4/6: ‘Fetal-pain’ bill

Moderated by Tom Sabulis

We know what politicians think: State legislators just voted to pass the so-called “fetal pain” bill, restricting abortions in Georgia after 20 weeks.

But how do doctors feel about it? One supporter makes the case that babies are sensitive to pain at 20 weeks and newborns that young often survive.

An opposing group, while thankful for an exclusion for “medically futile” pregnancies, posits that the law is really designed to challenge Roe v. Wade and leaves women and their doctors in a quandary.

What do you think?

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April 9th, 2012
10:14 am

I am Pro-choice – right up until conception after that your choice should be over. After that YOUR CHOICE now involves another persons choice and I doubt that any of you who claim to be pro-choice would have chosen to have been aborted rather than given the chance to be born!!!
I met a very sad and angry Father this past Saturday at a notorious LATE TERM CLINIC in ATL. He was devastated that the person he thought he had loved and had 2 other children with would even think about aborting their child after the point when you can tell if it is a boy or a girl!! He has horrified after I explained the reason why the baby was not moving inside her the night before they came back from the BARBARIC 2 DAY PROCEDURE!! He kept asking me ” why is LEGAL?!!!”"” WHY? He couldn’t understand. He told me that after they had left the clinic the day before on GOOD FRIDAY that his babies momma kept saying how sorry she was and how she KNEW IT WAS WRONG and was in tears!!!! CRYING AND CRYING!!! No! There was NOT A SINGLE THING WRONG WITH THEIR BABY! The mom choose to do it because she did not have the money to do it sooner and had to wait for the money to come availalbe, $2,000!!! They sent her home after injecting her child with a long needle that went from her belly button straight to the babies heart through ultrasound guidance! At that point on she could feel her HEALTHY child struggling and thrashing around inside her until it STOPPED! At that point on till the next morning she was a WALKING TOMB for her child, exactly what the trained killer had planned, This allowed her child to ” cook” inside her and make removing the dead child easier. BARBARIC!! THAT IS WHAT THIS IS !! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,. And the so-called doctors who were too afraid to sign the Statment are cowards. Their only fear was of a BOYCOTT!! REALLY? Doctors and the AJC. You print that they recieved 25 threatening calls without any sort of EVIDENCE!!!? Where are the tape recordings of the calls? WHere are the criminal charges?
THE TRUTH FOR THE REAL JOURNALISTS and for the RECORD is that yes, Dr. Krotkin’s office received 25 phone calls ASKING HIM TO PLEASE NOT TESTIFTY because the people of GA. are against abortion overwhelmingly after 20 weeks!!! He was told that his office and practice would be BOYCOTTED!!! There is your threat, that is called FREEDOM to CHOOSE !!!! Something you all should be standing FOR !


April 6th, 2012
5:10 pm

And nationally republicans wonder why the party is getting pasted among women voters. Hmm…maybe they don’t want the goverment invading their personal lives? Just an idea mind you….

What’s next? Rick Santorum and the SEA Party? Suffragetted Enough Already! Repeal the 19th Amendment!


April 6th, 2012
4:37 pm

If the GOP is to remain relevant republican legislators must quit catering to religious zealots. The party needs to get back to the principles espoused by Barry Goldwater, including individual liberty, and stop telling Americans how to live their lives.

Charles A Jones Jr. (Athens)

April 6th, 2012
4:35 pm

I could not be prouder of my representative, The Honourable Doug McKillip, for sponsoring this legislation – he is truly a hero for the unborn children of Georgia and their mothers and fathers. I will be proud to cast my vote for him in the primary and in the general election.

This is not about women’s bodies, it’s about men’s babies. Once that baby has reached the stage of development at which scientists tell us that he can feel pain, he has rights which we must defend. Let us remember that this bill only covers those abortions that occur FIVE MONTHS into pregnancy (2/3 of the way through the second trimester).

The United States Supreme Court itself tells us that late-term abortions are “gruesome and inhumane.” The following quote from the Gonzales v. Carhart opinion, quoting a witness’ testimony, is a sufficient summary: “The baby’s little fingers were clasping and unclasping, and his little feet were kicking. Then the doctor stuck the scissors in the back of his head, and the baby’s arms jerked out, like a startle reaction, like a flinch, like a baby does when he thinks he is going to
fall. The doctor opened up the scissors, stuck a highpowered suction tube into the opening, and sucked the baby’s brains out. Now the baby went completely limp. . . .” 550 U.S. 124, 138-139.

Regardless of one’s position on abortion, I think the great majority of people can acknowledge that late-term abortions are nothing less than barbaric. Presently, Georgia comes in second in the nation in the number of late term abortions committed, due to our lax late-term abortion laws. The fetal pain bill ensures that we will no longer be a destination location for late-term abortions.


April 6th, 2012
4:27 pm

The Women of America come November will be giving their INVASIVE ULTRASOUND to the Republican Party and then we all will hear the fetal screams of the the Republicans screaming just how unfair they are being viewed internally.

Betty Bloop

April 6th, 2012
1:13 pm

That describes the pro-abortion people to the letter. They are more important than a child!

Which came first? The woman to carry the fetus OR the fetus who carries the woman? Without the woman, can a fetus that young survive outside the womb?

Real Athens

April 6th, 2012
1:12 pm

This bill was drafted by Doug McKillip. 18 months ago, McKillip won election in his (unopposed) as a Democrat. Several weeks later, after being asked to lead the Democratic caucus in Georgia he switched parties. In the time since then, his district has been redrawn to include larger portions of (rural and religious) Oconee and Barrow counties to make his re-election easier. He also led the redrawing of the Clarke County Commission districts against the wishes of the mayor, commissioners and voters — so his wife could run for a commission seat. Then he came up with this bill after saying he became a Christian in 2009. Funny the good “Christian” in him didn’t urge him to tell his constituents about his “conversion” before he ran unopposed as Democrat.

This bill is about pandering to his ‘base” and complete political opportunism.

Rest assured if Doug (or males) could get pregnant you could an abortion up to the day before giving birth anywhere you can buy cigarettes, liquor and lottery tickets.