Herbstreit’s advice for Jameis Winston

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit doesn’t mince words in sharing some wisdom for Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston.

Winston, you might recall, was recently cited by law enforcement in Florida for taking some crab legs from a Publix grocery story. The Florida State star was briefly suspended from the baseball team. The Seminoles open the football season Aug. 30 against Oklahoma State in Tallahassee.

Herbstreit says players who are told they are great for so long start feeling “entitled” and Winston needs to get a clue.

“I like the kid … he just have to take a little of a step back and just keep things in perspective.”

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May 13th, 2014
11:25 am

Who is Herbstreit or any other mouthpiece at ESPN to be giving advice. He is an enabler. He’ll exploit players like Winston to the fullest, and then when they’re of no further use cast them aside, feigning some sort of integrity the whole while.


May 13th, 2014
11:45 am

I agree with Herbstreit. There have now been two incidents involving Winston and neither was fully resolved except to being swept under the carpet. I personally am in no position to judge but it is quite obvious Mr. Winston believes he is above the law and every time he does something and gets away with it he is even more convinced he is invincible. Unless he heeds the warnings at some point he will do something that can not be ignored and will cost him dearly.


May 13th, 2014
12:10 pm

fsu need to pay for a full time handler–he bring in millions and he need security and a manager


May 13th, 2014
12:18 pm

Famous Jameis is becoming famous for the wrong things…..sexual assault, stealing, etc…..

Makes you wonder just what all has he done that has not made the news……


May 13th, 2014
12:23 pm


His daddy said the exact same words.

Exactly what did you teach him while he was growing up?

Needs a handler/manager? No. He needed someone to point him the right way when he was young. At this time, I would suggest he try walking like Christ. Even if someone is not a Christian, they can put their lives back on track if they do nothing but follow His teachings.


May 13th, 2014
1:09 pm

I despise FSU and all their cheating low down ways. But having said that, we should all listen to anyone who works for ESPN. After all, they are the voice of wisdom and truth in this world. NOT

HBCU Classic Sports

May 13th, 2014
2:49 pm

Spade a spade…

Winston needs to pump his brakes…
Streets littered with has-beens…
To much is given, much is expected…

Plus, he knows better…
Ought take him out back…
Whip his natural ….