9/20: Are HOT lanes a good idea for Georgia?

Moderated by Tom Sabulis

Tolls are coming to I-85 on Oct. 1. They’re also planned for I-75. But these will be different from Ga. 400’s one fee for every vehicle. These are the so-called HOT lanes — high-occupancy toll lanes.

The cost will vary according to demand for any car or truck carrying fewer than three people. The more congestion, the more you pay. And solo riders can participate, for a price.

Benita M. Dodd, vice president at the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, writes that moving toward tolling more roads in state is inevitable and logical.

Brian Gist, an attorney in the Atlanta office of the Southern Environmental Law Center, does not think they are a good idea and writes that the goal should be better transportation for all, not just for select few.

Read what they have to say and give us your take on the HOT lanes.

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September 23rd, 2011
5:20 pm

JR Hartley personifies the definition of a liberal today: “an expert on any problem that has nothing to do with himself.” Killing baby seals, climate change, and sugary drinks in school exemplify these expert opinions of a liberal, simply because it costs them nothing to humiliate us with their brilliance. So, shut down more lanes, this high minded compassionate liberal says. However, don’t inconvenience JR Hartley about anything. After all, he cares more, he’s smarter, and he’s entitled. And you know why? Just ask him. Everybody else is always the problem to a liberal, and our problems all result because we’re too stupid to listen to JR Hartley. Just ask him.


September 23rd, 2011
4:48 pm

JOJO is what passes for an Obamamanic these days. Mass transit is advocated by sophisticated liberals mainly so they can drive their BMWs unimpeeded by red-necked dummies that won’t vote for mass transit. Nicest thing about protesting something is that it makes you feel good. And nobody is allowed by any liberal to feel better than they do. They wish to make that against the law.

Mass transit doesn’t pay for itself anywhere at any time. It empowers a union mentality and an ever rising fare. Besides the transit cars run empty for almost 20 hours of the day. And on a cost per mile basis to construct, for mass transit to make a difference, the amount of rail line required would bankrupt the entire country, not only Georgia. (oh, sorry, we’re ALREADY bankrupt). Those of us Yankees that moved down here don’t want to reinvent the Gestapo Union Bully tactics found up north. That’s why escaped to move here.

I’ve been to London, Paris & Frankfurt. The days of building subways and transit economically, as was done there eons ago, has long passed. When was the last new right of way built anywhere in Europe for rail traffic in a city? But morons like JOJO will continue to rant, continue to rave, because deep down in his heart, he really believes he’s superior to the rest of us.

Sad to say that this stupid HOT Lane idea was hatched under Sonny Perdue? Well, sad to say, liberals don’t a monopoly on stupid government solutions, obviously, because this one was brought to us by a Republican.