Government, business are in this together

By Jefferson Davis IV

Government is all of us, me and you. It is as trustworthy as the people we choose to represent us, and I believe our elected officials are as accountable as we hold them.
Politicians get a lot of grief from cynics, but in Georgia, we are blessed with public servants of both parties who see the “big picture” and are committed to doing what is best for the prosperity of our state, regardless of politics.
The cooperation between Gov. Nathan Deal and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed to ensure the continued vitality of the Port of Savannah is a shining example that should make us all proud.
While I am a political conservative, I believe there are many services the government must provide and other arenas in which it is rightly involved. Law enforcement, an open and just court system, and the common defense are bedrock necessities of any civilized society.
Along with churches and faith-based institutions, the government should maintain the strength and integrity of the safety net for children, the sick, the elderly, the disabled, the hungry and homeless, and the involuntarily unemployed.
The only way to fund the obligations and priorities we make for our government is via revenues raised by taxes. Government, on its own, has no wealth nor creates any. The money it spends comes from the profits of businesses, the wages of workers, gains on investments, and the sale of goods.
The greatest amount of revenues will always come when our economy is vibrant, so the reality is that government will flourish only when private enterprise flourishes.
In 2013, the most important thing government should be doing to make Georgia more prosperous and successful is to encourage a fair, efficient and competitive climate for business.
Capital looks for every edge it can find when choosing where to invest, and if Georgia stacks up better than Tennessee or Toronto in any given situation, the investment will be made in Georgia.
Government and Business are not in opposition to one another; they are interconnected and will always suffer or succeed together.

Jefferson Davis IV is founder of an information technology company in Dublin.

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