2/10: Health care and religious institutions

Moderated by Tom Sabulis
The new federal rule requiring religious schools and hospitals to include birth control and other reproductive services in their health care coverage continues to draw headlines.

Today,  Atlanta’s Catholic archbishop writes about the government’s “dangerous interference” with religious groups, while a local  Baptist pastor says the law is “essential” and fundamentally fair.

What do you think?

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Michael H. Smith

February 11th, 2012
1:35 pm

This isn’t a one issue fight just over “the prevention of conception” those devices and or drugs are already available at health departments (publicly funded) and other charitable sources (privately and publicly funded)

Those who believe insurance companies are going to provide anything – pills or services – for free are DELUSIONAL IDIOTS. Not only will churches be forced to pay for services they object to for religiuos reasons, others who for reasons of moral conscience will also be forced to pay for not only birth PREVENTION drugs(which are already available free of cost to recipients) but so-called morning after pills which are ABORTION drugs that many of us object to paying for through the costs of “increased insurance premiums” as a result of this tyrant obumer’s fascist act on private sector insurance companies and against our rights of religion and or conscience.

We who have objections for the various reasons of religious convictions or moral conscience have every right to make those objections known (as often as we choose) and protest to keep government from forcing us to violate our convictions or conscience by funding things that we find morally unconscionable or unacceptable; and to YOU who tell us to shut up sit down or don’t be JUDGMENTAL, YOU can shut up sit down and stick your judgmental crap where it hurts!

Though I disagree with the Catholic Church on their dogma in regards to the prevention of conception and absolute prohibitions on all abortions for any reasons, I stand firmly with their rights of religious freedom to have those convictions and have them respected and protected from the police powers of government.
I offer the same support to those who object for reasons of moral conscience separate from any religions.


February 11th, 2012
10:33 am

This isn’t a women’s rights issue, it’s an issue of the government (obama) telling a religion that they have to do something that they are fundamentally opposed to. Period. This is an election year. EVERYTHING obama does is an attempt to improve his chance of getting re-elected. God help us if he does….