Angels-Braves on June 15 moves to night

ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, in its 25th season, has selected the June 15 Los Angeles Angels’ visit to Turner Field to play the Braves as an 8 p.m. start. The game originally was scheduled for 1:35 p.m.

Dan Shulman, analyst John Kruk and reporter Buster Olney will provide commentary for the telecast.

The Sunday Night Baseball schedule through Aug. 3 as of Thursday:

June 1, Pittsburgh Pirates at Los Angeles Dodgers

June 8, Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers

June 15, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Braves

June 29, Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees

July 13, New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles

July 20, Los Angeles Dodgers at St. Louis Cardinals

Aug. 3, New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox

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May 29th, 2014
4:15 pm

Geez, now we will have to listen to the announcers squawk and whine about hating Sunday night baseball. For guys that have one of the greatest jobs in the world they sure do complain a lot. “It’s past 11 o’clock…this game is over 3 hours old…and on and on and on.” Sometimes I wish they could experience really working for a living.


May 29th, 2014
5:18 pm

Plus they (except for Smoltz maybe) will go on and on about the Angels and Trout while running down the Braves. Last week the first 4 innings was spent talking about the RedSox and their losing streak, and the last 5 was used to denigrate and blast every Braves player except Freddie Freeman. One would never know ESPN is located in the Northeast not far from Boston !


May 29th, 2014
5:20 pm

Sorry, thought I saw Smoltz name in the article, but guess not. Just as well, he would probably have gotten embarrassed too having to listen to them.


May 29th, 2014
6:47 pm

Anything’s better than listening to the Braves’ butt-kissing broadcasters. Problem is, the national stage pretty much ensures an ATL loss–as it does with all the city’s pro teams.


May 29th, 2014
7:44 pm

I was actually commenting on Atlanta announcers leading up to Sunday. Tonight in 2nd inning Skip Carey was complaining about 3 1/2 hour games being a turnoff to young adult fans.