Al Pacino may play Paterno in movie

Al Pacino will play the part of Joe Paterno in an upcoming movie about the legendary Penn State Coach’s life and downfall, according to Deadline New York, an entertainment website.

The film will be produced by ICM Partners, and is based on the biography “Paterno” by former Sports Illustrated writer Joe Posnanski, the website reported.

According to Deadline New York:

ICM Partners next week will be taking a package for a movie about former Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno, with Al Pacino attached to play the man called JoePa by most students at Happy Valley. The package will be built around Joe Posnanski’s biography Paterno, which is now atop The New York Times Bestseller List in its second week. Pacino’s manager, Rick Nicita, will produce. …The book – and the movie – isn’t just about Paterno’s demise but rather his life before Penn State, his family and the iron grip he held over Penn State football and politics until his downfall.

It wouldn’t be Pacino’s first role as a football coach. He portrayed a fictional coach, Tony D’Amato, in Oliver Stone’s 1999 epic “Any Given Sunday.”

Pacino seems like a natural for the role. All he needs is a pair of Coke bottle glasses. Now, who will play Jerry Sandusky?

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September 10th, 2012
11:50 am

Anthony Hopkins would be my choice!


September 10th, 2012
12:03 pm

I think pee wee herman would play joepa even better…


September 10th, 2012
12:06 pm

Stevie wonder could play the part very well as well. after all joepa was blind to child anal rape.


September 10th, 2012
12:07 pm

Joe Pesci not available?


September 10th, 2012
12:42 pm

As a Penn State graduate and still a huge supporter of their academics and football program, I am glad to hear that they will be making this movie. Joe Paterno was an amazing man that enriched others lives for decades. Although it is a shame that his name is and ever will be caught up in this “scandal of the century”, it will give some the opportunity to witness on screen what others have seen first hand. I still do not believe that we have all the information around the Jerry Sandusky scandal regardless of what any report has concluded.


September 10th, 2012
1:41 pm

I think Sandusky should be played by a tall guy who is a little younger than Sandusky so he can age with makeup if the movie spans for 10 or more years. Josh Brolin is my first choice. Josh (from W and Wall Street 2) has an intimidating look, has a body of a football player, and is good at playing a mean person. Other choices are Kevin Bacon (he has played a guy who has molested boys before), Jeff Goldblum (very tall), and Andy Garcia (he has been in a movie with Al Pacino before and they may already have a good working relationship).


September 10th, 2012
3:08 pm

Fred Willard should play Sandusky.

Duck Duck Gray Duck

September 10th, 2012
3:24 pm

Here are the stars they are considering for the role of Sandusky –


September 11th, 2012
8:33 am

Actor/Director Gary Marshall should play Sandusky. Striking resemblance between the two.


September 11th, 2012
3:09 pm

You keep thinking that about JoePa. The entire administration knew about Sandusky, case closed.

Keep living in your delusional world!!

Wow!! Some BS!!

September 11th, 2012
4:45 pm

Why a movie about Paterno??? Geeish!!! YOU PEOPLE!!! Let it die already.


September 11th, 2012
7:22 pm

Gary Busey should play Sandusky