Football fever at Mercer: Season ticket sellout

Nine days after the season ticket package for Mercer’s second football season was made available to new fans, the school announced Thursday that it now has a sellout of the more than 5,000 packages for this season’s seven-game home schedule.

More than 90 percent of ticket holders from the first football season since 1941 at the Macon school re-upped. Last season, the Bears averaged 9,379 in an eight-game home schedule, including a best-ever 12,172 at the Aug. 31 season opener.

The Bears, who were 10-2 in their inaugural season under coach Bobby Lamb, will open on Thursday, Aug. 28 against Reinhardt and begin play in the Southern Conference against Furman on Sept. 6. Single game ticket sales will begin in a few weeks.

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May 30th, 2014
9:08 am

When you look at the Bears and then look at Georgia State, you cant help but laugh at the commuter school.


May 30th, 2014
9:36 am

Great job Bear fans. Give them hell Coach Lamb and win, win, win!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Bears

May 30th, 2014
1:36 pm

That’s really good news. Go Bears.


June 2nd, 2014
5:31 pm

Wow! That is great! I am glad they are seeing more success than GSU. I hope to see Mercer and Jacksonville State play soon. Good Luck this season Mercer!


June 2nd, 2014
9:27 pm

Mercer is moving to the Southern Conference to replace Georgia Southern who moved up to the FBS and Sunbelt. Now Georgia State will get yet another loss each year, now to Southern. Mercer is moving forward fast, has a great 10,000 seat on campus stadium and has the support to continue to move forward fast. Georgia Southern by the way just expanded their stadium with an upper deck to add 7000 more seats for a total of 26,000. Both schools south are doing well. Can’t say the same about Georgia State.