Report: Soccer star Solo jailed after altercation

U.S. women’s soccer star Hope Solo was being held in South King County, Wash., misdemeanor jail on two counts of investigation of domestic-violence assault, according to the Seattle Times and other news outlets.

Solo, who is the goalie for Seattle Reign FC, allegedly struck her sister and her nephew at Solo’s Kirkland, Wash., home overnight. Solo, 32, is listed as Hope Amelia Stevens on the jail registry, the Times reported, and is married to former NFL tight end Jerramy Stevens.

Police told the Times that officers arrived after a call about an assault and noise. Police described it as “a big party” and an “out-of-control situation” and that “visible  injuries” occurred.

Solo has appeared on TV’s “Dancing with the Stars” and played on two Olympic women’s teams that won gold medals.

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