12/13: Express bus service on a roll

Moderated by Tom Sabulis

New intercity bus lines have revitalized a longtime travel option. Curbside express bus services are making news for convenience, low fares and, in some cases, safety violations.

Our columnist from the American Bus Association discusses a recent study by the National Transportation Safety Board.

My column looks at new express bus services, which launched in Atlanta this fall.

Do you find the service to be a good travel option?

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Dawson Henderson

December 13th, 2011
8:38 pm

What a novel idea- private enterprise via Megabus and Greyhound Express investing in a business opportunity vs.the Southern version of the bridge to no-where political solution that will cost the public an estimated $6-9 billion in construction costs if the Atlanta to Chattanooga Rail Project becomes reality. Before the first spade of dirt is turned for rail construction, simply to study the notion, we citizen taxpayers “have pledged” over $18 million. If citizens were allowed the right to vote, I would pull the lever for private enterprise solutions such as Megabus and Greyhound Express for $4, $6, or even $20 vs. more government waste which will probably result in US citizens subsidizing the ongoing operations. Can you say Amtrak? US Postal Service? Obamacare? Atlanta-Chattanooga Rail Project?


December 13th, 2011
9:57 am

Yes, we need express bus service to go everywhere. If the price beat the airline’ ticket or drive your own care, why not? I’m sure people will love to take a express bus instead. Need to keep the cost low, though, because to be honest Greyhound is still too expensive, almost the same as airline’s ticket. Hey, we even need to expand regular bus service everywhere, like all the way 400 to Dawsonville, GA.