Whaddya think about the Braves’ move to Cobb?

Today’s head-turning news that the Atlanta Braves will relocate from Turner Field to Cobb County is a big deal for the Atlanta metro. Given our Atlanta Forward focus, we want to hear what you think about the move. The commenting doors are open. Write early, write often and please be polite… .

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November 16th, 2013
2:26 pm

In a word…ABSURD!!


November 12th, 2013
1:25 pm

Not a fan of the move. The reason touted was access. Nice map of where the current fans come from… But, just putting the stadium closer to the “center of mass” of fan-dom doesn’t equal easier access. The new place is in one of those “you can’t get there from here” locations if “here” happens to be Gwinnett or any of the ‘burbs on the east side I-85.

Quiz question: You are coming from Snellville and going to a 7:05 Friday game. At 4:30 pm a pop-up T-storm does it’s daily thing right on the 400 – perimeter interchange. What time do you have to leave for the game? What route will you take?

US 78 to the perimeter…?..uh, no…that looks like a 2 hour trip.
US 78 to I-285 south I-20 west…so far so good..Wave at Turner Field as you go by…but, then, the connector is jammed – solid. Forget that.

How about through Duluth and Roswell toward Marietta and down? Really? Is the game on TV?

And this doesn’t even take into account what 15,000 more cars would do in and around that area. I sure hope the state doesn’t spring for a couple hundred million interstate ramps….


November 12th, 2013
10:26 am

This will be the second time in rapid succession that Atlanta sports teams have walked away from attractive, perfectly serviceable venues for…what? In the case of the Dome additional revenue generating suites could have been added, and surely it’s not too late to figure out the Turner Field transportation conundrum. The hundreds of $ millions needed to build new facilities could be put to better use.


November 12th, 2013
7:46 am

While THE MAYOR was kissing Arthur Blanks butt, he and his Posse let some nary do wells in Cobb County steal the Braves, just another dastardly act by the anti-Obama crowd. On the bright side, the City can save some money when it comes time to tear down the TED, just pull out the security for 6 months and the site will be clean as a whistle


November 11th, 2013
12:44 pm

I will admit to being a little disappointed at the news that the Braves would be moving. However, the move will provide increased revenue and an improvement of the overall fan experience. Also, keep in mind that increased attendance means increased tax receipts for state and local governments. Just a quick glance at the map showing the location of ticket buyers clearly shows that the majority live north of the city. While this will obviously impact traffic in close proximity to the new stadium for most fans the trip will probably be easier than it is now.

The Braves have long asked for access improvements and more development around the existing stadium and I believe the City of Atlanta has had ample time to address their needs. Whether it was incompetence (remember Fanplex) or needless bureaucracy they just seemed stuck in neutral.

Marianne Scollan

November 11th, 2013
11:51 am

I would really like to see the MARTA train go to the new baseball stadium. Traffic in that area is already difficult and I would not want to drive.

Paul S

November 11th, 2013
11:33 am

I reside in Cobb County and work five minutes from the new proposed site. I look forward to attending the games at Cumberland mall area, as I have been a Braves fan for the past 20 years. Commuting to work in this area is hard enough. I would like to review the traffic studies by Cobb County and what are their plans to move the increase of traffic with limited impact to the present commuters that use RT 41/285/75 corridor. Great for Cobb County tax base but bad for traffic that is already congested on the present daily commute.

John K

November 11th, 2013
11:33 am

Didn’t see this one coming!
No public transportation access at all. Take MARTA downtown and catch a CCT bus to the new Stadium. That will work great! 285 and 75 at 6:00. Not an option. Fan experience is a mixed use development like Atlantic Station? Bars and restaurants.

The have a lot of work to do!!