11/30: Horse racing good bet for Ga.?

Moderated by Rick Badie

State Rep. Harry Geisinger has proposed a constitutional amendment that would legalize pari-mutuel wagering on horse races. Below, he explains how HR186 would disallow gambling and still generate millions of dollars for our state.

Ray Newman, an executive for the Georgia Baptist Convention, offers a counterpoint.

What do you think?

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November 30th, 2011
11:56 pm

Better than horse racing: parimutuel bum fights. Downtown has no shortage of vagrants to be the combatants, the winners probably wouldn’t expect much, maybe a pint of muscatel, and they could pay-per-view the bouts from the Peachtree-Pine homeless shelter which is conveniently located across the street from a hospital.

Ben The Independent

November 30th, 2011
1:46 pm

Horse racing would be an asset to the Atlanta region just as the Hope program has proved to be a great advantage to Georgia college students. By the way, I’m a Baptist so don’t make a blanket negative statement about those bad Baptists.


November 30th, 2011
1:44 pm

Without slots to prop up purses, horse racing will not prosper in this state. Just ask the other states that have horse racing. Horse tracks are no longer self-sustaining. Georgia missed the boat on this decades ago.


November 30th, 2011
1:18 pm

Conway, you might want to extricate yourself from the 1960s and join the rest of us in the 21st century.

It’ll probably get shot down before it gets to a vote, just like the Indian casino (aided by a generous donation from the lotto lobby, of course)

K Conway

November 30th, 2011
12:58 pm

Horse racing will only bring more mobsters to Atlanta! The revenue will olny go to the mobsters and elected officials!