3/12: Lost opportunities in education

By Maureen Downey

A new, sweeping survey by the U.S. Department of Education on discipline, college readiness, teacher equity and retention according to race and disability status has spurred many debates, and today we join the conversation.

I write about the survey findings, while a Duke University economist says there may be valid and positive reasons for the racial disparities in school discipline.

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hael G Mitchell

March 14th, 2012
9:25 am

Statistics do little if anything to prove any racial discrimination. Why choose to pick the effects on minorities when the same statistics clearly show that the lions share of the discipline has been applied to males. Does this show a bias against males? I would propose that is some ways it certainly does. It shows that our education system has largely failed males.
It is obvious that the education technics are more geared to the learning abilities of females, administered predominately by female teachers. Males are 4 times as likely to be drugged in school for ADD or ADHD. Males drop out of school at rated 2-3 times that of females. Females outnumber males in college by a factor of 3 to 2. Schools are failing males, and yes especially black males. Often the only reason some males remain in school is to play sports.
Teaching technics need to be changed to better suit the learning styles of males, be more hands on and engaging activities. There should be more male teachers especially in the primary grades. There should be more classes that appeal to males posibly including a return to shop courses.