It’s ‘quiet time’ for the Gators

Will Muschamp isn’t know as “Coach Boom” because he’s shy and demure.

But the volatile Florida coach and his players are taking a different tack this year after his initial campaign of 7-6 last year, the Gators’ worst season since the Ron Zook years.

“We need to stop talking and start playing,” Muschamp told his team Thursday, according to Florida Today.

“It’s really about doing your talking on the field,” said senior offensive lineman Xavier Nixon. “We’re just not going to talk that much this season.”

Players said last year’s team engaged in too much smack talk.

“We kind of saw it as a little bit of a problem,” center Jonottan Harrison said. “Everbody has kind of talked about just concentrating on football and if somebody (talks smack) we’ll pull them aside and tell them to stop it.”

After years of the wisecracking Steve Spurrier, on-field Gator chomps and Tim Tebow’s fist-pumping and cheerleading, the thought of a quiet Florida team just doesn’t seem plausible.

The Gators start the season with four games they should win: Bowling Green, Texas A&M, Tennessee and Kentucky. Then comes LSU, the preseason No. 1. Win that one and we’ll see how quiet they are.

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August 4th, 2012
1:00 pm

Again Beast….

You need to become more “Muschamp like” in that he clearly believes anything less than Atlanta is failure for Florida. We will never project or accept 8-4 or less seasons….not at Florida….and 8-4 does not get you to Atlanta. After all….it is Florida. We will leave the building a team……playing and losing in minor bowls…… to others in the SEC. For Gators…winning titles is always the objective and the projection. Florida’s defense is going to be….from what I hear……one of the top defensive teams in the country. And the OL is much bigger and stronger…and more experienced….DID YOU SEE THAT PHOTO OF MATT PATCHAN YESTERDAY….he is huge compared to last year…and healthy for the first time (hopefully will not play with a cast on his arm for most of this year). And Brissett and Driskel are very talented……and if one or both play well….Florida is more than capable to winning the SEC East this year….and give LSU all they want in Atlanta…..I guarantee you….if the Gators get to Atlanta…..they will not get blown out by LSU…..or lose to a Big Ten team later on if they lose. Sorry…Dawg fans.


August 4th, 2012
1:06 pm


The only receiver of concern is Rodney Adams from Tampa. In fact, he has already decommitted. But I think that might have more to do with the Gators going after some other top WR recruits than Hill leaving. All the other WR commits….Fulwood, Hawkins, Thompson…..are very solid to Florida….and Hill was not heavily involved at all in their recruitment. I think Adams will come back to the Gators if Muschamp does not land a couple other highly rated receiver recruits. I have watched Adams play….and frankly…..I was not overly impressed with him. Not very strong. All speed. Good hands. I prefer recruits like Fulwood and Hawkins….big and strong….not easy to knock off routes like Adams.


August 4th, 2012
2:50 pm

I tend to follow Beast’s “cautiously optimistic” route–rather than Tg’s “rosier” outlook.

Unlike Tg, I almost invariably pull for the opponents of my favorite teams because in the big picture it HELPS my favorite teams. Plus, I’d much rather beat a gator team–or a G Tech team–at the end of the year that’s actually worth a damn (big game, nation’s eyes on it, huge stakes, etc.) than one that’s struggling. Means a whole lot more to my team(s)–and stings a whole lot more to yours.

Dawgs have taken a lot of heat for their soft schedule this season, but I see trouble with road games at Mizzou, SC, fla, and Auburn. Won’t know much til after Mizzou. Depth, largely due to the well-documented disciplinary issues–is a major concern. Won’t feel confident about beating fla until/unless we can re-establish mental superiority. Been a long time (22 years) since we had that.

FSU’s schedule is even weaker–especially that last game of the year in Tallahassee (just servin’ y’all up a little free grief). Hell, I’m just glad it’s in Tallahassee this year. As far as the sked, it really chafed my azz when WVA dropped us and we had to plug in Savannah St. I have a huge problem with marshmallow OOC schedules.

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SEC Historian

August 5th, 2012
7:45 am

UF will lose: Texas A & M, LSU, South Carolina, Georgia. FSU (may win one here)

Could go either way: Tennessee, Vandy, Missouri (may lose on here)

Results: 7-5 would be successful. Who knows what bowl…but they will probably win. No proven QB, RB, WR or OL in 2013. Because of recruiting and depth, they will be much improved for Fall 2013. How good was Urban Meyer? Without Tebow he lost 9 games in his 2 years at UF. Tebow goes to ‘Bama, and UF would have one no SECs and no NCs under Meyer. UF will compete in 2014 for an SEC East title because they are recruiting lights out. But there is no Tebow amongst those recruits..

Atlanta Gator

August 7th, 2012
11:55 am

“Lizards are too classless to shut up.”

“Classy” is one of those words that when you feel compelled to use it, you’re probably not.

Atlanta Gator

August 7th, 2012
11:57 am

“I almost invariably pull for the opponents of my favorite teams because in the big picture it HELPS my favorite teams.”

Clearly, a thinking man.