2/5: Can’t shake off ethics issue

By the AJC Editorial Board

Benign neglect (noun) — “An attitude or policy of ignoring an often delicate 
or undesirable situation that one is held to be responsible 
for dealing with.”

That dictionary definition describes a favorite tactic used by politicians to quietly tamp down unpopular sentiments, perceived problems or other matters that they just wish would go away. Actions, or inaction, used to handle these matters include stonewalling, waiting out the storm, putting unwanted legislation on a slow path to a certain demise, and so on.

That should not happen with ethics reform in Georgia. The march toward more-stringent rules governing lobbyists’ interactions with lawmakers and state officials mustn’t stop.

Read what the editorial board has to say, along with commentary by Jon Sinton, Chair of Common Cause Georgia. Also, check out what  Georgia lawmakers had to say on the subject.

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February 6th, 2012
3:33 pm

As a republican voter in a one party state, the AJC has reported the truth on many politicans graft practices. The public has been calling for a stop with the corruption at all levels of our government and we have been answered “it’s business as usual”.
So lets vote them all out of office this year, its our only hope. And vote no for TSPLOST has it will be another abuse of power by the insiders. They are counting on you being stupid once again and vote yes.