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5/7: Teacher Appreciation Week

Moderated by Maureen Downey

To mark PTA Teacher Appreciation Week, I recall the wonderful teachers in my life and my children’s lives and what they shared in common. (It wasn’t raising test scores.)

In a whimsical essay on stealing a piglet, a guest columnist revisits a universal truth revealed to an angry sow: A teenage boy is a wild creature.

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5/6: New stadium calls for win-win

By AJC Editorial Board

Nowhere does the concept of public-private partnerships get more controversial or thornier than when it’s applied to create a financing package for new sports stadiums.

The Atlanta Falcons organization says it’s time to build a new arena, one that reflects the NFL’s current fashion regarding amenities — things such as how many suite seats are located where, or even how much of a roof, if any, should cover the turf.

Read the rest of what the editorial board has to say, along with commentary by Richard J. McKay (president and CEO of the Falcons) and Patrick Rishe (director of consulting firm).

Then tell us what you think.

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5/4: Private and corporate responsibility

Moderated by Tom Sabulis

Today’s columns arrived in my inbox separately, unsolicited on both counts. But they have a common theme: responsibility.

The former chief justice of the Georgia Supreme Court writes how something as personal as a penchant for profanity — yep, she cusses sometimes — or as major as a cheating-teacher scandal can impact society.

The former chief of Southern Co. discusses the role big corporations should play with the CDC in helping protect our community health in the face of global dangers.

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5/3: Tax reform plan

Moderated by Rick Badie

Gov. Nathan Deal wants to make Georgia the No. 1 place in the nation to conduct business. Today, he writes that the tax reform plan he recently signed into law helps reach that goal. Meanwhile, the co-chairman of a statewide watchdog coalition applauds some measures but wants more than a cuts-only strategy.

What do you think?

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5/2: Do we need a new stadium?

Moderated by Rick Badie

The Falcons and the Georgia World Congress Center Authority want to raze the Georgia Dome and build a nearly $1 billion stadium. A hotel/motel tax in Fulton County would help fund it.

Today, an advocate for limited government says there are better ways to spend public funds.

And a Minnesotan whose state is debating a new stadium urges support for a new Falcons’ nest.

What do you think?

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Gov. Deal signs abortion bill

Moderated by Tom Sabulis

We’ve had several opinion columns on the so-called “fetal pain bill.”  Today, Gov. Deal signed it into law. What do you think?

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