12/9: Is Congress to blame for postal agency crisis?

Moderated by Tom Sabulis

The U.S. Postal Service and the letter carriers union agree on one thing — Congress is to blame for the agency’s financial crisis. But they disagree on the former’s plan to close mail processing centers around the country, eliminate jobs and cancel Saturday delivery. In columns written exclusively for the AJC, leaders debate the proposals:

Michael S. Furey, acting district manager of the U.S. Postal Service’s Atlanta district;


Fredric Rolando, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers.

What do you think?

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December 9th, 2011
4:06 pm

Let’s end what should be an illegal monopolization of mail boxes. I paid for the mailbox in my yard, if I want UPS to be able to put packages in it, I should be able to. The post office didn’t pay for it, nor will they replace it when some neighborhood kick hits it with a bat. Why is there a law giving the Post Office ownership of something I paid for? Get rid of that BS monopoly, and UPS and FedEx will clean the Post Office’s clock.