4/17: MultiModal Passenger Terminal

Moderated by Tom Sabulis

After years of speculation, the proposed MultiModal Passenger Terminal downtown, slated for the corroded canyon known as the “Gulch,” finally has some life.

Major developers are drawing up a master plan and laying the groundwork for cooperation with the freight rail companies that use existing tracks.

But advocates warn that failure to pass the July 31 referendum on a regional transportation sales tax — even though the terminal is not on the project list — could damage its chances for federal funds.

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Bryan -- MARTA supporter

April 19th, 2012
10:57 am

And if the t splost is not passed how does anyone think anything is going to get accomplished? Why would the federal government give Atlanta money when the locals don’t even support it? And if folk have been keeping up, MARTA has filed for a request for 3 billion in projects that include the rail extention from Indian Creek to Stonecrest and express BRT service from Wesley Chapel to downtown. I bet south Dekalb won’t get nothing if the tax doesn’t pass. Then you’ll be in the same boat that your in now with nothing being done to change it. Voting down the t splost is voting down Atlanta’s transportaion future.

Bryan -- MARTA supporter

April 19th, 2012
10:52 am

The gulch is the right area to build this station. This is not just an effort to link all the transportation options under one roof but it is also an opportunity to revitalize that area. This is not just going to be a train station. It will include hotels and condos and bring life back to the area. Yeah, it isn’t going to be easy to drive right up to it but that’s the point. You want to make it walkable and make using MARTA an option, just like going to the airport. You have Phillips, the Dome, and GWCC all right there and with a redeveloped gulch you are now connecting it with the rest of downtown and will spawn new development and jobs. Like it or not downtown is still the largest concentration of jobs. Most cities are putting efforts into making their downtowns what they use to be. How can Atlanta do that by putting a major terminal all the way out in Sandy Springs somewhere? That is just adding to sprawl and traffic because using MARTA now becomes less of an option. On top of that you promote people to have to drive everywhere. No one wants to come and stay in a hotel 20 miles away from everything and then have to find a way to enjoy the things downtown has to offer. People want to be downtown and walk to places to eat and bars and tourist attraction. That life and activity will not only be good for tourism and folks that live downtown, it will make it a destination everyone wants to go to. How many people go to a big city and want to be 30 miles away from the core of the city?