Big sports weekend ahead for local teams

If you’re a sports fan, this weekend will offer almost continuous entertainment.

Four local teams play important games, starting Friday afternoon at 5 p.m. with the Braves playing a do-or-die wildcard game against the St. Louis Cardinals at Turner Field. Kris Medlen, who has been unbeatable this year, starts for the Braves against the Cardinals’ Kyle Lhose, who was great this year against almost everybody except the Braves, who battered him for nine hits and five earned runs in five innings the only time they faced him. 5 p.m., TBS.

If the Braves beat the Cards, they’ll start a five-game series against the Nationals at 3:07 p.m. Sunday at Turner Field.

Georgia plays its biggest game of the year Saturday night when the No. 5 Bulldogs face no. 6 South Carolina in Columbia. Georgia’s hoping to remain unbeaten and end a two-year losing streak against Coach Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks.

It would be the first time in history Carolina has beaten Georgia three times in a row, a point UGA Coach Mark Richt said he’s made to the players this week. “We don’t like to make history in a negative way,” said Richt. 7 p.m., ESPN.

Georgia Tech, meanwhile, is hoping to gain some respect after an embarrassing 49-28 loss to Middle Tennessee State at Grant Field.

The Jackets go on the road to face No. 15 Clemson, which has a prolific offense that averages more than 40 points a game. “If we play like we did Saturday, they may not have enough lights on the scoreboard for Clemson,” Coach Paul Johnson said this week. 3:30 p.m., ESPN.

On Sunday, the 4-0 Falcons travel to Washington to take on the Redskins, who feature sensational rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. Washington is averaging just over 30 points a game behind the dual-threat Griffin. Fortunately for the Falcons, who also average over 30 a game, the Redskins’ defense has given up just as many points and they’ve scored, 123. 1 p.m., Fox.

Even the Hawks are in action, playing an exhibition game against the Miami Heat at 2 p.m. Sunday at Philips Arena. No television.

In other games, Georgia State plays New Hampshire at 3:30 p.m. Saturday at the Georgia Dome, Georgia Southern plays at Western Carolina at 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Morehouse plays Tuskegee at 2 p.m. Saturday in Columbus, and Clark Atlanta plays Miles at 4 p.m. Saturday in Fairfield, Ala.

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Miami Dave

October 5th, 2012
7:45 am

Go Dawgs! Go Braves!


October 5th, 2012
8:36 am

Cannot believe DaveFM is switching to all talk sports. The project 96-1 is gone, the oldies station is gone. Atlanta radio needs help.

The Tomahawkin' Commuter

October 5th, 2012
8:42 am

“BOO!” to Major League Baseball for the 5pm start time to today’s game.

It isn’t like our kids have school tomorrow!

(Especially not in Clayton County)

Mr Smiley

October 5th, 2012
8:58 am

Hate the one game playoff format, but love the fact that I’m going to a game 7 right out the gate!


October 5th, 2012
8:58 am

Madmax – A little off subject, but I do agree. Atlanta had some good radio around 40 years ago, in the infancy of FM stations. I rarely try to tune in Atlanta stations anymore, but when I do it seems as though all I can find is country music and “ethnically oriented” music. I’ve gotten to the point that I can handle country music but I don’t speak Spanish or ebonics.


October 5th, 2012
10:10 am

I hope the Braves don’t choke UGA has the past 31 years. RMFT


October 5th, 2012
10:50 am


Maybe I am just not awake yet, but what did your post mean,”UGA has the past 31 years. RMFT.” Please explain…


October 5th, 2012
11:02 am

Let’s get the braves and chippy over with already so we can focus on real sports. Jeez that season drags on.


October 5th, 2012
11:05 am

UGA has won nothing since 1980.


October 5th, 2012
12:02 pm

Georgia is not playing “Carolina” this weekend. Carolina is, and always has been, located in Chapel Hill, NC. They are not playing USC, either. USC is in Los Angeles. Georgia plays South Carolina.


October 5th, 2012
12:10 pm

PLENTY BOOO to MLB for starting playoff game at 5pm.

Rick in Warner Robins

October 5th, 2012
12:33 pm

UGA hasn’t a chance…they have nothing and play nothing but divison II level teams. Anyone can have a winning season playing those kind of teams.

Consider this...

October 5th, 2012
12:59 pm

Hey Rick, news flash, the Dawgs have played the same teams as or better teams than South Carolina…and have beaten common opponents by the same margin or significantly more. Funny that there is not a single expert out there that agrees with your “hasn’t a chance” statement. Go back to the basement.

And “DawgnLex”…nice hijacking of someone’s screen name. I am sure the real DawginLex could not agree with you less.

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