4/25: Energy policy and gas prices

Moderated by Rick Badie

The price of gas would be noticeably cheaper if the United States tapped its onshore and offshore oil reserves, write Congressmen Lynn Westmoreland and Tom Price. They say President Barack Obama’s energy policies reinforce U.S. reliance on foreign oil.

Meanwhile, Congressman Henry A. Waxman says the country has more oil and gas drilling operations than the rest of the world combined, proof positive the president supports domestic oil production.

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Time for Freedom

April 25th, 2012
9:03 am

The fact that collectivist terms like “the US” are constantly used in discussions about the production of usable energy in this country shows the heart of the problem. CENTRAL PLANNING DOESN’T WORK. We spend trillions of dollars supposedly fighting communism and fascism and then embrace their government-control/central planning fundamentals and wonder why we have so many problems.

Free Market Supporter is absolutely correct. If there were truly a competitive market in energy and none of the government favoritism, crony capitalism, outright militarism (in the middle east) and other policies that destroy the inherent innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness the free market breeds, we would not be having this discussion, but would instead be producing an enormous amount of energy at great prices in a responsible fashion. Instead the government got in bed with the oil companies in the early 1900’s and they have never looked back or cared how many thousands or even millions of folks in the middle east had to die to protect these company’s profits and the american consumer’s dependence on oil as their primary source of energy.


April 25th, 2012
7:22 am

Not only is Waxman a Democrat, he’s a California Democrat.

Hey! IDEA! With as many nut-job Congressmen in California, maybe we could send Cynthia McKinney out there, and save us the embarrassment.

mountain man

April 25th, 2012
6:35 am

“Once the “tipping point” is reached warming of the earth created by CO2 pollution will simply continue to heat up.”

For your information, the CO2 levels in the past have been much higher than today, and the earth did not devolve into another Venus. There are natural checks and balances out there that keep the earth in stable temperature. There is no “tipping point”.


April 25th, 2012
6:32 am

President Obama has taken the green energy initiative by encouraging and offering incentives for the development of wind power[wind turbines] in the Great Lakes. It has been met with very stiff opposition from those that see wind turbines as unsightly and an interruption of the view that many summer residents consider their own private domain.
When the populace will oppose green energy and at the same time deplore the high cost of oil, we have an oxymoronic state of mind.
Clean energy is the future if we are to combat global warming. Once the “tipping point” is reached warming of the earth created by CO2 pollution will simply continue to heat up.
One wind turbine the “Nacelle” has the capacity to provide all the energy needs for 750,000 homes. It has a rather large foot print requiring 100 acres for enough space for construction.
Offshore drilling for oil is only going to add to pollution of the atmosphere as well as the pollution of the water when accidents occur.

Free Market Supporter

April 24th, 2012
10:00 pm

Please explain why the government should have ANY involvement in the energy market whatsoever?? These are private companies. The property they are drilling into, mining on, capturing wind or solar energy on, etc. should all be private property and every aspect of their business should be conducted with THEIR money and with complete and total respect for the property rights of others adjacent to or otherwise impacted by their actions. The ONLY place for government should be to enforce the property rights of everyone else.

When the government gives free security to the oil companies courtesy of the taxpayers or say invades Afghanistan so that a pipeline from the Caspian Sea can be built by Shell Oil, they are impacting the market and essentially stealing money and lives from americans to specifically benefit Shell Oil or the other american oil or british oil companies that make enormous profits in the Middle East. If these companies had to provide their OWN security, do their own killing, negotiate their own treaties, etc. with the countries in the region the price of gas and oil might very well reflect these higher costs to these businesses. But SO WHAT? The costs are being paid – some in blood – by all americans anyway.

Americans just want to get from point A to point B. They just want their lights to come on, their AC to work, etc. A free and open market in energy (wherever it comes from) that honors property rights and treats pollution as the tresspass it is, would be able to address all of our energy needs forever. Instead, we rely on the failed model of central planning, millions perish in Middle East conflicts our government foments, and cleaner, safer alternatives are constantly undercut financially by industries that NEVER pay their own way or their own costs.


April 24th, 2012
9:29 pm

Waxman is a democrat obviously biased favorably toward Obama. The oil drilling is being done by the private sector on private land for the majority of such activity. The president DOES NOTsupport domestic oil production as evidenced by his administration’s blockage of the pipeline from Canada to Texas as well as many statements by cabinet members. There is also the evidence that prices rose almost immediately on gas and oil when Obama nixed the Canadian pipeline.VOTE OUT ALL ELECTED INCUMBENT OFFICE HOLDERS IN THE nOVEMBER ELECTIONS.