re miffed that I’m not spelling the guy’s name “right”, I reserve the right not to. After all, what can you expect from a hack?

Early and mid February is …

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Who Are These Guys?!

Not that anyone would remember, but this was a line I used repeatedly during the beginning of the season, as the Hawks won their first six and lost their seventh to Boston in a rare, early season, epic, on a last-second Paul Pierce jumper.

But as we ponder the end of January, capped by a road loss to the Redd-less Bucks, a team we beat in Atlanta by 30 (THIRTY!!!!!) eight days prior, this is the question that once again comes to mind.

Easiest place to begin this discussion is in the numbers.

January ends with a whimper, as the Hawks finish the month 6-10.  To add insult to injury, 5 of those losses were to teams currently at .500 or worse.  So they go in to the new year at 21-10.  They enter January at 27-20.  Eight days after I posted “I don’t think the Hawks will hit 50-wins”, they lost four of their next five.

Discussions abound regarding the issue of depth, but there is no arguing that when one of their starters is out these Hawks are not the same team.   6-6 …

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