Costas to ‘call out’ IOC over Munich

NBC’s Bob Costas says he will use the Opening Ceremonies of the London Olympics to “call out” the International Olympic Committee for its refusal to declare a moment of silence to honor Israeli athletes who were murdered at the Munich games 40 years ago.

Costas, who will be the lead announcer for the London Games, told the Hollywood Reporter that the IOC’s refusal to honor a request by Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon is “baffling” and he intends to take a stand during the Opening Ceremonies on July 27.

Said Costas:

“I intend to note that the IOC denied the request. Many people find that denial more than puzzling but insensitive. Here’s a minute of silence right now.”

In denying the request, IOC President Jacques Rogge said the Olympic committee has honored the Munich victims on several occasions in the past but would not do so in London.

The widow of one of the Munich victims told USA Today that the decision was more than baffling.

“I have to call the baby by its name,” said Ankie Spitzer, whose husband coached the Israeli fencing team. “The IOC’s refusal is pure discrimination. … greed and anti-Semitism.”

On Sept. 4, 1972, the Black September terrorist group, demanding the release of Palestinians from Israeli jails, kidnapped 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team, killing two of them in the process. The nine others were killed by the kidnappers during a rescue attempt by German troops.

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Sick of Israel!

July 20th, 2012
5:31 pm

DUMB AND DUMBER-You have a lot of reading to do. Jews are a race and religion. There are people not of the Jewish race who follow Judaism, but Ortrhodox Jews feel you must be born a Jew racially…This is from a serious Jewish publication,


July 20th, 2012
5:38 pm

Bob Costas is so 30 years ago. Why is he still on TV? Maybe if NBC had someone relevant leading their coverage, I might actually care. Seriously, is this geriatric Howdy Doody the best they can come up with? How many times will he bring up Mickey Mantle’s name?


July 20th, 2012
5:47 pm

Here is the thing about Chick Fil A – the homophobic trailer trash will applaud their stance and say they’re going to go eat a chicken sandwich, and maybe they will sometime this week. However, they will not alter their long-term behavior at all. On the other hand, the LGBT community will probably not go back…ever. Also, straight people whose knuckles don’t drag on the ground might think twice about patronizing an establishment that’s so self-righteous, backward and judgemental. Bad business move…unless they like the Waffle House crowd.

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