Johnny Football misses (chance to) pitch

The Cleveland Indians invited Browns first-round pick Johnny Manziel to throw out the first pitch – on $1 hot dog night – before Wednesday’s game against the Boston Red Sox.

But much like draft night, Johnny Football waited, and waited, and waited.

After a 2-1/2 rain delay, alas, Manziel didn’t get a chance to show how his two-seam fastball would’ve been delivered better than 50 Cent’s slider (and other celeb throwers):

Alas, all was not lost.

The quarterback, along with rookie teammate Justin Gilbert waved to the crowd for nearly two hours from their front-row seats at Progressive Field.

Manziel also flashed his patented money sign as typical Browns chants echoed throughout the ballpark, according to

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June 5th, 2014
10:17 am

johnny football—cashing in big—show me the money!!!!

big daddy

June 5th, 2014
12:15 pm

yeah, i can’t wait till some NFL linebackers “show him a facemask to the ribs”

foot long

June 5th, 2014
12:29 pm

1 dollar hot dog night so they bring in the biggest Hot dog in town to throw out the 1st pitch. I’m sure he made 20 grand on the deal or more. Life is good for Johnny Football


June 5th, 2014
1:15 pm

When I look at Manziel I see a great athlete who is only 21 years old. He still has time to mature and handle his fame, and I believe I see him taking the right steps. Yes, being in Cleveland and being the face of the franchise is one of those steps.

Manziel can’t change the past and he only needs to please the Browns. In the Gruden show Manziel showed that he understood that. I wish him only the best except for when he plays the Falcons.