9/23: No easy path on transportation tax decision

Moderated by Tom Sabulis

Transportation is key to quality time. Traffic jams can mean missed soccer games, family dinners and PTA meetings.

That’s where next year’s vote on the additional penny sales tax for transportation comes in.

Supporters such as Post Properties CEO David P. Stockert,  say passage will help Atlanta’s business and home life.

Personally, I’m still trying to make up my mind.

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September 26th, 2011
3:55 pm

Of course there is an easy solution on the Transportation Tax. JUST VOTE NO !

Why would anyone consider giving an additional $7 billion of taxpayer money to government so they can waste it on trains to nowhere, etc. You do not reward failure unless that it what you want to get more of.

tracie sanchez

September 26th, 2011
2:37 pm

Tom, i’m at a fork in the road too, but i fully support the t-splost one penny transportation tax. My fork is whether to leave my great state again or to lead by voicing my support for an olympic (as you say) stand in collaboration and regional policy for the betterment of all Georgians. its a moment of hope that the collective voice can find reason and vision and institute new policy to overcome the individual greed with which decisions have been made for too long. its a moment of hope that our future city will be joyfully livable community, and folks will look back to this sea change as the moment Atlanta went not from good to great, but worse to great. I so hope to be a part of it…July 2012 will be a turning point for sure for me.

Will the last Democrat in Georgia please turn off the lights?.....

September 24th, 2011
3:44 am

Mr. Stockert is correct. Texas, Florida, North Carolina and even Virginia have invested and are continuing to invest much more in their transportation infrastructures than Georgia.

But there is a wrong way and a right way to invest in transportation infrastructure and this T-SPLOST looks to be an example of the WRONG way to invest in transportation overall.

But at least this proposed, if very much flawed, T-SPLOST is a start that advances the conversation about infrastructure investing as it seems that Georgia has not really seriously thought about extensive infrastructure investments on a critically-needed large scale in quite a while.

Even though this TSPLOST will likely fail, the extensive need for COMPETENT infrastructure improvements and investments is not going away anytime soon.


September 23rd, 2011
8:10 pm


September 22nd, 2011
9:07 pm
Is this similar to the 400 toll that was supposed to go away after it was paid for? Why don’t you just divert that money?

That pretty well expresses how I and thousands of other people here in metro Atlanta feel about trusting the State with additional tax money. They sandbagged us on the GA400 toll, now we’re supposed to just forget that and just trust them. No way Jose.

Felton McMichael

September 23rd, 2011
6:53 pm

@DawgDad – I’m not sure you quite grasp how the HOT lanes will work. Anyone with a PeachPass (currently free) can use them provided you are willing to pay the going rate to travel on them. If you live in Metro ATL why not just go ahead and get one if you think that at some point you’ll need to travel that route quickly? Also, in your previous comments you express dislike for paying taxes on things that don’t directly benefit you, yet you are also opposed to the HOT lane tolling, which is just about as close to a user fee as you can get, as a means of providing congestion relief.