5/16: A homecoming initiative

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Soldiers who return home from war often face a second battle at home. They return as fathers, mothers and breadwinners, expected to pick up where they left off. Transition can prove tough. Enter the Callaway Gardens Homecoming Initiative, which helps military families reconnect. An Iraq veteran credits it with strengthening his marriage.

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Stop the wars

May 17th, 2012
4:40 pm

Here’s a thought – don’t volunteer for the military in the first place. We were not attacked by a nation on 9-11 but by 19 guys with boxcutters. We had no business invading and occupying Afghanistan and we have no reason to be there now. We invaded to secure the land so Shell Oil could build their pipeline from the Caspian Sea (negotiations with the Taliban broke down prior to 9-11 and the US was allegedly going to invade Afghanistan in October of 2001 anyway). We invaded Iraq for absolutely NO reason. They were no threat and they still are NO threat. We now occupy Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Lybia, Syria, multiple countries in Africa, have over 1000 bases in over 150+ countries all for what?? It certainly isn’t to preserve freedom and liberty in this country. They have been dying a slow death at the hands of our congress and our presidents for well over 150 years. In fact, since 9-11 the destruction of liberty and freedom at home have massively accellerated, all while these folks were dying and getting injured protecting the profits of the military contractors and security agencies. They certainly weren’t protecting our freedoms from their only REAL threat – the US government.

I do indeed feel somewhat sorry for these folks. They were lied to likely their whole lives regarding military service and what it was supposed to be about. Now they continue to believe the lie and have to come back to a country that has far less freedom, far less liberty, and far less money because of all that was wasted fighting these very wars.

The first step to real healing is admitting the truth.