4/22: Getting on track?

By the AJC Editorial Board

A metro Atlanta transit governance deal is overdue. So ARC’s move to seek legal advice to allow local transit agencies to better work together offers hope.

You’d think in these times of calls for smaller government, zero-basing public agency budgets and the like that the businesslike concept of spending public transit money more effectively would be an easy sell.

Not so, as proved by the continuing travail over deciding just how to improve coordination of Atlanta’s multiple transit systems.

That situation may soon change for the better, at least somewhat. In an encouraging show of unity by local officials, the Atlanta Regional Commission’s board recently voted unanimously to seek legal advice on just what more can be done locally to push forward on working more closely on transit matters. The board’s action is a refreshing sign of unity by metro Atlanta’s leaders in acting to help reduce the congestion that affects us all, no matter where we live or work.

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April 24th, 2012
9:11 pm

We moved back to Atlanta 7 yrs ago after living around the country for 27 years. MARTA is a class unto itself. I’ve lived with and used other systems, so I know what a decent system should be. Atlanta has a long way to go with mass transit. Paying another 1% tax for a comprehensive transporatation system is not appealing to me at all when I look at who will be in control of the money. Georgia has some pretty uninspiring legislators and politicians, none of whom seem to able to pass an ethics bill for themselves. Paying 9% sales tax in Atlanta–really? For what!?! The great schools?