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Medical malpratice reform

Moderated by Rick Badie

Today’s issue: medical malpractice tort reform. Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus supports a compensation system that would take claims out of civil courts and wants the Legislature to adopt it. Meanwhile, William E. Silver, president of the Medical Association of Georgia, says such a system would prove even more costly to the health care profession.

Reform medical malpractice

By Bernie Marcus

President Barack Obama is scrambling to keep promises he made to Americans when he sold us the Affordable Care Act. But what happened to his pledge to reform the medical malpractice system?

Our current liability system drives costs far higher and denies compensation to patients harmed by doctors. It’s expensive and unfair, and the new law ignores the issue completely.

Reforming the way this nation compensates injured patients affects everyone. By not addressing the issue, Obamacare will cost Americans dearly — particularly doctors and patients — …

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Majority in favor of public transportation

Moderated by Tom Sabulis

A recent Atlanta Regional Commission poll showed surprising support for public transit. Today, a union official writes about that news and the need for immediate state funding of MARTA; a car dealer spokesman defends the role of the automobile in the metro area; and an economist wonders whether leaders can convert the poll’s “vague sentiments” into action.

There are three columns today. Commenting is open.

Time for Georgia to fund transit

By Curtis Howard

Metro area residents woke up to a pleasant surprise last month. An Atlanta Regional Commission poll told us that the economy and traffic congestion were the top issues facing the region, and 71 percent said that improving mass transit was important for the metro area’s future.

The findings make sense to us and are interrelated. The poll confirmed what most planners already know: There is no way out of the traffic issue — and its billion-dollars-a-year health costs due to air pollution and …

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