3/16: Bill would ban abortion after 20 weeks

Moderated by Tom Sabulis

The General Assembly is considering a bill, already passed in the House (HB 954), that would ban abortion in the state after 20 weeks.

Pro-choice advocates say the legislation panders to personal passions rather than scientific evidence, and that it ignores women’s health and especially harms low-income women. Pro-life supporters counter that it is well-documented that fetuses can feel pain at 20 weeks, and the bill includes an exception for the life of the mother.

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Married for Life

March 16th, 2012
6:26 pm

Surprisingly, if it weren’t for the the pro-choice movement, I would not have the healthy baby girl that I have. Because my doctor and I could be honest about my health issues and what our beliefs were, we were able to discuss all the options and choose the best when I faced possible ovarian cancer while I was pregnant. When government interjects itself, doctors and patients become frightened of telling the truth to each other, which will only cause needless suffering.

Don Abernethy

March 16th, 2012
5:19 pm

Abortion is killing a baby. Women should have the right to do this? I do not think so. Murder is murder.

Michael Honohan

March 16th, 2012
5:07 pm

I am tired of the debate. I have spent time on both sides. I know sweet women who cry real tears for the unwanted fetus begin discarded. They are developing humans. I know the woman for who a baby born with a terrible defect that will like cause no more that visible torment until it dies in hours or days. No women should be forced into that.

I do not anger at the pro-choice. I pity them. The idea that a developing child becoming a mere inconvenience should warrant its death is horrible. But I understand few favor the law for that reason, instead favor it for where compassion is needed and warranted. I know no one who is pro-abortion, one who actively advocates abortion as a cause in a manner congruent to eugenics or population control. Of course I do not know any Communist Chinese.

I do anger at the pro-life movement, Not at the sweet little old church ladies, but at the white conservative men who use lies and deception and attempt to create unyielding laws that will not even allow a doctor to make a life-saving decision. To those men, I can only wish on them the torment those women must endure. .

From a leftist secular person, I can fully accept them to be deceitful and they have. But the Christian is suppose to be like Christ. I thought Christ was Jesus. I see nothing of Jesus in these men.

Here is my story for them:

A group of men haul a woman before Jesus. “Rabbi, this woman had an abortion. She murdered her unborn baby. She must be stoned to death”. Jesus looks at them and says: “Fine, let the first woman with no sin cast the first stone.” So the men turn toward their woman. And the women said, “Hey, don’t look at me.!”

This issue will continue to divide society. It will never come to a reasonable and rational conclusion, not because the greater society will not agree on compromise, but becase one group of small minded, self-righteous men who never have to worry ever about this law directly effecting them will never yield to compassion for those who do not share their muddled relgious beliefs.

There use to a be a slogan: Keep Abortion Safe and Legal.. Of late, I have seen it amended. Keep Abortion Save, Legal, And Rare. Now that is a sentiment I think the majority of moral people can get behind. Except reactiontionary Christians who have ingore their own religious texts on the subject. Then lie about it.

You pro-feminazis can stop cheering. I think abortion on demand is a disgusting practice and I would let them throw you in prison for using abortion for mere convenience. As rare as it may be, there have been aspring actresses and other young pretty girls who aborted when it started hurting their figure. Yes,surely rare, but you support that is always a womans right to choose. Certainly not. Go to a doctor and demand they cut of your hand.

I am stick you all on both sides. Shut up for you once in your lives. The total combined activists on both sides are but a small percent of the population. If you all sat down, the rest of use would never even bring it up.