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A call for stronger gun control

By Rick Badie

State Rep. Paul Battles, of Cartersville, has proposed legislation that would allow school administrators to undergo annual state peace officer firearms training and be certified to carry weapons on campus. Though he supports HB 35, a guest columnist says state law already allows administrators to possess firearms on campuses. A retired pediatrician suggests addressing gun control in a multifaceted manner.

Existing law allows armed principals

By John Monroe

GeorgiaCarry.Org agrees with the general proposition ensconced in HB 35, that our schools would be safer if responsible citizens could be armed on campus. GeorgiaCarry also agrees that firearms training is a good idea for everyone, even those who do not own or carry firearms. The specifics of HB 35, however, make the bill difficult to incorporate into existing law.

HB 35 would permit school boards to designate certain school administrators to undergo state Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) …

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Georgia General Assembly: Ethics reform takes a front seat

Moderated by Rick Badie

Georgia lawmakers took the first step toward ethics reform when the Senate passed a gift cap as part of the chamber rules on the first day of the General Assembly. The rule bars lobbyists from spending more than $100 on any one senator. The new rule doesn’t apply to the state House; a broader bipartisan ethics reform package is expected from the Legislature this year, something watchdogs like today’s writers promote.

Ban sports tickets as gifts

By Kay Godwin

Lobbyists are hired to influence legislators to support legislation favorable to their clients. Logically, it follows that the lobbyist’s primary tool of persuasion would be facts that prove a proposed bill is in the best interest of a client. If the merit of legislation is of primary concern to a legislator’s decision to either support or to oppose a bill, then the question that should be asked is this:

Why do lobbyists give gifts of sports tickets to legislators, and for what …

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