10/16: A HOT flash in the pan?

The AJC Editorial Board

Are HOT lanes a flash in the pan? Let’s hope not. While it’s understandable that metro Atlantans resent a no-gridlock toll on a road they’ve already paid for, HOT lanes have proved their worth in other states. Georgia shouldn’t exit, Andre Jackson writes for The AJC Editorial Board.

Gov. Nathan Deal writes that “while I share the frustration of commuters regarding our early experience with HOT lanes, we are all frustrated when we miss a business appointment or a child’s baseball game because roads are jammed. I am focused on reducing congestion in order to get Georgians moving.”

And the Rome News-Tribune weighs in on the HOT lanes, too.

Read the full accounts of what they have to say and comment.

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October 19th, 2011
11:29 am

Wow. The nonsensical, seat-of-the-pants decisions from SRTA never cease to amaze me. Let’s set aside the idiotic decision about bumping 2 person carpools back in to the regular lanes. And never mind they take away a working lane that is already paid for by our tax dollars to charge you for the use of the lane. It pushed this member of a 2 person car pool (since 96 when the HOV lanes were opened) back to the regular lanes

First, they based the fee on the traffic in the regular lanes, which sort of makes a little sense. As the traffic increases and people opt to pay for the right to use the HOT lane.

With today’s announcement by another life-long bureaucrat at SRTA, they are going to base it on the use of the HOT lane itself? How is that going to work? As traffic gets heavier in the HOT lane, they are going to charge you more? Do they think people will pay more to sit in slower moving traffic? Or, will they charge you more if the HOT lane is moving faster? You know, you pay more if it is moving faster?

Maybe I need to have a PhD (likefired GDOT employee and current Executive Director Gena Evans) to be able to understand this. I know they think we are just mindless sheep following the pathetic herd, but at some point, we tax payers have to let these over-educated bureaucrats know that we have had enough of their stupid decisions that are not only costing us our money, but our time. Hopefully, this is the last nail in the T-SPLOST coffin.